Mike Sugarbaker

Questpunk, Dreamer, human

- I don't have anything to say to you people - I have learned a great deal about the limitations of jokes as a way of relating to strangers but I'm still leaving the above - I'm probably an asymptomatic carrier - I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do besides programming - If I spent as much time playing Dreams as I do watching Dreams streamers I'd be as good at Dreams as I wish I was - Defund the police - Abolish the web - I'm kidding about that last one - Sort of

Some bullet points: - Still not dead - Playing Dreams pretty hard. Come check me at https://twitter.com/WoodsenseStudio - Not a programmer anymore - Maybe writing a book about roleplaying? We'll see

Not dead, just stopped tweeting from here, then stopped tweeting entirely. I own my own Mastodon instance (theha.us) so I’m not going to bother with syndicating to it from here. If/when I decide what book I’m writing, I’ll post about it here. Or if I make that giant, crazy web site.