Tantek Çelik

Hello Hi. I work on open web standards and the indie web. I like to code, design, run, yoga, climb, write, and cook when I can. Yes I'm with the resistance. 💬 Contact 👏 Tip Founder at IndieWeb Founder at microformats.org Web Standards Lead at Mozilla Advisory Board Member at W3C BSCS & MSCS Stanford University

[css-color][css-color-3] Needs header link to Editor’s Draft

https://github.com/kartikprabhu Yes this also changes backcompat for hCalendar, 'description' would be interpreted as 'p-content' for h-event.https://github.com/gRegorLove yes try updating the consuming code to prefer 'content' over 'description' and see if everything still works. We may have to deprecate (rather than completely remove) 'p-description'. See how the consuming code update goes, and then see how much trouble it would be to update to publishing 'content' instead of 'description'.

Replace h-event 'description' with 'content' property