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As before, while away I went without a few things for a few days:  4d no coffee while on yoga retreat  8d no watching media (between flights to&from) 12d no deliberate listening to music 16d+ no earphones/headphones for music And significantly reduced screentime. The fewer stimulants, the more calmness, the more I could see, hear, and sense. Previously, previously, previously: * 2018 Do not mistake stimulants for joy https://tantek.com/2018/071/t1/pursue-bring-joy-recognize-keep-close * 2018 yoga retreat in Costa Rica (no coffee during) https://tantek.com/2018/020/t1/began-journey-home-leaving-flower * 2011 eight days no coffee https://tantek.com/2011/012/t1/week-since-coffee-finally-craving-mountain-view-air * 2005 reducing stimulants reduces cognitive overload https://tantek.com/log/2005/01.html#d02t2232 * 2004 six weeks+ no coffee https://tantek.com/log/2004/12.html#d30t0405

Lack of (or insufficient) self-advocacy can be a form of self-obstruction, seeing doors as locked when they are unlocked, or self-sabotage, misperceiving self-worth, not speaking up, understating self-worth. Such harms may spill into shared works and relationships, under-advocacy and under-appreciation of partners, friends, teammates, co-workers, communities. These connections can work both ways. Advocacy strengthening advocacy. Worth to worth.

Time away was good. Calmness, perspectives, insights: 1 I need to self-advocate more 2 More sight into the yoga teacher / student relationship 3 Listening, respecting, respecting choices & wishes 4 Talkers vs. listeners, their dynamic, few that balance both