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The Adage Still Applies: Never Judge a Book by its Cover

The Adage Still Applies: Never Judge a Book by its CoverDaemon Manx Never judge a book by its cover. It was my mother who first taught me this valuable life lesson. The adage resonates like a divine mantra or a proverb gifted to me by a wise sage. (Which mom certainly was)  As authors, I would like to believe we are an accepting lot with open minds and humble hearts; that we don’t make assumptions about others and are not judgmental on first impressions. I would also like to believe that the world is progressing and that our community is blazing the trail. At the end of the day, we are all different in our unique way. It might be the color of our skin, our race, religion, our sexual identity, or our gender. Still, with all these wonderful flavors and varieties, we are more alike than we are not. And judging someone by any of these identifiers or their cover would be impossible.  (more…)

Belinda is back with the second week of August 2022’s Market Round Up!

Hello everyone! A couple neat things to talk about today, first up: we’ve updated our Trembling With Fear Submission Guidelines! These haven’t been touched in a couple of years, and we really wanted to clarify a few points on them. Secondly, one of our recent Author Interviews ended up on Microsoft Start! We would all LOVE it if you can throw us a follow on MSN! Now, to show off some of our favorite open calls from the week: (more…)

Taking Submissions: Tumbled Tales 1: Stories that Upend Genre Conventions

Deadline: December 1st, 2022 Payment: $25 Theme: Cross-Genre stories We’re looking for genre authors who cross boundaries. Authors whose stories twist the tropes to showcase in a cross-genre anthology of stories that entertain, but read fresh and new. Send us the story that you can’t classify: a story that can’t be pigeon-holed into a single subgenre, or that pushes against your genre’s boundaries. We want to showcase authors who write uncommon fiction. For example: (more…)