Tantek Γ‡elik

Hello Hi. I work on web standards and the indie web. I run trails at sunrise, practice yoga movement & philosophy, code & design my website, and write when I can. My pronouns are he/him. 🏠 πŸ“Ί πŸ”΅ πŸ’¬ Contact πŸ‘ Tip Founder at IndieWeb ← Member of IndieWeb Webring πŸ•ΈπŸ’ β†’ Founder at microformats.org Web Standards Lead at Mozilla CSS Working Group member at W3C BSCS & MSCS Stanford University


One year & one week ago, I finished my first #ultramarathon race @theNorthFaceECS #ECSCA 50k (actually 53km), my second-to-last race before everything was canceled (last: #TNFECS #halfmarathon the next day). https://tantek.com/2019/323/t1/did-ecsca-50k-ultramarathon https://twitter.com/t/status/1196740536201297925

attending #IndieWebCamp East today & tomorrow! Great first keynote by David Dylan Thomas (@movie_pundit)! Up next, Sarah Hibner (@practicing_dsgn) Grab a complimentary ticket at https://2020.indieweb.org/east and join us in Zoom & online chat: https://indieweb.org/discuss

Consider browser engine diversity impact on web standards in general, beyond W3C