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I curate, bringing you all the latest news on this cloning invader. Like a new paper on crayfish fighting:

Jorge S. :oa: @jorge
Help me get rid of Mendeley Show More

Thank you all who commented on this. I guess Okular wins. I will give it a try again. I have used it before but I don't like the interface very much.

MarauderPixie @MarauderPixie

Once again it turns out it's true that there are two hard things in computer science. Plus arithmetics.

Jonathan @JReardon

Visualizing Psychological Networks: A Tutorial in R … …

Hồn Du Mục @TayDuMuc
Political Economy Lit Crowdsourcing Query Show More

An acquaintance from birdsite doing field work in is looking for any academic work on the Chinese Communist Party concept of "commodity consciousness" (商品意识). If you know of any, I'd love to relay it on to him.

Pass it on.

Rebecca Hedreen @delibrarian

Oh, dear, I just realized that all the authors imported backwards (first name, lastname instead of lastname, firstname). So, since the firstnames were already initials in the reference list, I have lots of : L, B., P, V., & B., L. (2007)....

Marc Jones @marcjones

I wrote this blog post about (English) language teaching conferences. CW: refers to birdsite. Links to specific birbtoots.

Andrey Kurenkov @andreyk

The late hours of the night and early ones of morning, no one else around but me, working away on code with a paper deadline nearing, surrounded by statuesque robots.

Michael 🐒 @mplouffe

Writing reference letters for students who don't actually request them from me is the worst.

Axel Dürkop @xldrkp

Is anyone going to visit the in New York this weekend? I'd like some company and discuss the potentials of tools and materials for and a -scarcity society.

Jorge S. :oa: @jorge
Help me get rid of Mendeley Show More

As you can imagine, I don't like and would like to get rid of its software as my reference manager.

I am using :zotero: too but I need annotations on pdf and I am not sure which program to use for that. I am running Linux, by the way.

Any advices are more than welcome!

Stefan Björk Ψ @drbjork
Public procurement pains Show More

I can't order new business cards with my new title (licensed psychologist) here at the Swedish Public Employment Service, since the contract with the supplier has expired and a new one obviously is not i place.

Sometimes I hate working at a governmental agency.

MarauderPixie @MarauderPixie
Is there something like an "off by .05" error? Show More

I'm doing a reeeally simple calculation in a shiny app (multiplying a grade B it's associated credit points and dividing by total cp) and I can't figure out by the life of me why it's a bit off from the same calculation done by someone else and by doing it in an interactive R session.

Pranav Vats @pranavats

A bit of context to the scene in my header Image.

It's a dialogue between Bactrian King Milinda/Menander, & the Buddhist sage Nāgasena, from around 1st-2nd Century BCE recorded in a buddhist text, Milinda Pañha.
(English Translation:

Petra @petra

I mentioned a few days ago that I was doing a keras/neural network tutorial thingy, where the computation goes on the GPU.

I have now satisfied myself that running it on the CPU is, in fact, faster.

I don't understand computers

reto @reto

without a great sense of are not really made to be philosophers, that's what I think.

wrote the following about humor:

"... for without itself being poetical it is a species of poetry, and, in accordance with its nature, raises us above the subject. The German rarely possesses the talent for this, inasmuch as his philistinism allows him to appreciate only that species of stupidity which has the appearance of sentiment or common sense."

Letter 421 to

That feeling when a teacher has been complaining for ages that they aren't getting the departmental emails via Moodle Forums and then you find out they have disabled all notifications.

Chris @Prof_Birch

Is getting a Ph.D. realistic while maintaining a family?

Devin Berg @drb

It took me more than six years of on and off reading but I finally finished the unabridged version of Les Misérables. 😴

Cats are the rightful rulers of the universe, and thus also of campus. In this essay, I will