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[PORTUGUESE] Motivacional Diário!

Pela Valorização da Vida, Prevenindo e Combatendo a Depressão: Ouça Em Poucos Minutos, A Leitura De Hoje: 1ª AOS CORÍNTIOS 16. Se Gostar do que Ouvir, Clique Lá No Youtube em “GOSTEI”:
Para Conhecer Mais Sobre As Questões Da Vida, Conheça o Curso Online RECONEXÕES CONSIGO MESMO. Havendo Interesse, Contacte-me!

Básicamente es un navegador... No se que diferencia en ram habrá de tenerlo todo ahí a tenerlo todo en el escritorio... Para twitter no permite ¿será por el excesivo uso de ram? y en cambio obliga a usar tweetdeck

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I'm still baffled at what power a single sentence can hold.

Sometimes, a few words is all it takes.

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anyone else ever use the tip of their nose to tap their phone screen

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Autumn breezes rolled
Upon our dewy flesh;
There did we linger.
When a deer shivers
By that ancient lane
Where redcoats cried
For lost mothers,
Do you feel chill,
O, my doubled Mary,
To return to then, when
Grey fingers of dusk
Commanded us up to
Stumble like scared crows
Away from the meadows
Of twenty seven?

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Wow, talk about having bad vibes about cheap deals.

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DuckDuckGoose Privacy Essentials

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اول سلام

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Balanzone merdone.

loooo @loooo


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i hate this got damn class..... especially the literature

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“Замислите да смо ми, Срби, донели расне законе, забранили латиницу и практично дозволили убиства без икакве казне свих оних који нису наше вере и нације. А све су то учинили Хрвати.”

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not sure what this is or who made it but it's pretty impressive as ascii / ansi art things go

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[I added 'tiny dog' to the CW because for the longest time, I've been wary of small dogs because many of them are agressive compared to larger ones. Obviously I'm good with small dogs now but I can imagine that other people may have had bad experiences with them and may not want to look at them.]

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If you're ever feeling down, please find strength in these essential words

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I love it when destroy !