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On August 12, 2012, the U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Porter collided with a Mitsui OSK Lines’ supertanker M/T Otowasan near the Strait of Hormuz.

Two Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, t-boned to the same spot.

Johnny of the Swamp @Johnny_of_the_swamp

I love Sam Harris, but seriously? Fareed Zakaria? Disappointed.

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aighead @aighead

Oh yeah Briggs Myers, I'm intp- the thinker!

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Re: Blanching your potatoes...

I'm not a chef or really do I have a lot of cooking experience or expertise, but blanching fries is, as I understand, a terribly common way to get fries crispy. It removes a layer of starch or something that makes it possible to get crispy on the first fry. My assumption is that pretty much any fries you buy, that aren't the flash fried variety (Penn Station fries come to mind) have been blanched then frozen. Lots of folks just soak their potatoes in water also.

yukiame @yukiame

i guess Schaeuble the german Finace Minister knows all this ofcourse and just tries to keep the horses steady but screams on the inside

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OOOOJHHHH...that moment you realize "oh...that was a really big hit....fuck..that was a REALLY Big hit" and you still keep inhalin....

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Re: Briggs - Myers test?

I think @adam is on point with this personality test, and @Johncdvorak is not. While I agree there is some horoscope aspect there, there also appears to be some real. My research is limited but I've noted a fair amount of legit readings from quite a number of people I know who've taken it. The match up is pretty interesting (not stupid). Check it out and report back.

Matt Wilber @GreenZeta

This article about Trump's Lies (tm) is all over the face bag. At worst they're exaggerations. But none of them caused anyone to die, which is more than any other American Politician can say about their lies.

yukiame @yukiame

these are the members of the FSB:
Bank for International Settlements
European Central Bank
European Commission
International Monetary Fund
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
The World Bank

yukiame @yukiame

so the real criminal Banksters sit in Basel in the FSB

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yukiame @yukiame

so I conclude: the Finacial Stability Board under Carney gave with help of Osborne and DoJ with general attorney Holder Immunity to the Banksters (esp HSBC) so they stand above the law. They commit financial crimes and make tons of money and in case they get caught they pa ca 10% fine and no one goes to jail

dachte kriminell @temporaryDouchebag

The right hemisphere…appears to have remained in direct contact with…the unknown & its terrors, which are apperceived in the domain of instinct, motivation, & affect, long before they can be classified or comprehended intellectually. The right hemisphere’s capacity for inhibition & extinction of behavior (for inducing caution … negative affect) ensures that due respect is granted the inexplicable (& therefore dangerous) when it makes its appearance.


Lowering health risks of use with new public health guidelines

"Factual, science-based information can provide guidance to cannabis users to make choices that reduce both immediate and long-term risks to their health," says Dr. Benedikt Fischer, Senior Scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), who led the development of the guidelines.

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Which lang Has Best Doc? php ≻ ≻ emacs man page

Presented without comment

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