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neoanderthal @neoanderthal

In the past, we talked about the server's name serving as a potential bottleneck to new members (and thus contributing to the local timeline's paucity).
Today, I've re-branded the instance as 'Weapon vs. AC'. While we've never been only about OSR games, some users mentioned they knew people who wouldn't sign up because of their negative interactions with the OSR community.
With the name change, I hope we can get more folks on the server, talking about RPGs in all genres.
Tell your friends!

Emmett @Emmett

Ugh, just migrated my websites to a new host. What a pain. My host wanted $17 a month which is too much for me to justify when my new host only wanted $3. Yeah that's the introductory offer, but even after my three year intro period it only goes up to $9 a month

Belchion @Belchion

OK. Finished translation and layout of "Gruft der Schlangenkönige", the German translation of Skerples introduction. Lacking webspace, I uploaded it to Drivethru as free download (should not even have a watermark):

Alex Schroeder 👹 @kensanata

Yesterday's game went well and people kept talking for another 15min making plans for the next session even though it was late and we all had to go. One of the best signs. :)

yeesh dndbeyond is expensive.

Alex Schroeder 👹 @kensanata

Reading Cesar's War in Gaul is a good book. I remember it fondly. And now there is a Dan Carlin show about it.
«Julius Caesar is our travel guide as he takes us through his murderous subjugation of the native Celtic tribal peoples of ancient Gaul. It sounds vaguely like other, recent European colonial conquests...until the natives nearly win.»

Morrie @Morrie

Not OSR related but fanart of Shovel Knight...mah favorite gaaaaaaaaaaaaame.

Frotz 💫 @Frotz

I have discovered first-hand it's possible to move from one apartment to another with one day's notice, but it's not pleasant.

Alex Schroeder 👹 @kensanata

"So practice in the context of RPGs isn't really about getting good at the skills involved - doing voices, lateral thinking, puzzle solving, drawing maps, whatever - although those things all help. Instead, it's about being a better person. More engaged, more considerate, more amiable, more interesting and interested."

PresGas @PresGas

Yea! My trusty Lenovo x220 is back on wireless!! Thought I lost 'er. Don't know why, but a reboot of the router fixed it!
I really thought it was the card on the lappy though; even a live cd wasn't getting on.
Thing was, all the other devices connected to wireless were working fine...

LS @linkskywalker

In the thread about Flux Space on google+, Aaron Griffin asked me if I would post an example. So that’s what I’m doing. The Cozy Catacombs are a small example–just 3 locations and 3 fluxes arranged in a triangle. It’s pretty much the bare minimum size for something like this, but I think it gets across the idea pretty well, and there’s enough here for at least one or two game sessions if you want to try it out.

Emmett @Emmett

Got my proof from Drivetrhu. The quality on the premium paper is really nice. The color is great on the interior.

The cover is not so great. All the reds are washed out to a yellow and the greyscale is way too light.

Then I noticed that half tone grays are way too light in the interior too.

I've printed on several different services. Drivethru's is pretty good as far as quality of the binding and interior color reproduction. Other than grey.

Alex Schroeder 👹 @kensanata


Belchion @Belchion

I translated Skerples "Tomb of the Serpent Kings" to German. If you speak (or at least undertand) German, I would greatly welcome comments on my Google-Document:

Alex Schroeder 👹 @kensanata

Also, we had a long discussion about the nature of ghouls (in my game they are a kind of weak earth djinn eating corpses that can be summoned), whether a magic jar spell allows the caster to possess a ghoul, whether you can summon a ghoul that has been thus possessed (yes), and whether that means that there are now two identical ghoul bodies (yes), and what happens to ghoul bodies when their soul leaves (they return to dust). "Only in D&D," said one of the players.

Alex Schroeder 👹 @kensanata
Canageek @Canageek

I'm buying an arcade shark Gamepad because the buttons on it look large enough that I'm going to try and play ogre battle 64 with my feet.

Keep in mind even reading a book involves using your thumbs so I'm getting really bored of just watching YouTube and television.

So on a scale of 1 to absolutely crazy where am I falling these days?

Canageek @Canageek

So I've got my Nintendo 64 hooked up now but my hands aren't good enough to actually play it yet

Hardcore Narrativist @hardcorenarrativist

I have a first draft of the RPG rule system I was thinking of (mostly a simplification of CoC 7th for gritty, dark fantasy with a narrative spin). Don't know when I'll be able to playtest it, but in the meantime... anyone interested in reading/trying it? Otherwise I won't bother yet to turn my notes into something readable for others.