LS @linkskywalker

Since this instance is shutting down, I have regretfully moved to a new instance.

I probably won't be tooting from here again. I've set up a new account for myself at:


See you there.

And here's to WeaponVsAC, of blessed memory. Alea iacta est.

LS @linkskywalker

People complain about being regarded as the "main" or "real" instance, and say that folks should spread out more. And I totally agree.

But I've been trying to find a new instance for awhile now, and 90% of them are closed to new registration, and so far all the ones that aren't have rules I know I can't live with.

It's starting to seem like is the only "real," reliable option.

Emmett @Emmett

Somebody put together a monster manual that is specifically about what happens when you try and eat monsters that you kill in your dungeon. I have it somewhere but I can't find it.

I'd like to suggest that if someone eats a beholder eye and pass a constitution test, their charisma has a 50% chance of going up or down by 2

because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Nosfecatu @Nosfecatu

Alright, I went and got a account at the advice of @markrollsdice. I am also @Nosfecatu there.

Barring the unlikely event that something off-putting happens, I will start using that instance as my main Mastodon RPG account. See you there!

Nosfecatu @Nosfecatu

Just checked here after a couple of weeks... We're closing? That sucks. We haven't been around for a long while, but I've come to like this instance.

I'm wondering if I should look for a new instance, or if I should just make my account (which I originally intended to use for more personal stuff) as my RPG account.

LS @linkskywalker

Hrmn, I like a lot of folks on the instance, but they have rules against advertising, and I do occasionally like linking to books I have for sale.

LS @linkskywalker

Probably a better option for me will be finding an instance that doesn't care about RPGs, then connect to RPG people through federation.

LS @linkskywalker

I took care to read all of's rules before joining. Unfortunately, it never occurred to me that their anti-harassment policy meant I'd get scolded for saying "Non-OSR games are trash."

Or, more accurately, it didn't occur to me that the owner would take personal offense and bend over backwards to justify an official scolding based on a policy I was obviously not violating.

LS @linkskywalker

Alright, turns out is terrible. I'll try to figure out something else I guess.

Emmett @Emmett

I have a new account at


LS @linkskywalker

So what's a good Mastadon instance to move to?

What are you moving to, @Frotz ? Anybody else?

Emmett @Emmett

Still no account set up email from 😞

Hardcore Narrativist @hardcorenarrativist

As this instance is closing down, I have created an account in Follow me there!


Mark Rolls Dice @mdhughes

OK, I made a different userid on, and it immediately went up. Dunno why.


Alex Schroeder 👹 @kensanata

I have a more general account on and a newly created account on Originally, I had also planned on using my account on for uploading pictures or talking about Swiss politics but I never did.

Emmett @Emmett

As a parting gift to weapons vs ac, A treasure/trap for your dungeon.

A small bag of powder is found with a handy little note. The note says "Inhale this dust and you will know when Trolls, goblins or other goblinoids are within 100' of you."

If inhaled, the character develops anaphylaxis to the creatures. When they are within 100' their mouth and eyes get itchy and uncomfortable. As they fail constitution rolls the symptoms get worse each exposure until their breathing is cut off by swelling.

Let's also remember there is keybase and an osr_community team over there. It (for now) is open and @kensanata and I co-admin it.

Emmett @Emmett

I'm out of it for a little bit and. . .

I'm trying to get over on if they'll send me a confirmation email. Grumble grumble.

Frotz 💫 @Frotz

If you're wanting to get your content out of the server, @mdhughes has a great little python tool to pull your timeline and store it in JSON:

So everyone knows, there is a new tabletop instance out: . Since @Frotz says this instance is shutting down, I've set up a new account there: @Canageek , and my main non-RPG account is as @Canageek