I played a Unitarian Priest from British Nigeria last night in an Eldritch horror game. He learned not everything Eliphas Levi/ Alphonse Constant wrote was fabricated bullshit. He also survived with half of his sanity intact. We'll see if he makes it through the next episode.

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The Diwata of Oryang River by @bakerofish (twitter handle)

She will be part of COCKAMANIA, my location-based adventure for .

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Oh, and a shoutout to @linkskywalker - I've only started trying to make Random Encounter Tables recently, and so far I seem to be heavily favoring your structuring methods... Even if I replaced "2 is dragons" with "2 is a demigod."

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I have a new post! This time, I talk about the town of Sabungan, known for its culture of cock fighting.

I framed it in terms of , but I think it can easily adapt to other systems.

This is part 1 of a little side project that I am calling Cockamania! It's kinda intentionally low-brow, which isn't my usual way of writing. But do let me know if it's interesting enough!

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Sometimes I need to remember that panicked doom-sayer writings from people are really just flashes in the pan. Sometimes even making them clarify feeds the flash into a fire.

I should leave the flash alone more often and just let it be but a brief, hot wind.

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Ug, that fight was brutal. Used up WAY too many resources due to Paladin and Barbarian not being here.

In good news, one of other players sons might be joining making the 4th player in the group who is a kid of another player.

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Neither the paladin OR the barbarian are here today. As a result had to burn a 4th level spell to cast Fireball.

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Playing D&D with my Dad. This will be his first time DMing online, though with the same group he has been running games for since the late 70s.

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Today's is the kapre, our local forest giant:

I am not entirely happy with this one. I generally feel like I am cheating when I use standard OGL spells to round out a monster's magic abilities. But it also is the best choice for brevity, which I seem to be inching towards in terms of statblocks.

I will probably revisit this in the future.

I just tried to link to German RPG stuff I did over the years. The list is five items long: M20, Fate, Solar System, Dungeon World, D&D, it is all there.

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I don't usually use Papers & Pencils for telling personal stories, but I think this one is relevant.

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Okay, no reaction yet? Just say the name out loud and be immature about it!

Yesterday, Marx the Paladin got his hand restrained by a door mimic. After a few turns trying to pull free and failing, I decided to just kick it (unarmed strike for 1 damage), and got the KO.

Tomorrow is session 0 for my Tomb of Annihilation game and 4/5 of my players still haven't posted their 1-sentence character concepts -_-

has anyone reverse engineered the Battle Chasers save game yet, so I can avoid the level grinding

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...and Hugh Jass, our recycling bin. Cos who wouldn't want the big one?

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... Little Jimmy, our wee trash recepticle

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So it looks like our town for with the times and automated the trash/recycling process. My wife felt it appropriate to name them. So allow me to introduce...

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I am getting really pumped about where is going! They not only have cryptographic identity management for many social networks, but just crypto for everyone.

They recently released end to end crypted chat, teams, file systems and git repos!

I am here:

Looking for others to test/report/team up with.
Heard initially from @jrswab


I'm playing a game of Do: Fate of the Flying Temple, and we're on need of more players. We need one or two games.

The games are played via Discord, at Sundays, 5pm CDT (10pm UTC). If you want to know about the adventure, there's session reports at pilgrimsoftheflyingtemple.tumb

Those interested, please reply on this one.