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Mastodon OSR users: I will be performing an upgrade on the instance tonight to bring it to the current release. This will occur at 2100 EDT (0100 UTC), and will take approximately one hour. I will send reminder toots as the time nears.

Brent P. Newhall @BrentNewhall

If you want to filter out all post containing a hashtag, click the "sliders" button in the upper-right corner of your Home timeline, and in the filter text box, type "/tags/<hashtag>", omitting the # from the hashtag.

So, to filter out #rp, type "/tags/rp" in the box.

Huge thanks to @Houndin for finding this solution!

The Discordian 🃏 @TheDiscordian

Access to the Means of Destruction...

PresGas @PresGas

Still trying to figure out if there are any other islands of #osr people on other mastodon instances... How do we find them?

Does anyone have any advice on using the regex filters? It doesn't seem to be working to filter out specific hashtags.

test post #rp

Brent P. Newhall @BrentNewhall

(Writing this to test use of the word rp in a post. Please ignore. :-) )

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Mastodon OSR users: Everything should be back up and running. If you notice anything odd, please let me know.

Alex Schroeder 👹 @kensanata

Two hours of roleplaying a standoff between 23 elves in a tower and the party, a riot brewing, dwarves clamoring for action, a cleric on an armored raptor, the occasional reaction roll, and at the very end, a 40 min delve to level five of the megadungeon just for fun and to show the new guy how the game usually plays. A nice evening!

neoanderthal @neoanderthal

Mastodon OSR users: I'm going to restart the Mastodon server tonight to try to address some issues that seem to be cropping up in the federated timeline. I will restart the server at 2000 EDT (UTC 0000 I believe); it should only be unavailable for approximately 15 minutes.

Wanted to write a review of Tales From The Loop, but 500 characters weren't enough by a long shot.

TL;DT (too long;didn't toot): Pushes all the "I was a kid in the eighties" buttons in the right way, adds enough weirdness to let me have my own Stranger Things twists, sweet streamlined system, great art, great book production wise.

Go get it if you were born between 1969 and 1979 ... (-: and like RPGs.

Brent P. Newhall @BrentNewhall

FYI, it looks like you can't filter your Home timeline by hashtags -- the '#' character appears to be flat-out ignored. (Click the "sliders" button at the top-right of your Home timeline to see the filter text box.)

However, you can filter out our game, for example, by adding "exploringthetrail" to the filter.

Dyson Logos @DysonLogos

Howling Orc Bridge spans Helver's Cut on the road between the Amber Woods and Seever's Mill.

A free #DnD map.

Alex Schroeder 👹 @kensanata

That still doesn't solve the problem for apps, though. Looking at Amaroq.

Alex Schroeder 👹 @kensanata

I think I found how filtering by tags works, or why simply filtering hashtag doesn't work: the regular expression is applied to the HTML! Thus, the regular expression /tags/hashtag filters any posts linking to #hashtag because that gets turned into a link. Take a look at the atom output to determine the regular expressions to use. Do that by appending .atom to a profile, e.g.

Dale_Poole @Dale_Poole

@BrentNewhall I finally found that spellcasting file! Yay! What's the best way to get it to you? I can share it from Google Drive, Keep or whatever is handy for you.

PresGas @PresGas

Read over the user guide. Still much to learn before fully diving in. Likely because I am short on mental resources with the day job, home and whatnot. Also mashing up bits onto the OSRIC witch for my home campaign as well as exploring other G+ alternates... #diaspora is next

Brent P. Newhall @BrentNewhall

I'll say one thing about judging the 200 Word RPG challenge, and it's not a complaint, just a truism:

It's amazing how many people can commit multiple typos within a single 200-word entry.

Kabuki Kaiser @Kabukikaiser

Looks like I'm boosting a lot of Japanese people. I'm not, don't click on this.

Brent P. Newhall @BrentNewhall

Thought of the day:

If you always have to plays RPGs by the rules, with no variation, and where rulings from the GM are suspect...

...that's a sign that either one of your players is a cheater or your GM is a sadist. (Not a certainty; just a sign.)

It's absolutely wise to follow the rules precisely when first learning those rules. Unexpectedly beautiful interactions may arise. But a game session's purpose isn't to follow the rules.