Good night nyomming Fedi 🚂🛌!

had an awesome evening in :alpaka_aktion: ! See you soon :alpaka_smiling: ! After waiting at Dusseldorf station for quite a while, it's now in a cozy ÖBB nightjet to Switzerland :alpaka_sparkles: . Good night Fediverse :alpaka_tired: !

OH: Ich hab' kein Mastodon, ich bin inkognito hier.

Nice to be in again 🎉!

reached :alpaka_aktion: . So awesome to meet all these people here :alpaka_joy: !

is complaining about the delay, but after a nice KRN journey together with @alma , now in the train to :alpaka_tired: !

OH: That sounds like you will end up in a relationship within the next few sentences.

enjoying Vegan Curry sausage in a class 412 @diningcar and got its deserved Alpaca ticket :alpaka_smiling: !

took it's tram to Karlsruhe Hbf and now traveling to Frankfurt in an ICE train :alpaka_aktion: !

to be found in :alpaka_aktion: ! Let's find out where to travel today :alpaka_astonished: !

on it's way to :alpaka_aktion: !

PSA : Don't forget to note which countries you worked your shifts in 🤔 !

Regel Nummer 1 : Alle Eisenbahnunternehmen haben Lack gesoffen.


Good meowning Fedi, I decided today is an awesome day, so do your best to keep this day awesome for you and everyone else !

... when it's 6 a.m. and you already worked for ~ 2 h - and your first bottle of Flora Power mate is already empty ...

This is a mobile broadband hate account.

Anyone in Frankfurt Hbf today in the afternoon :alpaka_aktion: ? There will be a to be patted :alpaka_joy: !

See me having fun working via 3G network today 🙈 ...

The LTE or even 5G coverage in France is almost as bad as in Germany in rural areas - but there's a huge difference :

They still have 3G.

And unlike Edge network, you can at least perform basic things via 3G.

Good morning awesome beings of the Fediverse !

We whish you a pleasant journey, take care and good bye. Sänk ju for träweling wis Deutsche Bahn 🚄.

Choo choo 🚂 !