Brockworth Bajr @brockworth

Oh hey, it's the equinox. Happy plunge-into-darkness! (Unless you're in the southern hemisphere, in which case yay phoenix-rise to the light!)

Laughing pup @Leucrotta

lewd on main, only it's about being sleepy. Intimate fantasies about feeling nicely mellow and sprawling out among really GOOD pillows. Passing out on long train rides. Curling up right in the middle of the living room. Whoa.

Crowned Rat @CrownedRat

First night in my new apartment. Slept wonderfully with the dull street lights, cool air and hum of traffic coming through my window. Apparently I was never made to live in the suburbs.

MMORPGS: "I don't know why I'm collecting this stuff, but I want it"

I cut my dose of lurasidone in half per doctor, and am already seeing an improvement in akathisia and grinding my tongue against the roof of my mouth, even if it's slight so far. It has a two week half life, so it may take a bit.

kaputotter @kaputotter

I keep reading the first three pages of Snow Crash and never getting any further.

Uuuĥ. Neĝleopardo. Google-traduku diras ”snepo" estas «sneaker» x.x

Mi pensas, ke la prefikso 'mal-' uzeblas por vidigi iuj aferoj. Konsekvence: "Malĉasta, malpura snepo" 👍

safe for work sasuke @shaderphantom

i spent 2 hours playign black ops 3 again, and i am so sad this game is basically dead, it was so much fun

Laughing pup @Leucrotta

So essentially what this one article had to say about Dunkleosteus is that we have lots of really dramatic fish heads, but other'n that we really don't know much about the postcrania, lifestyle, locomotion or how the heads looked on an actual fish.

Related; "Fish Heads," Barnes & Barnes.

it's my personal contention that the chorus is supposed to be cats.

hvee ⏩ @hvee
undertale playthrough (spoilers) Show More

omg that flowey battle took me....ten tries......

that was kind of upsetting and now i'm going to bed

Electric “�” Keet @ElectricKeet

Just sittin' here enjoying Thai food with @orrery on her hatching-day.

Love you, silly bird. 💜

hvee ⏩ @hvee
undertale playthrough (spoilers) Show More

what the fuck what i just got to flowey world /????/??

what is happening

*Roomie dragon sends me a video of a graphics card teardown*
*Instantly has flashbacks to surface mount soldering circuit boards for Lockheed Martin under a microscope to class 3 by HAND*

...Do you have any idea how fucking hard those fine pitch chips are to do by Hand?

angrboda @angrboda

Inking the cover illo (image is nsfw’d for tame nudity)

Laughing pup @Leucrotta
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Have I mentioned recently how incredibly not-stoked I am about the rent, lack of assured parking, lack of fridge space, lack of laundry and dishwasher, and currently lack of lights in the bathroom? I can see how there’s only limited resources to throw at this stuff but I’m still angry.

Also if someone knows a gentle but firm way to encourage an autistic housemate to do the damn dishes so I’m not the only person washing dishes by hand, please let me know.

Lilac ⚧ ⚢ @slowbird
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Peek @PK

this transitioned into me jsut watching reunited for the 30th time

Laughing pup @Leucrotta

Someone who’s also lived in this place please reassure me that Seattle public transit sucks less than BART?

kaputotter @kaputotter

none of this would suck if I had just been a cat instead