Stamen Shaman Supreme @Motodrachen

That feel when you're discussing Reincarnation with another Scientist, not as a Hypothetical or anything, but in trying to get to Grips with what the hell is Actually happening.

Kim‽ @kimpegasus

On this, the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, enjoy this track (one of my faves) that puts music to voice recordings from the moon landing!

Kim‽ @kimpegasus
Star Trek @ SDCC (trailer spoilers) Show More

Short Treks season 2: Ooo, more Enterprise crew stuff—and H. Jon Benjamin shouting about tribbles. That's neat.

Lower Decks: Wow this animated adult comedy looks exactly like every other animated adult comedy. Quelle surprise.

Picard: Holy shit! Borgs! Seven of Nine! Data! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Peek @PK

i want to write a bad review for the dealership but i don't want to deal with them trying to call me back or whatever

Charlotte 猫 Awoo Fide @confusedcharlot

so many trans girls wear glasses because it does some of the heavy lifting of make-up with a fraction of the effort.

Peek @PK

My wife’s part of a theatre company that’s pulling in a show called Yellow Yellow Yellow, based on The Yellow Wallpaper through the lens of American circus history. It’d mean a lot if you could toss a few bucks her way- and donations are tax deductible!

ftl ✅ @ftl

My D&D group mets so ararely nowadays

Scheduling: CR20 mob

Little Grungewolf @Leucrotta

Sitting in the diner murderhobos when Billy Joel came on the speakers.

Little Grungewolf @Leucrotta

Well it’s four o’clock on a Saturday,
When the usual crowd shuffles in,
It’s 4-6 player characters,
Who all somehow met in an inn!

They say, “bard, can you bolster our competence?
For you’ve got some coin you can earn,
Because we’re going after Acererak,
And we likely will never return!”

Li li li li li li
Li li li li li li, li li.

They say “Sing us a song, you’re the dragonborn,
Sing us a song tonight!”

Pastelbat @pastelbat

Max Gladstone & Ada Palmer are my two main "Any excuse to loudly fan at people til they read their stuff" authors atm

Though Anne Leckie is certainly up there too, she's fab

Pastelbat @pastelbat

Yay, dead-tree copies of Jacques the Fatalist and This Is How You Lose The Time War arrived today

Mainly curious about Jacques the Fatalist because of Ada Palmer talking about the weird narrator stuff it does and complete disregard for narrative/novel-format conventions generally.

grabbed This Is How You Lose The Time War cuz I will read everything Max Gladstone puts out there and it seems like a cool concept

Lilac ⚧ ⚢ @slowbird

i hate working in IT

reviled fedi anarchist @shaderphantom
ffxiv shadowbringers spoilers Show More


reviled fedi anarchist @shaderphantom
shadowbringers spoilers Show More

Visit scenic Norvrandt! We've got

  • large crystals
  • existential horror
  • two suspicious court jesters
minimink @minimink
FFXIV MSQ Spoilers (80+) Show More

One of my favorite things in Shadowbringers is how the protagonists avoid the tired "My whole life has been revealed to be a 'shadow'/clone/etc. Time for an immediate existential crisis". The protagonists recognize that even if they are "tattered souls", their lives still have meaning, and that the state of their existence has no bearing on the meaning they have built for themselves.

reviled fedi anarchist @shaderphantom

i got eye drops. sweet merciful jesus.

Peek @PK

boy lomng

Peek @PK

what a fucking month i've had, folks, lol

Peek @PK

boy i sure hope having to get two cars in a month isn't going to hurt my ability to buy a house later this year too badly

Peek @PK

yeesh, stay safe, my friends in heatwave areas. go to the mall or something