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I never really liked Aerosmith but then they stole my glasses at Disneyworld and now it's personal


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(I know this is horrible I'm sorry my phone can't get the update)

love how you can configure your control center in iOS 11 now

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nsfw, transformation, writing
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about to stream some stellaris multiplayer!!!

Wolfenstein 2, fash speech

The Wolfenstein 2 writers didn't even have to make this shit up


On the upside Rive is great fun despite the gruff-voice-arghhhh ship character being a dick/needless, Death Road To Canada is a good giggle while I wait for the release of Dead Pixels 2, and Neon Chrome was something akin to a late 90s keyboard & mouse top down shooter so yay. In gameplay terms the Humble Bundle is nice and worth your time.

Maybe not for stories/dialogue/anything akin to narrative competency, but for a few simple laughs & hours of glee you can't go wrong.

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TFW you find yourself baking fish for ritual because otters.

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the boys are at it again

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Hackoon @raccoon

my gender is the ravenholm level from the half-life 2 demo

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if you ever wanted to know everything about my entire being, I bought energy drinks and sleeping pills today.

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ǝɔuǝıɹǝdxǝ ʞooqǝɔɐɟ ʇɔǝɟɹǝd ǝɥʇ

trying to exist - Crow @thefishcrow

My roommate is watching Judge Judy and it reminds me of the episode of Max Headroom when Blank Reg was on trial

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today in wildlife rehab volunteering

* gave a great blue heron a watering pool & half-filled it with water (would have filled it completely but I think the pool had a hole in it. also herons are freaky-looking birds. and VERY LARGE.)
* fed baby squirrels
* DID NOT PEEK at a rhinoceros auklet (despite being very very tempted)
* decorated a large enclosure for a large iguana (he's evidently domesticated, they haven't found his owner or an adopter but he may become a zoo ambassador?)