Laughing pup @Leucrotta
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Is what I do valid and good? A bad intersection of;

* genuine desire to improve (rationally, shouldn't I start selling myself anyway, since my dissatisfaction's unlikely to go away?)

* childhood-programmed fears that no matter what I do, it won't be good enough (esp since drawings are better but I haven't been painting)

* the question "am I good enough for people to pay me, if so can I get enough, can I deal with the resulting stress?" brought on by facing another week of Day Job.

Laughing pup @Leucrotta

"gee that looks awesome" they said, before reading the DA description about how it was a MtG card.

idk, I'm at some sort of weird lack of confidence about where my art is going, prompted in part by making better stuff.

I want this cough to go away now.

Anne-Eris @eris

a mystery tile appears, what could it be?

Sangria Snake @Sangria

Hey real talk? I'm kinda sick of seeing dumb cartoon discourse on my feed on both sides? Can we seriously just let this go please?

Rainbow Dreamchild @Oneironott

Sleep aesthetic: cozy nook on a comfy bed of coral by some glowy kelp

Anne-Eris @eris

at least twitter is Nice in one way

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I was accidentally Relatable™ on Twitter and as a result the app physically will not function for me. Whoops. Guess I'll be leaning extra hard on Masto until it dies down

A dog @Miffy

coral reefs are coming!!!! Ahh the aquatic update looks so cool!

A dog @Miffy

not sure I like *all* the texture changes thou

Anne-Eris @eris

good morning

Jessica @cat

a cool thing is when you spend an afternoon and evening trying to set up a build toolchain and it doesn’t work by the time you go to bed

A dog @Miffy

Also the texture update looks like it all make the textures much nicer on the eyes imo



A dog @Miffy

And new game + possible abandoned ship update???

So much cool game stuff

A dog @Miffy

Still excited for NEXT update!!!


if i had to rate the code editors that i've used from best to worst in order, it would be

- sublime text
- visual studio code
- brackets
- notepad++
- atom

still cant get over how vs code was this good all this time tbh

A dog @Miffy

Reasons is a v good boy

-hates nazis

-likes cats and animals

-likes pancakes

-witty, will make you laugh

-is a big hansome boy