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Soreth @Soreth

... I got lei'd.

Less than a minute after walking past a display of leis and commenting that I couldn't really see buying one of those myself. And then, suddenly, the store clerk handing out leis ambushed and caught me by surprise.

assistant fox keeper @somekindofcrow
Healthcare, Body Shaming, Medical Trauma, MH (--)

Currently the only way for me to get HRT covered by insurance is to switch my PCP to someone 1) whose clinic is 45 minute from me and 2) reminds me very much of the doctor I noped the hell away from for reasons including large amounts of body shaming and making very inappropriate comments about my body while doing examinations.

Casting net wider and reaching out to more people now, but honestly I just want to go cry in a corner forever right now.

noiob @noiob

Can I authenticate to the Masto API using just AppID, Secret and Access Token? I can't really do the whole OAuth dance

i wonder if it's possible to make a corruptor for pico-8 cartridges

corruptions are cool

🐺 Heart Storm 🐺 @HeartTheWolf

Well, the thought of "don't worry, it's not canon" certainly calmed me down a bit. Yet, what rubs me the wrong way is real life things bleeding into roleplay. To me, that's not the basis of their relationship and never will be.

*Beep-boop* @Miffy

Spore had execution issues but was a pretty fun game and cool idea?

Adalwin Amillion @AdalwinAmillion

There is a hurricane hitting Northern Germany tomorrow. Seems like I'll be moving snow around tomorrow alot.

this is what it looks like outside today

(loin-girding sounds commence)

okay. lunchfood has been absorbed, meds remembered and taken; time for the Expedition Outside so I can be assured I'll be home by the time the repairperson is supposed to show up. herrre I go. hup. huuuuup

??? the things people do in that one mario paint composer program continue to amaze me

Taking an afternoon break from moving Stuff. Got a dirty chai sitting down at the local coffee place to get some writing done

Laughing pup @Leucrotta

Today’s word/phrase with the same scansion as “My Sharona;”

H.P. Lovecraft.

if you're looking for some eurobeat deep cuts, why not try Densha de D

okay, I made a new DW for long-form writing things! it is here: there is a post! it isn't terribly important! feel free to rubberneck and/or frolic!

🐺 Heart Storm 🐺 @HeartTheWolf

Ex-bf: "I don't like [these two characters that have been together for 40 years and will always be together until the end of time] anymore"

Me: *absolutely cannot deal with this*