celeste is good because it actually has a main character that gets panic attacks and the side character helps calm them down with an activity that can be applied in real life so long story short despite me dying 700+ times per chapter i will fucking defend this game to the grave BYYYYEEEEEE

gimme money smh

InTheLandOfTheRisingSun @InTheLandOfTheRisingSun

I don't know *what* I'm doing, but I'm mostly confident that I'm doing something.

I love that the BSOD Xscreensaver has a cryptolocker mode

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Update: Decided to see how she's doing. Her Facebook profile was updated two days ago with a picture of her husband making her dinner. All is well, I guess.

Music mood: Barrel Volcano, from Super Mario RPG.

Jessica @cat

lesbian culture is apparently spending thirty days literally worshipping one movie because our representation is just that fucking good

Jessica @cat

we are sat right at a window to a prime dog walking route right now and it is intensely soothing

assistant fox keeper @somekindofcrow
Comics, Self-Harm (+)

Years ago, someone I knew checked herself into the psych ward because she was at the point where she needed someone to make sure she's okay. She sent out (via AIM) a call for things to read. I gave her my copy of Flight Vol. 1. She eventually left the hospital. I don't know where she is now but I know she's doing well.

Kazu Kibuishi is doing a signing here in a month and I am kind of sad, but also kind of glad, that I don't have a copy of Flight for him to sign anymore.

InTheLandOfTheRisingSun @InTheLandOfTheRisingSun

Wow the notification when people follow you is *really* loud

Jessica @cat

(Telegram is a huge pile of shit that doesn’t encrypt messages in a trustworthy way unless you jump through hoops which don’t even work, can we please use something else)

InTheLandOfTheRisingSun @InTheLandOfTheRisingSun

@maloki how did the strim go/end?

Laughing pup @Leucrotta

Trying to say something nice on a bad day so here goes;

When things have slowed I’ve been watching an interview with Karl Kopinski and about the last thing I expected is how completely likable he is.

question -- if i made a webcomics-related discord, how many people would join?

FreyArtist @Freylet

That was a quick spiral to bad lol, Valiuyjm tume!

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Seattle political organizing / March for our Lives (Mar 24)

Hey Seattle folks! March for our Lives is meeting in Cal Anderson Park (1635 11th Ave) on Saturday, Mar 24. I'm going; who else is going to be there?

New Trainwreckords! Todd takes a look at the time when MC Hammer tried to go into gangster rap. (Yep. That actually happened.)