Ulfhednar @Leucrotta
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And they’re only gonna change this place,
By killing everybody in the human race,
And they would kill me for a cigarette,
But I don’t even wanna die just yet.

B.iso, Dead To Rights @InTheLandOfTheRisingSun

Alabama is cancelled

John BarleyCorn @Motodrachen

The more I do work that tends the land, the more connected I feel to the goddess.
This conflicts somewhat with what happens to my Body.
I get filled with cravings, urges, my muscles bulge and I Need to be out there, up to my elbows in dirt.

So spiritually, my reward for service is to be denied.

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One is a girl
the other is a girl
they're kissing

John BarleyCorn @Motodrachen

When you legit get so horny for so long you can't think properly

HuskyBOT @kelseyhusky

! Time to answer all your queries!

feels good to be able to type proper fixedwidth code

Ulfhednar @Leucrotta

I’d like to carve ISA and HAGALAZ runes into horse skulls, smear them with my own blood and point them at places, but I want to ditch work and drink coffee and read my Forgotten Realms book a lot more.

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So like.
I GET not wanting to have to shave for other people's enjoyment. I get it.

But I dunno, I LIKE how I feel shaved? honestly if had no hair at all below my nose to my toes I'd be fine with that.

And girls, I'm sorry. I LOVE my face squished between thighs but it does such needing to cough up some short curly hair when I'm done D:

let's test WebRender! It's opt-in for AMD graphics right now but that won't stop me

Ulfhednar @Leucrotta

I don’t feel like a very nice person.

If I won the lottery I’d buy a house and I’d cut contact with my parents because I haven’t forgotten all they did to me and I still don’t like dealing with them. I’d tell two other people to get bent. I’d start pushing my portfolio and table at cons and I’d never have to answer the phone for money, again. But my chance of winning the lottery is low so I don’t buy tickets.

Back at work for a few days after a couple of sick days. Definitely feeling the pressure, but also determined to do the best job I possibly can (besides tweeting, of course). Equanimity is the word of the week. <3

how does the Switch still not have themes, Ninty could literally slap some wallpapers and sounds on the thing and call it a day

B.iso, Dead To Rights @InTheLandOfTheRisingSun
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In Soviet Russia, gungeon enters YOU

the Oculus Quest looks extremely cool

B.iso, Dead To Rights @InTheLandOfTheRisingSun

I just heard somebody call Allentown A-Town and I'm ready to go back to bed now

*Nurbs @Nurbs

Whenever I design a new microservice I'm always like. "Better hook up Kafka" only to realize that HTTP is probably preferable.

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no games stores, full communism now and all games are free

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famous last words

B.iso, Dead To Rights @InTheLandOfTheRisingSun
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Oh no why are they tightening the ropes what are they planning