: I integrated with and I got some insights into tests for my Java Virtual Machine implementation! Running all of these took 17 minutes but hopefully my next VM iteration cuts that in half at least. Pure interpreters are slow!

Laughing pup @Leucrotta

Harry Potter and the Incredible Lightness of Being

Harry Potter and the Important Lightness of Being Earnest

Laughing pup @Leucrotta

Spending the last moments of sunlight under partly cloudy blue sky so Maxfield Parrish I expect a woman in diaphanous drapery to try selling me Coke.

Saw a juvenile bald eagle.

Am trying to get past some self doubt.

Will get tea and draw something in a bit.

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"Hey Kos are you done with the washer?"
Well, I have more to do but if you need to, I just moved my clothes to the drier I can wait.

4 hours later, they've still not put laundry in. I could have done my second load from the con by now :V

why am sick make the art hard?

laserdisc 🐒 @shaderphantom

i am not interested in refinancing options thank you

minimink @minimink


laserdisc 🐒 @shaderphantom


laserdisc 🐒 @shaderphantom

i want a concerted, long-term propaganda effort to dismantle the power of major ad-tech aggregators and tech companies who abuse the trust and naivety of users

Komma @KommaChameleon We're playing Jak now. :3

laserdisc 🐒 @shaderphantom

it's 2019 and macos still has no formal way to uninstall files installed by a .pkg

Komma @KommaChameleon
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is Killer Mike's Netflix special "Trigger Warning" as bad as the title implies?

laserdisc 🐒 @shaderphantom

"4chan is an FBI honeypot" is not the take I expected to read on line today

Peek @PK

love too have a $500 problem on your car when you have no income and then also discover a new problem that is gonna need addressed Soon that’s nearly double

AXIOS Mobile Platform @kelseyhusky

No wonder i was feeling crappy. Reactor fuel was super low since I missed my fueling cycle last night

Laughing pup @Leucrotta

And interview done. I’m tempted to get brunch out, but I probably should save money. Want to take off the rest of the day tho

shaky from caffeine but blessed from heaven

minimink @minimink

27% done!


atari? how about atarshe and its just for the gals