Bugbear's Next Car Game (I am never calling it Wreckfest) will supposedly be finished this year.
It plays so good, but I need structure and progression to get into it.

CVn @canes

my approach to any guild* in any game ever: *extreme im not here to make friends voice* you are all shitty people who say problematic bullshit until proven otherwise

*unless i know the members already

Felthry @Felthry

This anxiety would probably get at least a little better fi I ate something.

But that's hard and takes effort.

Tawa 2 Tawa @Tawa2Tawa

Also my bro totally teased me about it and said that I gotta get a Subaru, a flat billed hat, and gauges. Oh and a fidget spinner mod to my pen so I can totally like those meme vapers.

He is a fucking dork. He's the best li'l bro.
No matter how many hours I stream, the art is never appeased! Join me in my struggle

Crow :rotating_light: @thefishcrow

Lots of OverGay on my feed rn

Tawa 2 Tawa @Tawa2Tawa

I'm enjoying my new pen a lot and the vanilla almond milk flavor is delicious. I get more out of it aromatically than through taste so I feel like I'm one of those air freshener diffusers than anything else.

But the act of just taking a few minutes to do some deep breaths is helping me calm down and think over things before replying. That was my full intention with trying out vaping. Making clouds is just an afterthought.

Felthry @Felthry

*several mildly-distressed beeps*

Felthry @Felthry

Man, every time I'm actually feeling good for once it's like it only takes a light breeze to shatter that good mood, and yet my bad moods are made of solid steel

Krissy @BigFatFae
Tarot of the Fae - WIP - Stories

The Stories/Tales
Void - Banality
Eye - Deception
Edge - Tragedy
Monument - Journey
Crossroads - Transition
Star - Prophecy
Shield - Justice
Treasure - Comedy
Loop - Truth
Ultimate - Dream

Felthry @Felthry

Why do I keep reaching out and trying to meet people on here it causes so much stress x.x

Sangria Snake @Sangria

Im so happy to be finally getting out of this town. There is just...NOTHING here. And everytime In mention im moving I get the whole "But its so nice here!". Yeah for old retirees maybe, yall killed all the actual fun stuff. We used to have a bowling alley and roller rink in the SAME BUILDING. Now we have like...a putt putt course and thats it. Oh and a dinky skate park that you all complained about the entire time it was being built.

semigrupmy today because I dont get to take my shot until tomorrow

Peek @PK
medical gross

I had an abscess on my upper thigh they had to cut open :( it doesn't hurt that bad but I have very limited range of motion

Peek @PK

I can't walk much! I had to go to the urgent care on Friday, and I'm totally fine, but my left leg is gonna be in rough shape for a few days.

anyway if you wanna see what got me to jump along this, come watch this

i wonder if mike rugnetta is gay or not

surprise: you can be gay without sex

"but what about bastion?" you may ask

it's simple,

they're gay with their lil birdy

it's ok though he gets to be dva's dad

except soldier

fuckboy 76