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Here's a work in progress, done by Samael! It is of an alter of my fae self, a Title. The title is The Trickster, her name is Poppy! She's a fox, and has the power of curses! She also tends to teleport and move invisibly, making parts of herself appear and disappear. She's a playful trickster and sassy tease~

*wags tail* another small instance but I like friends! Hello, @coyoteseattle and welcome to
the federation!!!

Awoofriends altogether now and welcome coyote!!!


*loses interest in their duties and eats the rest of the federation request forms, shaking it left and right*

Sparrow 🐦 @Sparrow
Impure thoughts


4-5 hrs with the binder on is a sexy kinda out of breath.

9 hrs is painful.

I've learned my lesson and next time I bind at work I'm bringing a sports bra to change into. 😥

Hello @Maou! I'm pleased to let you know that we've pulled your instance into the friendlist!

A lot of us here know how scary Twitter can be, hopefully Mastodon works out a lot better for you!

Awoofriends, help me welcome with a warm welcome awoo!


Hello to you @hax!!! We've just added you to's federation, I hope it treats you well!

Please enjoy these complimentary awoos.


Hello @luka! We've finally processed your federation request and I'm pleased to announce you are officially an honorary member of!!!

Please everyone join me in giving them and their friends a nice warm welcome awoo!


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politics, positive, vague thought

I strongly believe that what we're seeing is an extinction burst. on some level they know they're wrong, that the thought processes they've depended on for years are wrong, that the society they've built around those concepts is fading away. this is the defiant lashing-out of people who know they're collectively circling the drain.

Maia @Maiasma

Very excited. My good friends are visiting tomorrow and I'm cooking dinner for them and I love my friends and I love to cook

can't federate gotta maintainence

im gonna federate

clicky. touchy? clicky.

green @green

just discovered the webcomic and I am enjoying it muchly, yes

✨ 〰 ✨

@typhlosion has gifted us with good emojo

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green @green

today I fed a baby squirrel (when I told Spouse that he asked "to what?" and I had to swat him) and incidentally terrorized two batches of seagulls, four mallards, and a pigeon while trying to teach myself how to clean their enclosures.

I also encountered a wild @Jacel but I'm pretty sure I didn't terrorize them at all (though I did do some light gnawing).

currently I am tired, a bit too warm to be comfortable, drinking peppermint tea, and tired.

Just got a follow by @blackle

Thanks [ISP]

The Gay Mafia

When you want to work on personal projects but give up bc of reasons

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Tasty Dinners, poor cow.