Trashwolf is now level 25, has joined the guild Fishing Trainer, and (if he lives that long) will become an engineer when he hits Draenor. I'm enjoying this character way too much... XD

Captain Gap @Gaypow


Captain Gap @Gaypow


Captain Gap @Gaypow

Hey weird question, anyone know the name of some Axes from Africa and the Middle east

🎃 Crow @thefishcrow

::playing around on uke::

::immediately starts playing "Giant White Dog" and the chords to a song inspired by Palo Alto::

Me: wow, I wonder what mood I'm in 🤔🤔🤔

Adept Omega 🌹 @adeptomega
Fitness (+)
ThatDamnCat​ @ThatDamnCat

You need not be in the US to celebrate ThanksBepis.

lb: fic writing goals

lil red @doll


Laughing pup @Leucrotta

1) the realization that I parse "Bravestarr" as being an incredibly Gay cartoon based less upon the cartoon and more upon the sheer amount of fan art, followed by

2) the realization that I have never seen "Bravestarr" fanart which actually featured the title character.

Laughing pup @Leucrotta

HOT TAKE He Man is sort of what would have happened if Frank Frazetta and Tom of Finland made a cartoon together.

Laughing pup @Leucrotta

NEXT TIME you're around friends watching Smashing Pumpkins videos - because after all, this is what hip people do in 2017 - why not point at Billy Corgan and repeatedly ask "is that Anakin Skywalker?"

tenta 🐱 @tenta

i remembered that i actually impulse bought the 3-day pass for pax south n i'm real excited now


well i'm gonna go try to do a thing, or whatever

lightlewd, orthocosm

I've been gaining weight and my libido is increasing... related???

Likely >.>

I like being chubby >.>

Charlotte 清Awoo Fide @confusedcharlot

sexy workers rights

Laughing pup @Leucrotta

Okay so Mastodon, I'm just curious; what songs do you generally *have* to air guitar?

Charlotte 清Awoo Fide @confusedcharlot

i kinda wanted it in black, but bone is is what i can get my hands on.

well there goes my drive to do anything

Charlotte 清Awoo Fide @confusedcharlot

anchor for my flute construction thread, in lieu of fiddling with firearms.

it's all supposed to be recreational therapy: mindful things to manage my anxiety and depression. in any case i'm going to start with some pvc