cool thought: once i get to the point in my life where i can start collecting old hardware and game consoles and other things that interest me, all of those things will have become much scarcer


Updated my "about" page.
Now you can read a bit about me, see a picture, listen to a mixtape, watch a cool movie about rock n roll and aliens, and check out some other musician (many I discovered on here).

Miff🚑✨ @Firstaide

Fallout 4 is probably a weird thing to play this early in the morning?

Idk I just like Curie cuz she's a cute robot lady, wish she looked more robot but it fits with the theme of synths in the game?

I mean I would flirt with Valentine but this silly game won't let me

Let me romance more robots!!!

online @online

i would date a girl

Miff🚑✨ @Firstaide

Good morning
Im watching original startrek and need a cup of tea
Awoo can't stop listening to this song it's too good

Nekocorn @nekocorn

Hey everybody

online @online

girls in bed like if you agree

online @online

im going to conquer space

mh, sleepy

i'm dissociating! my head feels like it's a foot further to the downleft than it really is! guess it's time to go to sleep. restart the system and hope the bug fixes itself.
goodnight, sleep tight, dream well and safe

Turing drawing

Making progress on my new forehand technique in . Had some matches today, forehand was ok in rallies. Need to be a little smarter about where to place it, and of course could use more power, but overall it's playable.

Binding of Isaac update:

Beat Delerium as The Lost. All that's left is to beat Delerium as Keeper then I've beaten all the bosses with all the characters. I don't know why completionism is a thing I do with Isaac when I have so many other games unbeaten. Maybe it's the quick pace of the game.

Good morning friendos

ThatDamnCat @ThatDamnCat

My daughter and I are being dorks. We are sitting here and throwing a soy-sauce packet back and forth at each other in an attempt to land it in a weird spot.

So dumb and so fun

Hackoon @raccoon
tech gore
lewd adjacent


I placed an order three months ago and, after repeated communication saying it had been packed and shipped, only /just/ shipped it after i made a paypal dispute with them.

i'm so disappointed in everything regarding this. it was supposed to be a birthday present for somebody. in APRIL. fuck this shit.

ThatDamnCat @ThatDamnCat

I need to be with my sweetie.

She needs me.

ThatDamnCat @ThatDamnCat

I wish my friends were your friends. They legit forget I'm trans and we just talk.