Super zeroth world problems stuff

Putting this here since I don't have a better place to put it:

In order to get the job I want to get, I need to start "networking" with people in the tech industry. Most tech industry people are jerks. And I can barely seem to keep relationships with the friends I think I do have so to add additional stress of maintaining this "network" is not something I'm sure I can do.


stolen shamelessly from fackbock

politics, Sierra joke

wow I can't believe Ad Avis is the illuminati

Day 22: A song that makes me move forward.

Priss & The Replicants / Kinuko Ohmori - Konya wa Hurricane

Meredith Espinosa @B0undarybreaker

I'm now also @B0undarybreaker!

Meredith Espinosa @B0undarybreaker

Might make an alt over on

Underrated Mastodon feature: pop-up emoji keyboard.


like an arrow in a target: doinngggggg

Electric Keet @ElectricKeet

The part of last night's dream that continues to haunt my brain into the day is how flustered I was at the reg desk, trying to keep track of my fursuit head, purse, and wallet while being surrounded by the energetic chaos of the first day of a convention, all the while being frustrated and embarrassed that all I wanted was to get through all this, get the head on, step outside my own mental bullshit, and just be a happy cute friendly carefree plush critter for a while.

Miff🚑✨ @Firstaide

Even my dogs were refusing to sunbathe outside like they normally do it was that warm :-p

Miff🚑✨ @Firstaide

It's v hot today and I don't think I like it :-0

slowbird @slowbird

tusky notifications on my phone don't seem to work anymore for some reason

Mawr Plush @mawr

Happy May Two-Four to my Canadian friends! I hope this day is kind to you. :D

Velryn @KawaSeadrake
Identity, Species Amorphism, Transhumanism

Maybe it's enough simply to know I've been a dragon, and will be again.

Because right now lemme tell you what, I feel very distinctly 'semi-synthetic otter dude from a Megaman-style orthocosm'. And not even the edgy X, Zero, etc. crap. MM7-8 with it's lighthearted charm.

Awoo-Cae Crisp @inurashii

*gives lots of pets to @hoodie*

Hey kids, want some Beep Beep cereal? Well too bad, they never made it to store shelves.

blackle made an audio demo ^_^