Charlag @charlag
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I woke up and checked timeline. I felt rejection: "that's too much, I cannot care about them all"

In a few minutes I was doing Surya Namaskara and it didn't feel like it "clicked". I wasn't mindful. So I was just standing there, looking at the window, trying to make sense of myself. Neighbours were speaking above in many voices and it felt like it were the voices of people in my head.
Breathe in, breathe out. Don't push if,just listen to it.

I'm watching 72 Cutest Animals with my kids. My 10yo keeps getting mad that there are animals other than penguins on the list and my 7yo keeps yelling "So much cuter than a penguin!" about every animal just to annoy his brother.

Me: [Walks out of a store, without buying anything]
Employee at register: Did you find everything okay?
Me: Yup

10yo: Hey, dad!
Me: [continues sleeping]
10yo: Wanna see my Lego spaceship?
Me: [continues sleeping]
10yo: Oh, you're sleeping
Me: [stirs slightly, confused]
10yo: [describes Lego spaceship in detail for 20 minutes for some reason]

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Have you ever started a toot on your phone, but then wanted to finish writing it on your computer? I do this frequently when posting a picture that I've taken on my phone, but I want a real keyboard to type the description.

Well, there is a simple solution. Post it, in the incomplete form with visibility set to "Direct" but don't mention anyone.

Then, later use the "Delete & re-draft" option, and change the visibility to public.

Since there are so many new people here recently, I thought it might be a good time to invite anyone who is interested to join in on doing practice.

The only rules are:
- Use the tag if you want others to find your posts.
- Try to encourage others.

There are many different word lists going around & you can pick whichever one you like. I try to post the list I'm using with my words each day, in case you want to use the same list.

Welcome & enjoy!

I made it upstairs for a bit, and so I did my handwriting practice for the weekend.

Charlag @charlag

Hello, I played Starbound all day, how are you doing

(I was too exhausted from yesterday to do anything)

iʞimǝʞ @kemiki

Just finished Isle of Dogs. 10/10, would recommend.

The_Gibsonszoo @The_Gibsonszoo

I found this wonderful promotional postcard at the antique mall in Lake Odessa, Michigan.

iʞimǝʞ @kemiki

Apparently dogs are allowed to drive in Foster City.

The_Gibsonszoo @The_Gibsonszoo
The_Gibsonszoo @The_Gibsonszoo
The_Gibsonszoo @The_Gibsonszoo

Just printed a new piece.

This one is designed to hold coral frags easily and well-spaced.

Ultimately, once encrusted, this single piece could 10 different species of coral.

Imani @imani

I also found my Space Camp pin from 5th grade.

Imani @imani

I was going through a box of stuff and I found a bunch of awards from high school. 2003! Proud to remember that I lettered in Quiz Bowl. (Selfie, eye contact)

I find it very interesting to see Mastodon used so frequently to discuss how to use some of its various features properly, such as content warnings and image descriptions.

I frequently struggle with creating software that will be easy to use, and with finding ways to help users understand and take advantage of features.

Mastodon doesn't seem to have done anything particularly novel to do this, but the community has.

Charlag @charlag

People demand so much from new folks that I am not even tooting about image descriptions.

I will wait for a week or so

Imani @imani

Supposed to go to an outdoor concert tomorrow, but also the air quality is supposed to tank tomorrow and I am concerned. Not sure how how the musicians could be expected to perform, either.