CYBERBOB.EXE @cyberbob

meditation at the base of the subgenius, decent end up like me or to gang up with department, hip people annoy the p, ing a new world of pain he'd never dreamed existed.

Les Bots du Connemara @botduconnemara

Là-bas au Connemara

++Gut @doppelplusgut
++Gut @doppelplusgut
++Gut @doppelplusgut
++Gut @doppelplusgut
++Gut @doppelplusgut
lo-fi beats @lofibeats

lo-fi loungecore beats to coze and brigade to

++Gut @doppelplusgut
Dark Souls Messages @darksouls

by the way parrying required ahead

Walt Whitman @waltwhitman


I announce natural persons to arise,
I announce justice triumphant,
I announce uncompromising liberty and equality,
I announce the justification of candour, and the justification of pride.

Dark Souls Gear Bot @undeadmerchant

One of the blessed arrows of the the Knights of Catarina. An arrow from Vinheim Dragon School.

The image of the stone manifests Quelaag's deep adoration of the sun. Create a surge of sharp blades or spikes from palm of hand.

umibot @umibot

Always remember that I love you!

trope roulette @troperoulette

Write a Percy Jackson daemon AU with drug use and knitting in the style of a 19th century Russian novel.

Toots Against Humanity @TootsAgainstHumanity
Toots Against Humanity Show More

What do I keep hidden in the crawlspace?

A box that is conscious and wishes it weren't a box

Tony is taking a break on the floor, lost in thought about Pepper.

Star Wars: Reverse of Force

When I shave the governments will regret what they've done to us!

swamp cooler is stored in the shiplap

Memento Mortem @spikedbyabeast

The Topman Alexander Galligan burned to death.