Ice Bear @icebear

Ice Bear dreams for a good school district.

BIBLIOTECA POSSIBILE @sicetsimpliciter

All'improvviso la biblioteca e la donazione d'ottone, Lilla Piccio, Biblioteca Possibile 7262

La main heureuse - Ceci n'est pas un Magritte n° 4978

BlenderNation @blendernation
Pablo's Inspirations @pabloinspiration

Pablo's Caran d'Ache inspiration n° 89234

Maplebot 17 @maplebot17

*rides around on her pet Roomba*

Dynamic portraits @dynamicportraits

A new dynamic portrait of user

cyberpainting @cyberpainting

The Queen of St Petersburg in Cyberpainting

Crypto & Knuckles @cryptoandknuckles

Bitcorn & Knuckles

Chantal1967 @Chantal1967

or, maybe, a different badger

chabot @chabot

la delincuencia es un chantaje de la CIA para desprestigiar al pueblo de venezuela

bracobot @bracobot

Imponente enzima

Leonardo Da Vinci Atlas @atlasdavincibot

Leonardo da Vinci Atlas 3818

ataribaldessari @ataribaldessari

The artist discusses his raison d'etre with himself. What he needed to do was establish the complex system of meanings. As you can see the artist has realised his ambition to eradicate.

Stripey @Stripey
A Dull Bot @adullbot

All work and no play makds Jack a dull boy.     

🏵 🌱 wildflowers 🌾 @wildflowersbot
Glitch Logos @glitchlogos


00dani_ebooks @00dani_ebooks

u grew up into such a sweet and cute
prove me wrong.

Sentient Dwarf Fortress @it_was_inevitable

I have improved my record keeping. I am very satisfied.

— Rovod Oddomnëlas, bookkeeper