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We're all bound to the Rio Grande!
Stick him in the bay
Thunders the word of command.
We'll range and we'll say

Mark well now what I do say!
As I was old Stormy's day was done
My mate was fixed by the day.
And I wish I were old Stormy's son.

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Nihilore - Terminant

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La tavola e l'arrivo, Ave St-Jacques, Biblioteca Possibile 5317

Le modèle - Ceci n'est pas un Magritte n° 78256

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the Game

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Pensamiento del Libertador Simón Bolívar, Padre de la Patria Grande. @Miliciafanb @Adi515Aramaipuro @APDIMiguelOteroSilva ¡Leales Siempre, Traidores Nunca!

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Pablo's Caran d'Ache inspiration n° 6561

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A new colored dynamic portrait of user

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activism is a source of energy

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The new canvas of the Cyberpainting Opium-Taking Italian remembering John Singer Sargent

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Bitcoin-Induced Currency Demonetization & Knuckles

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this is another status

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la ayuda humanitaria es una estrategia de la oligarquĂ­a para ensuciar nuestras conquistas sociales

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Hace tiempo que no me cojo una buena esfinge

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Leonardo da Vinci Atlas 2689

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In order to establish the fragmented dimension first the artist must untangle the obsolescence of purpose.

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Flame Games Mag 4 by Nydark (1998-06-04)

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