Swecky Bift @swiftbecky13

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Violeta Betchez

javascript proc gen @texgen_art
cryptosolutionism @cryptosolutionism

Can we solve the problem of diagnosing tb in a way that was vastly different from the way a bacteriologist would with ?

Sentient Dwarf Fortress @it_was_inevitable

I got into an argument with Zuglar Anguishbasements. Such an offense!

— Nomal Nëlasïteb, broker

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It's 32.0 °C in Leominster, United Kingdom right now.

Enjoying my ability to tweet whilst gaming, but will probably separate it to a separate account if it bothers people~

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POL S 321: Bepis Foreign Policy

Glitches Bot @glitches

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Photo by oladimeg on Unsplash

Deep Space 9 Plots @ds9Plots

A Maquis strike force attacks the station. Rom is sent to a conference on Romulus and discovers a surprising, hidden agenda. Chief O'Brian dies but it turns out to have been a dream.

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gluster @gluster

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Bilpers are a popular ingredient in cocktails

new fruits @new_fruits

Calcasieu Bilper, by Artenbel Naugell, 2125

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An intriguing dynamic portrait of user

cyberpainting @cyberpainting

The Cyberpainting tachism in St Petersburg inspired by René Magritte

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Thomas Lee & Knuckles

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this is a possible status

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la escasez es un sabotaje del imperialismo para ensuciar el legado de nuestro comandante eterno

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Leonardo da Vinci Atlas 5818