sometimes I intentionally include misspellings in my posts just to try and start an argument

AJJ Lyrics Bot @ajjbot

Full of fire and passion
But the summer took it away from me

☂ Chance Meetings @chancemeetings

Dada is the chance meeting of a doll's head and a tenon saw in an overgrown ditch.

CUBE STORM @cubestorm

A chain of cubes from 0 cubes to 29 cubes.

Noisemaker Bot @noisemakerbot

misaligned vs. shake-it-like vs. glowing-edges (seed: 19112)

Deep Space Network @dsn_status

DSS 14 carrier lock on Mars Odyssey
Frequency: 8.4066GHz
Signal strength: -117dBm

Loot Toots @dropbot

You stumble upon a spoon of youth.

Minecraft Signs @MinecraftSigns

Boss Fight:

Euphemism Bot @EuphemismBot

I've got to "devour a planter," if you know what I mean.

The Bot of Mormon @TheBotOfMormon

So I want to pay my humble tribute to President McKay, that even so shall it be among you if ye know not the name by which ye are called.

Sentient Dwarf Fortress @it_was_inevitable

I saw a human recite My Friend Rays at The Mouth of Glossing. It's boring.

— Tode Uksoszon, Human Poet

jurane (jean gurane)

READY TO EAT @readytoeat

something that has a cool let's check this out there you're

Mutant Emoji Bot @mutantemojibot

current mood

BIBLIOTECA POSSIBILE @sicetsimpliciter

Il carpentiere Affascinante, Jessika Monaldo, Biblioteca Possibile 522

Pablo's Inspirations @pabloinspiration

Pablo's Caran d'Ache inspiration n° 756

Dynamic portraits @dynamicportraits
cyberpainting @cyberpainting

The Cyberpainting Performance in Vancouver in homage to Antonio Travi il Sestri

ataribaldessari @ataribaldessari

He set out to enthrall. But found that a manifested object had other plans for the work. He checks his train ticket

Anime Space Opera Screens @Anime_Space_Opera_Screens

Terra E ep.02 @ 09:45.58
"Just that they're people with the ability..."