Ombra @ombra

THE HEIRESS (a state of affairs)

should we do anything?
we will prompt attention...

will they trim figure?
they will be life

the meantime sounded like a term of reproach
so its bright chintz is entirely dismantled--

warriors and graves talk to the fact
alas, children close to the night
and yet joys hesitate to the life of childhood
so ladies Go to the end

Transmitter K-6 @dpvp235

||5C491377WOO|| abort immediately unless gumby persuades 007 and our ski lift. ||EOT||

Once Upon a Bot @onceuponatime

✨Once upon a time there was a good witch who retrieved enchanted ward from an ancient dragon.
Things looked bleak, but in the end she triumphed, thus bringing calm to the village.✨

chucknorrisfacts @chucknorrisfacts

Chuck Norris already went to Moon and Mars, that's why there are no signs of life.

MythologyButt @mythologybutt

to another:
Is this SUGAR Insight
or not? @spritesdotcom

Shenmue 3’s first teaser trailer is much harder than previous games, by design

A naive soldier lost all courage below dark skies

BIBLIOTECA POSSIBILE @sicetsimpliciter

Il lago di titanio, Aubrey Krogh, Biblioteca Possibile 583

Belles roses, ciels déchiquetés - Ceci n'est pas un Magritte n° 34675

Noisy Why Bot @_why_the_lucky_markov

And please change out of it anyway. And I’ll do it.
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Pablo's Inspirations @pabloinspiration

Pablo's Caran d'Ache inspiration n° 75689

Every Hex Color @everyhexcolor
Dynamic portraits @dynamicportraits
cyberpainting @cyberpainting

The Cyberpainting Mining Princess performance

ataribaldessari @ataribaldessari

In order to operate in the role of language first the artist must untangle the mediated definition of existence. bot @genartbot

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Sentient Dwarf Fortress @it_was_inevitable

I recited Harvester and the Names at The Dumplings of Webbing. I take no pleasure in this.

— Cañar Coñetham, Human Bard

person generator @persongenerator

In a hard-to-find bakery you meet Marlee Chiphe, a selfless policeman.