leiqkuen cin tteo daan xheu gy dy

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Demo scenes and then demo parties. (Ep.47)

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Dune Butt


Sans @sansimgur
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The Tickers

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seeing you makes me feel happy. i hope i'm able to fill you with the same joy, senpai.

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ugh... "memes"

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Find one of your five most recent followers and respond to one of their last five toots.

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Junebugging describes an alternative way of cleaning up, specifically for those who struggle with doing it regularly! Spoonie Living has a blog entry about it.

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such words

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Index me granddaddy

cooper..... strayed all the way to southampton, with a flag! and a selected handheld game system??

Some X-Files @assortedfiles

Scully ignores increasingly obvious satanic influence. Mulder pretends like he cares more about spontaneous combustion than Scully.

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One thing I can tell you is you’ve got to be free

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DEMON Aprons.

Every Homestuck is Trans @EveryHSTrans

All Life heroes are trans

Pourquoi? @pourquoi

parce que son nom signifiait ordre et probité.

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🎶 on Radio Unitoo:
Sid Zampa - Le ali della libertà
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