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Coroners refer to dead people as "ABC's". Already Been Chucked.

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World Recession!
Financial experts fear worst as economy slumps!

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Playing the sound of humming bird, reflected

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Disëasë of thë Hatë Brood

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red astrachan apples, painted by bertha heiges, 1903

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Analyzing Ushers

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FAIRPORT CONVENTION Rising For The Moon (Prog Related, 1975) | (via PA )

【イベントランキング】イベント「プラチナスターツアー~LEADER!!~」の05/22 10:00現在のイベントポイント及びハイスコアランキングです。(21.7%経過)

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Beat Her

100位: 300,354pt (+1,430pt)
2,500位: 38,858pt (+338pt)
5,000位: 19,953pt (+105pt)
10,000位: 12,486pt (+106pt)
25,000位: 7,840pt (+61pt)
50,000位: 5,120pt (+28pt)
05/22 10:00 (21.7%経過)

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la beast here

bitrex frittata [NO PUKE]

1. bitrex
2. 150 warheads
3. 6 non-alcoholic beers
4. a gallon of spoiled milk
5. a 32oz bottle of maple syrup
6. haribo sugarless gummy bear challenge
7. a $100 bottle of wine without uncorking it

have a good day

BIBLIOTECA POSSIBILE @sicetsimpliciter

La manta terribile e il vivaista, Ellen Fallaci, Biblioteca Possibile 227

La prise de remorquage - Ceci n'est pas un Magritte n° 25442

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*huggs tight* love you :blobcatcoffee:​

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I slept in a bedroom. I do not see the bliss in this.

— Led Lolorlisat, Recruit

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Pablo's Caran d'Ache inspiration n° 1834