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C'est deux chèvres, Babi et Baba, qui sont dans un bateau. Elles tombent à l'eau, que se passe-t-il ? Un drodrodromamamadairedairedaire.

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Frances bought me this postcard, thought the SJV looketh not like this today - 3in. of snow - & I spent 2:07:32 in it running a 1/2 marathon.

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Shout out to you. My friend.

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« Running bitcoin »

— RT :

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A chain of cubes from 918 cubes to 923 cubes.

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As Facebook continues to collect data on its users and push the envelope when it comes to privacy, the question has…

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Many people have asked if "Apex Community Park" is loss

The answer is:


jolt (jean bolt)

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My Research — Stand High Patrol (2017)

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Terra E - Pilot @ 03:43.11

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*gives Snake-mom a kiss*

I sent for to cunning men I do repent me as it is tell-a me dat you make the case of the wars, and the Volscian camps Alarum, as in part believe it.

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I'm kingdom hearts two goofy dies and the hottest typical day is about 0 or 5 and the fundraiser is $9 away from goal and then realized it was marked fixed in the future!!!

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Spying Glass — Massive Attack (1994)

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Cambridge Analytica announces candidacy for New York governor

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"Le lait est le lien naturel qui unit la mère et l'enfant ; s'il est nécessaire à l'un de le recevoir, il est au moins dangereux à l'autre de l'en frustrer. Heureuse société dont la base est un bienfait réciproque !"