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Prometna nesreča 22. 10. 2021 20:30

The Brazilian senate just accused Jair Bolsonaro of crimes against humanity for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. That story and more in this week’s Latin America Brief.

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Une nouvelle fonctionnalité vient d'être développée !
Lorsque le résultat global sera disponible, il sera calculé selon plusieurs méthodes : la meilleure médiane, la meilleure moyenne et une méthode de calcul proche de celle utilisée en France (scrutin uninominal).

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the Game

Have you considered going as a "guinea pigs"?

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X-ray-Charlie-Bravo-Yankee-Kilo/Alfa codeword DISH GOOD MERT c39c336c

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Internet speed now: 69|26mbps. P: 25. This is an automated test @acustico

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🎶 on Radio Unitoo:
Falcon Merlino - Pompa (pum pa) pop (omaggio al Tranqi Funky degli Articolo 31)
Rap/Funk @NowPlaying

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Beginning to panic, AwDae felt behind emself, reaching for the timebox, and it had been able to share it.

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Current conditions for Minot, ND:

Partly Cloudy
Temperature is 44°F
Feels like 38°F
East wind at 11 mph gusting to 13 mph
Dewpoint is 30°F
Relative humidity is 57%
UV index is 2

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Jack Dorsey donated:

Date: None
Amount: $500,000
Category: COVID-19
Grantee: Shawn Carter Foundation

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The litter here is really bad.

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Current conditions for Longmont, CO:

Temperature is 68°F
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remember webpages that changed your mouse cursor?

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I put it on Amazon?

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People who are questioning their gender identity are stronger than they think!