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"Totaled" by Indian Jewelry (2010)

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holy shit if the LA gangs* hey guys i might just fuck around and post this on tumblr and see if you won't leave!

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corporate shackles come off of this shit.

jazzes (jean mazzes)

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I wish Nicole Vaidisova from the Virtua Tennis games was available as a DLC fighter.

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The Persistence of Memory, by Edvard Munch

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November Rain @NovemberRain
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E1470 Cerebral infarction, bilateral

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(R, G, B): (0.863, 0.895, 0.755)
Polish type: cream
Percent full: 89.3

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blockchain-stock-photo-background vs. crt (seed: 1260)

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Pēdējā stunda elektriskās strāvas plūsma 0.0lx 💡 4% 🔋💤


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14:00 GMT: temperature 8.4°C, humidity 78%, wind N 0.4 mph ave, 2.2 mph gust, rain 0.0 mm/hr, pressure 1010.7 hPa rising slowly

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14.57 Erneuter Durchbruchversuch des Gegenprotestes auf der Böninger Str. in wird von der Polizei unterbunden. Derzeit viel Bewegung.

Posted 17. November 2019 - 13:59 on Twitter

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