Also hi good morning I'm awake again today! And at work

I dunno how to make Jambalaya

Cam @chespin
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I want Jambalaya...

Nazi sympathizer, instance block Show More is now blocking @ivesen and

See attached picture

Cam @chespin

please don't post Nazis thanks

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My babe's first time getting high was at 4/20, 4:20 AM

This was completely on accident and we just realized it 😂

wait do people even still play videogames i thought that fad was over

Drive encryption is important, friendoes

Hmm, this laptop has a smartcard reader..

I'm tempted to put my gpg key on a smartcard so you have to have it inserted and type the master password to boot..

wow this tax return is going to actually help with medical expenses, what a surprise

also hi im awake

Filed my taxes so the feds can gib me my :green_money: capitalism

"There ain't no rest for the wicked"

Sorry im kinda sleepy actually I think I'm gonna take a nap

Someone else recommended me a domain searcher that worked realllly well and gave me the domain provider I use instead of namecheap..

But I can't remember the names of either..

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So fuckin' high, omf

Cam @chespin

watching Kiki's delivery service for the first time with viomi :blushing:

Get you a babe who will say "Fuck my parents" and come spend the night anyways