Fuck. I kind of want to change my major from cybersecurity to AI programming

Oh yeah, I'm not working as a security guard anymore, couldn't handle the 12 hour shifts so..

Fuck.. starbucks hasn't gotten back to me, I'm not going to be able to afford to pay my car this month

:cannabis_leaf: RADICAL GIRL INSIDE Show More

If you're wondering why this is cw'd with a cannabis leaf, it's because that mask has an attachable bong

@mike good morning!! Long time no chat 👀

I'm back again

the best part about going to Utah

is coming back home and suddenly no longer taking the fresh air for granted

also re-entering society after dealing with mormons for too long is weird

I need a because I really want a tattoo

sleep? what's that

Congrats on 666 :devious_horns: @balrogboogie

I'm gonna be 21 in a few months.. weird

Sorry for being gone so long guys

HRT hit me hard and I've been kind of hiding from social interaction so

I love you tho

I'm alive
And queer

Cam @chespin
neg -, mh: depression Show More

wanting to scream into the heavens that i need help but also not wanting to receive that help cause i know i dont deserve it so instead internalizing everything until i die from keeping it all to myself

I get to see my baby!!! 😍

Couldn't sleep. I'm fucked

lewd joke Show More

trans girls really do fuck better than your boyfriend tho, why is this a meme

God it's so dry here I can feel my eyeballs stinging

I want to be back home..

@kellytheandroid hi babe i love you 💋

rapists Show More

I don't understand how people continue working with, being friends with, or supporting a known rapist. Like, I would think it would be a pretty obvious decision to not have that person be one of the faces of your project, but.. :blobeyes:

Hi I finally made it to Utah

Long ass drive

Now I sleep