figured since I've been gone a bit I'd retoot that intro post

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a tired gay

@kellytheandroid hi i love you mwah

Whoof hiding in my room for two months has made me completely forget how to interact with other humans

Time to re-learn every social skill ever

hi can we talk about how devilman crybaby is the saddest anime out there

Hi yes don't worry I'm alive

Cam @chespin
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So will you all lynch me if I mention I am a statist globalist who believes we shouldn't abolish money or

Cam @chespin

im bed?

Cam @chespin
this is why, if any of you are wondering

Cam @chespin

actually after a short amount of thinking ive decided that *all* cops, on- or off- duty, regardless of their connection to the community, shouldnt be allowed at pride

Cam @chespin

im here im queer and on-duty cops shouldn't be welcomed at pride

Cam @chespin

also!! im so excited iv got a girl who's into me and we're going on our second date sunday wish me luck!

Cam @chespin

I like naps and girls

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Anything that the rapist asshole Laurelai is in on, can't be good.

Don't care about the rest, anyone can fork something if they want, don't get what the big deal is tbh.

Ah fuck, my SSL certs didn't auto-refresh? Oops.

I'm right here, and I ain't going nowhere
You can turn tables, and you can throw chairs
I'm right here, and I ain't going nowhere
You can knock doors and tear up, ya'have to air so

Spaz if you want to

Damn, everyone is so fuckin upset today over everything irl

how are things here on mastodon?

Cam @chespin

hi im cam and frankly i get too excited about video games