I don't do CWs.


Hi! I'm Viomi. I'm a trans Linux girl who likes to play a lot of videogames. I'm currently learning #rust and probably going to start working on a federated e2e encrypted chat app in the near future.

I also love board games and tabletop games, and used to spend a lot of my time playing and planning them.

I have just recently started HRT and I'm extremely happy about it. I'm also extremely vocal about my political views. If you're alt-right or centrist, I might recommend not engaging me as I don't believe in playing soft with people who don't believe I should have the same rights as them.

I'm also running pentacl.es after seeing what happened to witches.town - I had quite a lot of witchy friends over there and I wanted to make sure they had an instance so. That's a thing.

I'm running cybrewitch.es as a personal instance that I also let a few close IRL friends use.

Feel free to come follow me and say hi, I try to be friendly! ❤

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I've discovered that playing bass is actually really relaxing

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As some of you know, I have Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. My insurance has decided to cover my Hormone Replacement Therapy with one caveat: I must get heart surgery in order to offset the increased risk HRT is causing me. I cannot afford a pacemaker, even with insurance, thanks to American healthcare prices.

I'm currently working a job doing 12-hour security shifts, and also considering sex work, but I would like any amount of help I can get. Thank you!


an engineer helping a designer

Are baby mastodon's cute or would this be considered juvenile proboscidean exploitation? #mastodon

Be the hermit you don't want to see in the world.

If you're willing to help out with running birb.site I would appreciate it.

Right now the things that would help are:

1) Moderators. The instance is small so this shouldn't be too hard for now.

2) Hosting payments. I don't mind paying for now but donations would be appreciated and may mean we can grow.

3) Artwork. I'd love to have some custom emoji, and a custom banner etc. If you want to help it would be greatly appreciated.


If you'd like an account on birb.site please send me a note telling me a bit about yourself and your birb(s).

NOTE: The term birb is used very losely here. The intent is for animal lovers to find a home in the fediverse.


Hi all,

Say hello to my flock:


Under New Management


toot.zone #instance rules in a nutshell:

🚫 Ads/ spam
🚫 Child Porn (incl. loli & shota)
🚫 alt-right
🚫 Content illegal in 🇺🇸 and 🇨🇦
🚫 stalking/ harassment
🚫 doxxing

Other stuff like NSFW must be tagged.

Pretty liberal me thinks.

Hello! My name is Robert, and I have migrated my accounts from several other instances to start this board game instance.

I love #euro games, ala The Gaia Project and Through the Ages as well as most #GMTGames board war games. I clip my counters.

I also am interested in #linux, #programming, #raspberrypi, #python, #AWS, #GoogleCloudPlatform and #SQL

I plan on posting lots of pics of games played and projects worked on.



So I guess we're all introducing ourselves for the new people, eh? Okay... I'll play.

I am the bird guy. I have 3 cockatoos. I post a lot of pictures of my cockatoos. I have other interests too of course, and talk about lots of things but don't follow me unless you want to see lots of birbs.

They published our paper today!

BMJ: Trials that say “maybe”: the disconnect between exploratory and confirmatory testing after drug approval

bmj.com/content/360/bmj.k959 #bioethics

Домой Образ жизни Рейтинг лучших средств для роста бороды: самые эффективные составы, ускоряющие образование волос. ... … Топ-5 средств для роста бороды в виде таблеток.

А вот и сами требования: если у вас нет возможности заказать или привезти нить из Израиля, то следует купить новый клубок натуральной шерстяной ... Обязательно должна быть проговорена молитва, когда завязываешь красную нить, ведь именно она заряжает оберег положительной

Bálint @szbalint@x0r.be

\o/ 2.3

Be the hermit you don't want to see in the world.

aera @aera