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meu nome é Marina
sou brasileira, falou um pouquinho de inglês
tenho 15 anos
gosto de kpop (sou only army mas escuto vários grupos), pop, indie
sou bi :heart_bi:

Since I just set up this instance might as well do #introductions

Hey, everyone! 👋 I'm Jag and I do a bunch of tech stuff:

🎙 I host a podcast on friendstalkfrontend.com/ where I interview devs and designers

🦆 I work on DuckDuckGo as a frontend dev

✏️ I write about getting better as a dev at alwaysawip.club/

🏋 My sport is powerlifting. I post about that here too

So, what is best:

Askig for a instance to put our job searching profile?

time for a new #introduction / #introductions toot

my name is ginger, I am new to kitty.town!! my bio has a decent amount about myself, but I am from twitter and have been harassed to the point where it's just not safe over there so i left.

I am a counseling student and professional, but my account is mainly personal things throughout my day and complaining and migrating through capitalism with mental health issues

I love #selfies, #StevenUniverse, #astrology, #gaming / #gameing, and #pigs

I don't do CWs.


I am the worst instance admin 🙃

ok heres a guide on how to run your mastodon instance over cleartext and over TOR.


Sorry the tor address should have been posted as starrev3tah2dnhj.onion/ for my instance


Hi! I'm Viomi. I'm a trans Linux girl who likes to play a lot of videogames. I'm currently learning #rust and probably going to start working on a federated e2e encrypted chat app in the near future.

I also love board games and tabletop games, and used to spend a lot of my time playing and planning them.

I have just recently started HRT and I'm extremely happy about it. I'm also extremely vocal about my political views. If you're alt-right or centrist, I might recommend not engaging me as I don't believe in playing soft with people who don't believe I should have the same rights as them.

I'm also running pentacl.es after seeing what happened to witches.town - I had quite a lot of witchy friends over there and I wanted to make sure they had an instance so. That's a thing.

I'm running cybrewitch.es as a personal instance that I also let a few close IRL friends use.

Feel free to come follow me and say hi, I try to be friendly! ❤

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I've discovered that playing bass is actually really relaxing

Monetary assistance, heart surgery, Trans Health update Show More

As some of you know, I have Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. My insurance has decided to cover my Hormone Replacement Therapy with one caveat: I must get heart surgery in order to offset the increased risk HRT is causing me. I cannot afford a pacemaker, even with insurance, thanks to American healthcare prices.

I'm currently working a job doing 12-hour security shifts, and also considering sex work, but I would like any amount of help I can get. Thank you!




#introdução Pietra Sophia, mas escolhe um dos dois pra me chamar pq senão eu vou achar q vc é minha mãe; mulher trans, pan porém demi, não-monogâmica e fudida.

Leo, asc áries, lua em libra.

Finjo que sou designer e as pessoas me pagam mal pra isso.

Coleciono fones de ouvido mas nem tanto porque eles são caros.

Gosto de uninhos mille stilera e trens (mozi diz que mora com a "louca do metrô")

#introdução #introduction #apresentação
:bandeira_sp: Sampa é meu país, mas moro no Rio de Janeiro.
:blobpeek: tenho depressão e TAG, meus toots podem refletir de forma mais pesada ou não momentos em que eu esteja mal, mas geralmente uso CW.
:bloblewd: gosto de jogar The Sims 2, pintar com aquarela, cozinhar, dormir e criar personagens que nunca vão fazer muita coisa da vida.
:blobcheerbounce: se interessar, esse é meu perfil do MAL myanimelist.net/profile/quelli

an engineer helping a designer

Are baby mastodon's cute or would this be considered juvenile proboscidean exploitation? #mastodon

Be the hermit you don't want to see in the world.

If you're willing to help out with running birb.site I would appreciate it.

Right now the things that would help are:

1) Moderators. The instance is small so this shouldn't be too hard for now.

2) Hosting payments. I don't mind paying for now but donations would be appreciated and may mean we can grow.

3) Artwork. I'd love to have some custom emoji, and a custom banner etc. If you want to help it would be greatly appreciated.