been playing Daytona USA the last few days and I think I finally have the basics of gear drifting down.
it makes me wonder how many quarters people went through when this game was only at the arcades

To edgelords everywhere:

Answering rhetorical questions does not make you sound smart. 👌

And also - putting the 👏 emoji between every word in a post like this is annoying.

Okay let’s watch anime while the @world is updating.
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I wonder if 40 yrs after this particular round of family separation white folx are still gonna be like “Well it was a diff time, you can’t apply today’s morals to the past. We didn’t even know what morals even WERE back then🤷‍♀️!!”

Bofa Updog

boy, we're really drilling down to it eh?

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OpenBSD Foundation Receives Silver Contribution from John Carmack at - discuss at #freepost

You're trapped in a forgotten colossus.
The walls are filled with abnormal notes.
Why is this all here?


CIA Director Gina Haspel heads to Turkey for Jamal Khashoggi investigation

Big thanks to @scholasticuk for "Illustrator Spotlight" its been an amazing day since I woke up, I'm truly honored to be part of Illustrated World of #MortalEngines. Big thanks to @philipreeve1 , @jeremylev3tt and @jgregorydesign for enormous support. here is ARKANGEL :) #art

Lan is going to bed early which means I am now accepting applicants to snuggle me tonight (and more in the future)

Vous êtes tellement solidaires de vos confrères arabes qui vivent et travaillent sous des régimes autoritaires et meurtriers depuis des décennies que vous comparez ceux-ci avec un type qui crie très fort.


Jeremiah’s absence is felt, on the timeline.

I've finally scratched a long standing itch.

I've wanted visual feedback on my desktop when I have unread mail in one of several gmail accounts.

I've now got my i3status bar reflecting unread mailboxes. Sadly, i3 upstream isn't interested in the modification. But the advantage of open source is that I can easily maintain my own copy.

The trick was mucking with Google APIs to poll the mailboxes.

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Referring to computer applications as "programs" now sounds as quaint and old-fashioned as referring to TV shows as "programs", even to someone who grew up with that terminology.

Gonna stick with it, though. Not like I have much choice. I'm sure as heck not calling them "apps".

Excellente illustration de l'effet Mendela et de reconstruction de souvenirs falsifiés

Crappy loot #Inktober 22
A whole skull made of crystal! That must be worth a bunch, but it just reminds you how sad that fourth Indiana Jones movie made you