These things are not designed for people who can't remember what they were doing only seconds ago like me. It's a bit rubbish.

My lease somehow got out of its normal spot, so I was putting it away just now and noticed something. It says, "Damage caused by vermin, except termites and other wood eating pets, shall be considered damage by the tenant and the tenant will pay to have a professional pest remover who is certified and insured by Pennsylvania remove them from the premises."

Wood eating PETS?! Does this mean I can get a pet woodpecker and let it destroy the place with no penalty to myself?


rootin tootin prostitution

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dogs are great
i cant skate
theres a worm on my plate

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Equestrian GC Prague Playoff Report
With nearly $14m at stake over four days, the world's elite horses and riders are competing for record prize money. Aly Vance with all of Saturday's action. from - RSS Channel via WATCH VIDEO ...
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scrolling through my TL, gonna delete some stuff, boost some old stuff

it's reruns over the holidays

Déni de démocratie… Il y a eu, en début de semaine dans le salon du Bureau ovale, cet esclandre du président avec Nancy...… — #Chroniques


i like to go to BK and get the biggest most disgusting thing on the menu and eat it and be good for a day

Cute Anime Girls


A new trailer for Star Trek: Discovery ups the stakes for season 2

It might well take a while with something like Steam but at least if I ever need to jog my own memory of something I have only the vaguest and most useless recollection of, I can do it. It might take hours, days or weeks but it can be done.

On Play, I am entirely at the mercy of The Algorithms and if they family fortunes buzzer me, that's my lot.

Planning a vacation doesn't have to break the bank if you know where to look

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