PayPal to charge users $2500 per incident of violating new speech rules #5 [pdf]


PayPal to charge users $2500 per incident of violating new speech rules #5 [pdf] -

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#rx3 #nowplaying MATTHEW SWEET - Stars Explode

That's the actual lyrics, not me making fun of love songs.

If it were at least competent it wouldn't be as funny.
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""Nick Holonyak Jr., a prolific inventor and longtime professor of electrical engineering and computing, died on 17 September at the age of 93. In 1962, while working as a consulting scientist at General Electric’s Advanced Semiconductor Laboratory, he invented the first practical visible-spectrum LED. It is now used in light bulbs and lasers."

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PayPal to charge users $2500 per incident of violating new speech rules #5 [pdf]

yeah, I think I'm so hot lately because I need more water. gonna pick up a half gallon juice bottle and try and drink it a few times a day of water.

#rx3 #nowplaying SLOUGH FEG - Digital Resistance

If you were wondering how Twitter is responding to this, it's by saying "Well those lead developers had said good things about Stalin a few times, so they're actually toxic"

skelly 2 :bonez:

it still blows my mind that pierogi went from being a fearful little fluffball who wouldnt leave a room to just flopping next to me and falling right asleep. i love this little guy so much. light of my life


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Did you just try to tanka SPEEDING MOTORCYCLE

Der Wetterbericht, die Lage: Die einfließende subpolare Meeresluft gelangt in den nächsten Tagen unter Hochdruckeinfluss.
Wetter - Überwiegend bewölkt, teils auch sonnig



i only wish to face the strongest warriors

Oh boy. Looks like the financialized games industry is doing the same thing to Disco Elysium 2 that they did to Myth 3

Looking at Musk's texts and seeing somebody in them that has directly bullied and harassed you and a couple of your friends... fun. fun. What a club these assholes belong to. Send them all to Mars, I say.

It's already been reused once (by the Globe and Mail: but they had to dig through my nonsense to do it, so hopefully this will make reuse easier for anyone who wants to build on it!