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this is not a subtoot i just really do think people forget about freshwater things because most of the big cities are on the ocean and everyone forgets we're here

but they're cool imo rivers and streams and rapids and waterfalls and lakes and freshwater marshes are all great

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you: oceans are so dangerous and powerful 😍
me: yes but also consider: waterfalls; rapids

Kit Redgrave 🕯 @KitRedgrave

utah would be nice if it weren't for all the conservatives

Kit Redgrave 🕯 @KitRedgrave

oceans are nice but still kinda new to me.

i'm a desert and mountain girl,,,

the ocean is gorgeous and i like being near but when it comes to being in i think i'm a freshwater gal

Kit Redgrave 🕯 @KitRedgrave

happy memories of this shop/warehouse my alma mater owned, that used to be part of an air force base. that shit was actually really cool

we're all talking about the ocean but i would like to acknowledge that freshwater bodies of water are very good also

woot Columbia River woot Lake Michigan represent

elomatreb 🐟 @elomatreb

knuckle tats, GNUL INUX

you: *sees cute girl*
me: *sees Guru Pathik*

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"hot leaf juice"

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my body appears convinced sometimes that it can survive for months at a time on nothing but dew and universe juice

and by dew i mean teaaaa

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me: *doesn't eat for 12 hours*
me: *fills up plate with moderate, totally reasonable amount of food*
my stomach: woof kibi idk this might be too much substance for lil ol me yk

Bad Wrong Fun @badwrongfun

Intro to an old EA flight sim

Also AESTHETIC as fuck

Bad Wrong Fun @badwrongfun

I've been having this song stuck in my head a lot lately for... obvious reasons.

Bad Wrong Fun @badwrongfun
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*find a youtube channel talking N64 RPGs, the Digimon World games, and unique JRPGs like Hybrird Heaven and Kouldelka*

Hey, maybe I should watch thi-

*same youtuber is a complete edgelord with a cancer joke in his header, and slurs in the description of the first video of his I click on*


Bad Wrong Fun @badwrongfun

Don't talk to me or my daughter ever again

forever salty that text-align doesn't reset text-align-last

Kit Redgrave 🕯 @KitRedgrave

the shit you have to do to hack the system we live in 🤷

and that you really can only do if you already *have* some money...

Kit Redgrave 🕯 @KitRedgrave

tired: fursona
wired: corpsona

as in, a corporation that's pretty much you but you use it to buy business-grade things :p