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New, temporary, profile picture.
I'll try to keep it like that for a while so people have a chance to see it

Anime Highschool Dropout

midzelink confirmed

discovered on 8tracks:

+ a zelink playlist, by midna
+ a midlink playlist, by puppetzelda

rabbit, but purple @bunnylyn


i'm disappointed that Beach House is the name of a band and not the next evolution of seapunk

Kit Redgrave 🕯 @KitRedgrave

creating a substitute leather from kombucha

rabbit, but purple @bunnylyn
rabbit, but purple @bunnylyn

A lot of stuff I love about ian is his sound effects and editing and like, him adding in random stuff in the scene

Kit Redgrave 🕯 @KitRedgrave

turning filter paper into plastic

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Wow I’ve arrived: fighting with terfs in my Twitter mentions

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In a crooked little town they were lost and never found
Fallen leaves, fallen leaves, fallen leaves, on the ground

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I've destroyed my damn wrist over the past couple of days :< thanks to grinding for xp


rabbit, but purple @bunnylyn

Update: thank you for your help Fediverse
There is now one more clean bun

Kit Redgrave 🕯 @KitRedgrave

blame @shel for my YouTube kick

thanks :D

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Please, all of you that have ever worked in a cafe (even a Sbux), please enjoy this with me

Kit Redgrave 🕯 @KitRedgrave

this seems to be a good explanation of cultivated identity. you have been brought up to attach to consumable things as part of your identity, as a way of thinking even if you drop out of some things.

spicy take: people treat leftist theory this same way.

my logic here is that I assume 1980s High Fantasy America is predominately boring human land, and New Wave, was like entirely non American (other than Devo) so the genre would come outside of this fictional realm too, and if ANYBODY is gonna make music that's a sarcastic caricature of vapid human commercialism its Orcs... or maybe really passive aggressive elves

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I will become a goddess

rabbit, but purple @bunnylyn

Give me the strength to get up and go take a shower!