Luna @mada_chuain

i hate the lecture clackers. because i am not one

Luna @mada_chuain

not having a tablet or a cheap £100 tablet honestly impedes me so much in terms of studying like. obviously people got university educations for hundreds of years before but being stuck with like, 8 notepads just to keep some form of organisation the worst

seeing as im Luna aka The Fucking Moon aka a light that only shines at night, i feel it's my tendency to thrive in dark places while also not becoming irony-poisoned

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and ya know what? THAT'S OK!

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BDSM is how i reconcile my trad wife fantasies with the reality that im an freaky uppity queer who is unapologetically gray-aro and non-monogamous

At least tonight I'll be able to watch a new episode of and get over this &*$# day. [Checks TV schedule] Fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu!

tfw I... want to overcome... my social anxiety...

kepstin @kepstin

wore my @SuricrasiaOnline shirt to work today, gotta rep canada's best isp (internet shark provider)

eena meena me @meena
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my favourite line comes from Rayla:

[with accent] Just walking into town,
without a care in the world,
despite my sub-century life expectancy. 🤷‍♀️

It's Noelle! @Noelle808

hahaha eat shit father terf

🇪🇷Götterdämmerung @Gotterdammerung

FACEBOOK: social network designed for emo bitches to inflate drama since 2004.


Blind @LANthus

Guess who's literally less than 2 day old phone fell out of their pocket and into the toilet?

Guess who's phone doesn't have a warranty?

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i don't know why it's hitting so hard atm. i feel like my adhd had never been worse and i just can't even begin to keep it under control, rather at this rate I'm gonna get fired or something
is it bc i was hopeful about the new meds that, once again, completely stopped doing anything whatsoever
why can't it just work for me why why why why why

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I'm so fucking exhausted.
intrusive sleep, no matter how much sleep i get at night.
music helps to a degree but sometimes the drowsiness overrides even that, the music gets distracting
i feel like i can't access my brain. it's floating around somewhere entirely else and i have to make do with an empty shell. needless to say, can't code like that.
i feel so pressured by how obvious it is to my colleagues that I'm not getting anywhere.
and I'm so fucking frustrated with myself

oh shit remember when i made this

When I take my headphones home with me for the weekend, two things will happen.

1. I will not get to use them at home over the weekend.
2. I will forget to bring them back to work.

It never fails.

I am awake early!

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hi good morning i feel like compete useless shit and that even without my colleague telling me how we can't spend that much time on one feature and how we should be much further along

hi i suck and i probably should be fired and never get a job ever again bc i don't do anything anyway and i can't focus to save my life even with medication

hi i can't even be around people apparently and just existing makes me wanna cry whatup

🇪🇷Götterdämmerung @Gotterdammerung

EXPERT: someone whose prudence in avoiding petty errors gives her a blank check to perpetuate monumental fallacies by the dozens.

lovely enby @melaininpony

best thing about newpipe: don't have to deal with annoying ads or shitty recommendations

worst thing: trying to watch a 10 hour VoD takes forever to load