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Also, while I’m ranting about football, if owners are worried about ballooning contracts, they should have a talk with the Giants about that Daniel Jones contract. 😂

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You leave work for a week, and the dang geese take over

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(* 1. Not saying it actually is one, just a good example of how it can be done, 2. I know the “direct communication” part is pretty big when it comes to antitrust, but it’s also a stupid and arbitrary distinction. When these companies all have extreme one-track minds, it’s very easy to get on the same page without that direct communication. There’s also plenty of ways around it. eg Using anonymous leaks/rumors to test the waters. Why the media lets themselves get used like that, who knows?)

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That said, if they really are blackballing him over the guaranteed contract, then the NFL continues to be a great example of how companies can effectively perform antitrust violations without direct communication. Notes below.

Also, why do I keep hearing Jackson’s contract would be the 2nd guaranteed contract after Watson’s? Cousins was fully guaranteed too. I’m sure there’s been plenty of smaller ones too. As owners make clearer they don’t want this, I hope it makes players push harder. \

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I feel like the ‘hidden’ takeaway from this Lamar Jackson saga might just be that agents leak everything. Like I sincerely doubt he hasn’t even gotten any phone calls. But how would we know? It isn’t in the teams’ interest to leak it, and perhaps Jackson has integrity, or is worried about how it might affect negotiations, etc. \

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War heute Sachen shoppen für die Arbeit.

Totaler Reinfall.
Es gibt echt nur Alteleutesachen.

Wahrscheinlich bestellen alle anderen online, wie ich sonst auch.

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Pünktlich zum heutigen Frühlingsbeginn haben wir eine neue Umfrage für Euch vorbereitet! Dieses Mal möchten wir wissen, auf welchen Anime aus der kommenden Frühlingssaison Ihr Euch am meisten freut! Ein Must-Watch ist auf jeden Fall die neue Staffel von »Demon Slayer«, aber was werdet Ihr noch schauen? 🤔👀

-> anisearch.de/poll/105 <-

Five Chiffchaffs singing along the this morning. Green Woodpeckers yaffling from either side. Yesterday three Ravens flew through, loud and low.

The geek in me loves what this fellow has done. The philosopher in me worries that the last vestige of meaningfulness in this world is about to be crushed by the careless and destructive creation of humanity's own intellect.

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The Legend of Vox Machina Staffel 02 Folge 03
Das versunkene Grab

In Vasselheim haben unsere Helden die Information bekommen das die Relikte der Divergenz nötig sind um das Chroma Konklave zu besiegen und praktischerweise ist eines davon ganz in der Nähe. Doch dort wo das Grab mit dem Relikt sein sollte ist nur ein See.

Nach einigem Hin und

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The 573 lawmakers of the French National Assembly will vote on two motions of no confidence Monday which could trigger the resignation of Macron’s Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne and her government. Though the French president would not be forced to resign in case of a defeat, a successful motion of no confidence would trigger a deep political crisis for Macron.


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My new painting and it’s title will be unveiled later today. In the meantime, here’s a quick video of its creation- instagram.com/reel/Cp_L1NLAqZV

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/4 and you must also provide your actual phone number (not Voip) to register. This means that OpenAI has a massive identifiable dataset about you. And that data is exposed to bad people too.


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And now, for the Monday morning laugh …

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3/ and

"ChatGPT keeps a record of every message you send it. From those, it can learn a lot about your interests, beliefs, obsessions and concerns – this is a highly capable machine learning system, after all. That’s also true of today’s search engines, but ChatGPT can engage with a user in a completely new way...."