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I bought two 1999 books collecting "The Best Work from the Web." It made me miss that time online.

Nowadays, if you manage to find a private website, most of the time it will just use a CMS theme or be some wix/squarespace "paint-by-numbers" thing.

I miss that explosion of creativity we had - people were exploring a new medium, it was uncharted territory, there were no rules. Nowadays everything feels so "optimized" and bland.

I am glad for the merveilles webring - your websites give me life.

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I realised that, at this point in my life, reading about a so-called "headless CMS" does not interest me very much.

More interesting (and exciting) to me - much more so - is a report of a King Cobra devouring a Monitor Lizard, in night-time, instead of day-time.

The one-page observation-report:

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I think the problem with the protests the past few days is they have been too organized and too centralized. Minnesota was spread out all over and then collapsed in on the 3rd precinct naturally.

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Our satellite internet provider is asking us 350 dollars on top of our 1000 dollars internet plan just to renew our plan for 6 months, that's insane. Fuck ISPs, it's time we setup a HAM radio on the boat.

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Scooter #2DD0F3
Dark Blue #5814CE

(Contrast ratio: 4.7:1 | AA)

I draw a heart with your name and mine on a nucelar rocket at the first date.

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Do you know a lightweight search engine in the vein of srht, no js, no fluff?

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okay here's the image and I'm going to go looking harder for the source now

9-square "bad face mask bingo" with drawings, including "Feedbag" and "plague talker."

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Here is a template in PDF format of the Mastodon Paper-Toy.
You will need scissors, glue and a cutter. It may take a bit of patience as well ^^

#papertoy #papercraft #mastodon #mastotoy #mastocraft #diy

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I went to an article (hyperlink-ed below) to find out more about a so-called "memex", but found out one writer's wish that science (or scientific advancements) serve Man.

Which brings to mind, a quote from a character in Gabriele Tergit's (translated) book, "Käsebier takes Berlin":

"Are machines there for Man? Or is Man there for machines?"

(Clicking on this hyperlink has the effect of decreasing the number of Your Free Articles in The Atlantic).

Sometimes I think it would be a worthwhile project for adults to reread history textbooks they had as children, so that you could learn the exact wording of the lies you were told.


Maybe y'all consider removing Dilbert & Co entirely from your meme portfolio, resources, anything.
Their author is a pretty much open white supremacist.


don't worry about me. I'm a little hobbled and I smell like tear gas but I'll be fine. worry about the ones who didn't get out. donate to the mass bail fund:

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13h37 o/

Someone suggested we support individuals today, and I think that we should all start with Artist Marcia X, @ArtistMarciaX ,
who's not only taught just me a lot, but a lot of other people too.

The Go Fund Me for their PhD will be at the bottom. They are more than half way there already, and we could finish that off today, easy.

If you're curious about what kind of work they do outside of here? Check out their website


The good news:

There's an Earth-sized exoplanet in the habitable zone at Proxima Centauri! It could maybe perhaps possibly * have a civilization on it!

* If you're a very optimistic science fiction novelist!

The bad news:

In about six months they find out that the USA elected Donald Trump.

random information: in 2005, the country of georgia fired almost all of its police force. at once. the whole institution was just deemed unsalvageable (corruption, abuse of power, you know). they then rebuilt the whole thing. the country got by just fine without police for some months. there are several studies on the results, apparently it worked out pretty well: