–Cariño, estás más delgada

+Es que el negro me adelgaza

–pero si vas de verde

+No me has entendido...

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(3/2) Linuxy question, either stupid or genius Show More

Some context:
- Media clients are accessing files over an SMB share
- yes I've considered Plex, but I have no desire to homebrew an entire freaking plex client for the wii
- SMB has some sort of named pipe thingy, wonder if that can be (ab)used

Alex @compucat
(2/2) Linuxy question, either stupid or genius Show More

...somehow calling ffmpeg or some other backend to transparently transcode the media from its source H.264 or H.265 format on-the-fly?

Alex @compucat
Linuxy question, either stupid or genius Show More

So I've been looking for a transparent solution to on-the-fly transcoding media on my NAS for streaming to less-powerful clients. Namely, a Wii and a PS2, neither of which have fast H.264 decoders available. I'd rather not transcode my *entire* library to MPEG-2 ahead of time just to support these little guys...

How feasible is it to set up a directory of virtual "files" that mirrors the structure of my main media directory... (1/2)

next fediverse migration is gonna be nothing but kpop stans and they're gonna leave fancam videos under every post you make about shitting

honestly the wrong amazon is burning

putting up my hood when i use the computer so people know im hacking

Alex @compucat

New gear day <3 found this for $50 at a guitar center!

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Imposer la reconnaissance faciale et conserver vos données personnelles pendant six ans…

ALICEM, future appli du gouvernement et "carte d'identité" en ligne, est-elle une atteinte grave à nos libertés ? Réponse avec 👇

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🎶​ Currently listening :blobrainbow:​

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I didn't like Goto when I first started watching NJPW regularly but he's really grown on me over this G1 (I'm still catching up . . . even though I already have the end spoiled for me)

Ghost @Ghost

I’m watching the Billionaire Undercover show and it seems the way to make money is to find garbage in an abandoned building and sell it, use that money buy some cars from a failed business and flip them, use that money to buy a foreclosed house to flip to open up a coffee shop or brewery.

There’s kind of a running theme.

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Why am I watching Alaska Bush People? There has to be something better to do with my time *keeps watching it*

Spongebob represents the young hopeful adult entering the workforce with naivity, Patrick represent the lazy media consuming American who "live under a rock", squidward represents the cynical uncaring middle class who revels in consumables and luxury, Mr crab is a capitalist.

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It seems that not all of these fast car post on the timeline are in reference to Tracy Chapman. Pity.

People of marginalized genders often have a lot of valid rage at cis men because of the violence and pain many of us have suffered at one level or another at their hand. Which includes a lot of people who ultimately wind up somewhere masc-of-center.

Rescuing masculinity from cis men is valid and good, and letting people express real, gendered rage that comes from living in patriarchy and experiencing systemic violence at the hands of cis men is ALSO GOOD.

Know when people are letting off steam. Know when it's not about you. Keep up the good work of fighting the patriarchy while ALL of us recover from it.

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If Korn played a "koncert" in the dead MMO I play, Puzzle Pirates, I feel like one of the things I own would be considered as a possible venue.

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You can use the term "Ready for glorious flight" in so many haikus to seem deep.

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How is it 1:08? My work day flies when I'm using it to plan future tabletop games instead of working.