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willowbl00 @willowbl00

Just nearly set up my next power lifting personal training session the day before a 200k bike ride. Hahaha. Silly me. 🫣

Exploring Old School BBS Systems with Muffinterm! Mac, iPhone and iPad

Paul Osman @paulosman

Listening to Television with the kiddo and of course she’s into it. RIP Tom. Can’t even think about the bands we wouldn’t have if it weren’t for them.

Maria Popova @mariapopova

This week's highlightable delights: Lewis Hyde on work vs labor and what keeps the creative spirit alive; how a forgotten woman turned loneliness and loss into wonder; rootedness and God

Abraham Williams @abraham

All the foxes at SAVEAFOX get an EGG 🥚

I didn't know I wanted to see foxes getting eggs until just now.

Ivan Moscoso @ivan3bx

There are some things I will never understand.

Ceiling fans, for example. You can’t make a ceiling fan look like anything other than the bottom of a blender.

Jason Becker @jsonbecker

Last haircut, December 18th.

New haircut, today. I can’t see the difference. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Maria Popova @mariapopova

“Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.”

Jackson Pollock, born on this day in 1912, reflects on art and life shortly before his death

Dave Delaney @davedelaney

Spent the day in lovely Franklin, Indiana. Popped into, which is definitely worth a visit. The rest of the day was at the massive high school for show choir competitions. Proud of our daughter’s first solo! How was your day?

jamesecradockjr @jamesecradockjr

👂 But of course listen to the music.

Dave Delaney @davedelaney

Is somebody annoying you with pushy sales tactics on LinkedIn? Me too. Send them shoepolish.

Dan Bashaw @danbashaw

When it comes to medical and health matters, I don't 'Do my own research'. However I do 'Do my own thinking' and even 'Make my own decisions'. This tends to really annoy proponents of Obedience-Based Medicine.

Tim Chambers @tchambers

“Twitter’s infrastructure continues to crumble…”

Radio Minnesota :mastodon: @RadioMinnesota

Still Life, random shelf.

FD-83 low flash, flash covered in 1 layer of Kapkon tape

James Koole @jameskoole

I didn't know until today that you could add a filter on Flightradar24 to just show a specific feeder (like my own). Filtered view of Radar=T-CYTZ43 shows just the planes my own Pi feeder is receiving. Neato.

Maria Popova @mariapopova

Remembering Ronald McNair, who perished on this day in 1986 on the Challenger shuttle, with the illustrated story of how a little boy who grew up to be a trailblazing astronaut fought segregation at the public library