Morgen Abend in - VKSI Sneak Preview meets Cyberforum IT RoundTable: Green Software Development - meetup.com/de-DE/vksiev/events

I just published "Replacing Javascript window.alert with your own component in React" on Medium: link.medium.com/upUIoXgs7wb

Stumbled upon - a proxy for the Tor network to help people in Internet-censored countries to securely access the free web. I'll try it out with the Chrome extension: chrome.google.com/webstore/det - Details about Snowflake here: snowflake.torproject.org/ via t3n magazine

KATWARN, NINA, Cell Broadcast und Sirenen - bei mir hat alles super funktioniert - - s. auch heise: heise.de/ratgeber/Cell-Broadca

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