🌟Citlali🌈 @citlali

Its Asexual Awareness Week!

Please be advised that as the world is presently aware of us, it is unsafe to commence with our usual criminal enterprising until the end of the week when we become invisible once again! :heart_ace:

June @June

"She's more online than human at this point..."

Kyle 🌹 @kcnightfang

So, for someone who’s fairly broke and can’t pay for both just to test, or ? I like both Twitterrific and Tweetbot.

i miss my bf so much and i don’t wanna go to work tomorrow!!!!!!!

testingwithhellfire @testingwithfire

Revisiting "Gods and Monsters" tonight at the suggestion of a coworker ... Ian McKellen, Lynn Redgrave, and young adorbs Brendan Fraser. I can't believe the movie's almost 20 years old.

Ginny McQueen 🌻 @GinnyMcQueen

:succulent: 🌱 🌵

80% of is trying to figure out if your plant is dropping leaves because it is using the nutrients for new growth/winter or if it's dropping it's leaves because it is in distress.

The other 20% is just poking the soil with your finger to determine it is the correct amount of dry (and you have no real idea what the correct amount of dry is).

June @June
June @June
June @June

Making your own depression and anxiety meds is a very 2018 mood

Invader ☀️ Xan @InvaderXan

I should probably write an actual , shouldn't I?

I am...

☀️ Excitable and optimistic wherever possible.
☀️ A molecular physicist, working on artificial photosynthesis and trying to help save the world.
☀️ Ethnically/culturally mixed up.
☀️ Zen Buddhist.
☀️ Disinterested in these binary gender shenanigans.
☀️ A solarpunk.
☀️ Probably Type II Bipolar.
☀️ Trying to write a novel or two.
☀️ Kind of an inventor, maybe?

Also, I think you're pretty great. Let's be friends! 💚

Shoebills are jerks.

Ginny McQueen 🌻 @GinnyMcQueen

the second cuppa returns

spooky 🐇 @fiercebun

Aaaand apparently I was a lot closer to done than I thought - just finished the blanket!


Great to meet you, Carly. I'm a freelance writer, too. Thanks for the follow. Following back...

Giraffes fighting looks really silly. I am sure it is a serious thing when it happens, but that doesn't keep it from looking like two clumsy stretchy horses flopping around by accident.

verity @verity

I met a lovely bunch of anaesthetists today

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Looking for ways to help protect the rights of trans folks in the USA right now? Check out this list:

I am not complaining, just a bit confused.

I think that jem the easily spooked is doing some dadaist performance art on my home timeline.

jess leigh unrein @thejessleigh

Updated my personal site with current employment, project, and personal information. Turns out, I hadn't significantly updated it since March 😅

Now I just need to figure out a new design. And by that I mean I just need to hire one of my friends to make a new design that I can clumsily implement. Let me know if you have design suggestions!