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The new season of Luke Cage is so fucking good

Nurse McHurt @nursemchurt
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hub made Japanese curry with ground beef and its legit the simplest thing but it was so good I'm cry

carter (229) @carter
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listen. please understand. you cannot group cis men with trans woman and start talking about "amabs" as if these two groups are in any way comparable, as if they have any comparable privilege just because they are both assigned male at birth. this is something that directly harms trans woman & amab trans ppl.

truly blissed out lately :magicfrog: 🌈

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omg haha apparently yesterday while blissed out with my chair thrumming up against the PA this dorko accidentally took a video using the front facing camera as a mirror to reset hair that had been fluffed up by the speakers capturing the exact moment a hypeman briefly harshed my Trance Vibrations

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I love how in steven universe the seagulls are portrayed as being as much of a threat as anything else.

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Hub figured out what was wrong with my PS4, now to wait an hour for the game to install.

/back 2 nap

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actually maybe I'll just take a nap lol

Nurse McHurt @nursemchurt

Boo, just switched PS4s on the TV (hub got me a lil used one so we could play Monster Hunter together) so I could play Yakuza Kiwami and mine is being weird (T_T)

Oh well, this is prob the universe telling me to finish laundry.

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everyone was super cool about the wheelchair and I'd never done the chair-clubbing thing solo but it was actually hilarious, there was this one fierce tiny girl who kept magically Moses-parting the people-seas from out of nowhere when I needed water or something. even the dudes were fun

I was out until 2am and I have absolutely no idea why I'm not more sore right now but tomorrow's probably gonna be the worst of it

I am seriously so excited to be Kelly right now

Ginny McQueen 🌻 @GinnyMcQueen

15 percent of my personality is the movie Hackers.

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I went to this trashy place that has lgbt nights on Sundays but it was Saturday and it was Solstice but I was feeling it

a bouncer took forever frowning at my ID and asked another bouncer for a second opinion until a third bouncer recognized me and said 'she's cool' and waved me in, then refused to let the door girl charge me the cover, mwaahaha

a cute person bought me a drink and we danced for a while, people were excited that they had seen me in the parade

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my gal Stephanie was at home watching her kids but when I said where I was she was like 'oh there's a massage place around the corner, I bet you could use one, go get one, I'll reimburse you'

and it was ONE OF THE BEST MASSAGES I've EVER HAD in my LIFE and was pretty cheap even?? I felt so awesome afterward that I really didn't want to go home even though it was late

risking undoing the wonderful physical therapy gesture I said Fuck It Imma Go Clubbing Why Not

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went to an LGBT Night after-hours event at a comics/games store, I don't generally gel with 'that demographic' but figured it could be a chance to meet some local folks I'd be otherwise unlikely to... hopefully this is a reflection of their Solstice scheduling overlap and not my area generally but it was just one employee and one nervous teen, so I hung around for an hour and ordered the Splatoon manga

I had definitely hecked up a rotator cuff but felt weirdly ok

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people kept ditching me because of the chair but whatever, it started to feel dreamlike and I was euphoric from the exercise and the pain (this is a hard thing to explain but it happens sometimes)

I had to keep moving my car but a waitress who'd given me her number earlier wanted to meet up for a DJ set so I hung around, it was pretty surreal

I parked my wheelchair up against the subwoofer (RESONANCE) and a raver gave me her cat socks after I said I liked them

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my whole body was screaming and apparently I looked like I was going to die but I was determined to roll the whole route (uphill!), which I did. I saw a few friendly faces which kept me going, and the whole Burning Man Lite vibe isn't my scene but I loved heping turn it into a tiny trans pride march

the big park event at the end wasn't accessible AT ALL but I kept bumping into people I knew who could help get me from place to place

so many social circles mingled

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my left boot fell apart while I was scuttling through the crowd. they offered to take shifts pushing my chair, but from my Disneyland adventures I knew this wouldn't work because people would constantly be jumping in front of the chair obliviously, and my handlers as predicted couldn't hear me and kept abandoning me to say hi to people making me have to predict how close the next float was and book it; eventually I decided it would be easier to awk-wheel myself

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yesterday I had the kind of day that has a "+7" on the Gcal date

with 2 days notice I was asked to be in Santa Barbara's annual Summer Solstice parade on a float dedicated to "local heroes" with other advocates, because apparently being trans in this town qualifies me for hero status?? with basically no prep I managed to get my wheelchair there right as the parade kicked off

BUT it turned out it was not so much a "float" as a march BETWEEN floats and: wheelchair

Mutiny @Mutiny

i just found out my entire family went on a day trip somewhere fun and I wasn't invited

they did ask me to watch the dog though

pretty sure I have casus belli to steal the dog now

as told by ginger @gingerrroot

my brain is just static today