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Sometimes when people really want one kind of food but the restaurant has very very few options for people with intolerances (in my case, a battered fried wing place, Celiac's) they go out of their way to get you whatever you want to make up for it.

In other words, guess who just had the most amazing medium rare fillet mignon while everyone else showed down on wings? Lol

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sleep well fediverse

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Ahh so sorry folks, I forgot where I saved the link but I'll @ the original when I find it! The ate (big sister) Daisy who uploaded this is on Twitter

*raises sunglasses* and she's gay BTW

pls pet the kitty db @plsburydoughboy

ate ate ATE ATE

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a woman at the grocery store today was frightened by my make up lmao

twitter xpost! Show More encourage everyone to ask questions! that way it's not awkward when one person does, and everyone feels empowered to ask for help or clarification.

twitter xpost! Show More having internal kudos to tell people what they did right is a great way to address anxiety about performance and expectations (hey, we kinda do that at!)

twitter xpost! Show More (another aside: the original paintings in this slide presentation are incredible???)

twitter xpost! Show More (a brief editorial from me to employers: having some things about what accommodations are available and what limits are laid down on paper is actually super helpful, please make things clear ;~;)

twitter xpost! Show More If you need accommodations: brainstorm with your manager, and ask questions to find out where the limits are! Don't be ashamed to ask for exceptions.

twitter xpost! Show More "If a company isn't flexible to accommodate your most basic needs, it's probably not a good place to be anyway"

twitter xpost! Show More offices with health/quiet rooms are really great (employers, consider offering one to employees!)

twitter xpost! Show More if you're a job seeker, don't feel obligated to talk about your diagnosis. If you're at the second interview, though, that's a good time to ask for accommodations

twitter xpost! Show More more men are diagnosed earlier w/ autism, so hiring programs for autistic folks have an accidental gender bias—hire for diverse qualities and ask about candidates' non-work interests instead

twitter xpost! Show More "99% of the world's problems may not require a mind like mine, but 1% do." - John Elder Robison

twitter xpost! Show More the "making eye contact feels like kissing a stranger on the lips" is such a good way to put it tbh

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anyway hopefully my lipstick will be in at an early time tomorrow so i can wear it with a cute sleepy day look or s/t

twitter xpost! Show More really excited to hear from another autistic woman,!

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really excited for tonight's talk on nurturing a neurodiverse workplace!

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Y'all. @tootapp has a relaxation/meditation mode built in omg try it!!