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My roommate just got broken up with by his primary girlfriend and I am so pissed off for him because she has maybe kept one date in the last six months and he held so much space for her.

Sasha @sashakovich

My ex and his girlfriend - two people I love a great deal - were in a car accident in Utah, and the impulse to get in my car and drive directly to them to pick them up is real fuckin' intense O_O

Chive blooms!

Hatebunny @Hatebunny
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The bus kicked us all off part way through my ride home, but it’s nice out, so i took a long-cut through the park.

I saw a baby bunny and smiled at some cyclists.

Ginny McQueen 🌻 @GinnyMcQueen

don't forget to thank your butt for being so great today

June @June

Scientists: we have maybe a few years to force massive decarbonization of our entire planet

Progressives: i vow to open my fridge less.

Ginny McQueen 🌻 @GinnyMcQueen

don't pay rich people anything

Sasha @sashakovich
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Given that summer weather is peeking its head around the corner soon, I should probably make bread now while I still have moderate control over proofing speed :x

it's 2019 and a robot voice just interrupted my algorithmic shower radio to tell me that the Mormon i dated in 2003 just sent me a private message request asking me to erase a Hi8 tape

Sasha @sashakovich

It is probably misleading to tell a potential employers that I have helped replace car suspensions many times

What I have done is mostly use my mass as leverage while someone else compressed the suspension

I mean

It was helpful

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June @June

many of them are surprisingly introspective vlogs, like this one where he talks about ptsd, depression, feelings, etc:

station wagon's crashing but i hope it's one of those cool family action movie crashes where there's a ton of debris but i still somehow come coughing out of the smoking sparking rubble without so much as a limp. like there's some soot on my face but it's fine

June @June

tired: work from home
wired: work from motorcycle

June @June

there's this motorcycle youtuber whose entire videos are just. him. riding on a motorcycle, and just presenting his content.

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June @June


🌸Lolly🌈 @citlali

All I wanna do is hop in the overwatch anniversary event but I have to wash my stupid hair😭 i miss just having a mohawk and scrubbing it clean once a week in a sink

Sasha @sashakovich

Last week's interview turned me down. There is a small sour grapes moment of "That's fine, I definitely just wanted a job and you were hiring" but also, feh.

Ginny McQueen 🌻 @GinnyMcQueen

the trolley problem but on one track is Framasoft and on the other is Purism 🚎