Why am I still up, why do I do this.

you've got mail!

audio uploads got cancelled guys, damn you eugen (hopefully in 2.8 soon)

happy birthday @Gargron 🎉 🎂

So the way I think about magic is there are three schools. Sorcerers, mages and warlocks.

Sorcerers create magic out of fundamental laws or reality. They fish arcane languages from dreams or cast them in books and discover or create fonts of arcane energy.

Mages use magic but can't create it. They write spells or channel arcane energies.

Warlocks can't use or create magic but can invoke agents that can to achieve similar results.

any idea why my instance data hasn't been updated since half a year on instances.social and got excluded from the public listing?


hi fediverse!

i fall in love with the latest mastodon ui changes

koyu.space @announcements

koyu.space is now running Mastodon 2.7 🎉

*format's SD card*
*All files re appear*

So uh... I put some RGB LEDs under my board to make me more visible at night.

There are 2 copies of visual studio 2017 installed on my machine only one of which is licensed and connected to my credentials.

How: I don't know
Why: I don't know
Do you hate it: yes

The tech world is really short of and in desperate need of praxis in my opinion.

that girl looks shockingly similar to me

Aaaaaaaaaa my hair is tied to tight, whhhhhhy


Aphobia mention, how is that a thing? WTF humans? Show More

I can't parse being really bent out of shape about ace people, like it's pretty hard to parse general bigotry but being angry about that reads as being angry because someone did nothing.

Like shit de lodge the stick from your butt and get out of everyone else's life.

That is my favourite quote:

If you design a system that is fundamentally unsecure whose fault is that when somebody takes advantage of it? Is it the other guy for taking advantage of it or is it yours for designing a system with a big flaw in it to begin with?