Technisch gesehen ist mein Computer zu 100% kompatibel mit freier Software. Zumindest werden mir keine proprietären Treiber vorgeschlagen und jede Hardware funktioniert. Ich glaube der Rechner war diesmal kein Griff ins Klo wie es normalerweise bei den ganzen Technikläden wie Mediamarkt oder Medimax so ist.

send toots

i love girls


Cut Copy - January Tape Part 4

waaaaa :blobaww:

people, stop bashing gargron..he's just doing his job and if you don't agree with him look for something else to put your poop on

happy birthday @Knzk *hides behind chair*

tfw you realize instances are doing exclusive stuff

tfw alpine linux proposes a change which breaks your docker images: github.com/nolanlawson/pinafor

hey news sites, how to turn off people like me from reading your stuff? just mention the words cryptocurrency or bitcoin and i'm outta here.

"ein Artikel der nicht verschleißt ist eine Tragödie fürs Geschäft"

don't beat me up for being a semi-weeb

mastodon...are you okay?

:drake_dislike: mastodon.social
:drake_like: KOYU.SPΛCΞ


toot toot!

if you are on mastodon.social and you're a new user make sure you go to smaller instances like this one (koyu.space) so the people over there can save precious resources for more users. that's how federation works. you can also invite your friends so this place gets a little more cuddlier :blobreachbounce:

~koyu :)

any fedipeople set up a tor hidden service?


broken record...soysauce :soysauce: