Steve Scaffidi @hercynium

Crazy thought of the moment - The disciplines good SREs have to apply could be an excellent model for dealing with the political landscape around climate change. We often have to thread the needle between performance, security, functionality, cost, and of course availability.

Combine that with managing the internal politics within a business organization and you’ve got a quasi-politician focused on getting things done in order to optimize the important things, intelligently.

yeah, its december.

Rat Clowncar @ratclowncar

Tonight in DOSember, we're dropping in with a bonus game - Origin's TIMES OF LORE! It's a bit more of a casual action RPG - inspired by The Legend of Zelda just as much as it's inspired by Ultima. Should have enough time for more games after too!

Soldaten im ICE vermitteln zumindest das beruhigende Gefühl, dass Deutschland ausnahmsweise mal zu spät zum Krieg kommt.

Ich bin ja selbst eine unterdrückte Minderheit: Niedersachse halt.

So viel künstliche Intelligenz und immer noch keine Kamera-App, die „nee, lass das mal lieber“ sagt.

😂 Poseidon's bidet.. 💦

RAMΞNJVNKIΞ🍜 @ramenjunkie

Falls ihr für an eure Instanz kein Gewerbe anmelden wollt, schaut euch doch mal die @HackerGeno an!

Na, haben wir wieder einen Knall?

Travis Briggs @audiodude

I just completed "Rucksack Reorganization" - Day 3 - Advent of Code 2022

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And the end result. Not bad for a first attempt, but I have some experimenting and learning to do 🥖

17 March 1996. What a time for music..

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Condom ad in Brazil..

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It’s happening 🙌 First time baking bread, a Kalamata olive loaf

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A Scotsman, an Irishman and a Welshman walk into a bar.

There would usually be an Englishman in this story, but he's still in The World Cup.

„Ich bin übrigens Buchhalter.“

Franziskaner trinken, aber mit nem Messer im Kloster.

burgterder @Asideofapieceof

Parades should be illegal