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Note to self: do not run StackOverflow commands you don't fully understand

vick @holdoncmila


vick @holdoncmila


gabi sdv @onedirection

oi gente quanto tempo

Hugo Gameiro @hugo

My relay is better than yours

Hugo Gameiro @hugo

Damn it, I have been waiting for 1 year for this upgrade to the MacBook Pro's and Apple didn't upgrade the "cheaper" ones :blobsad:

Hugo Gameiro @hugo

I can’t believe it’s summer and I’m this busy. These past weeks have been the busiest I have been all year. At least the weather has been lousy in Portugal but still I could use some slow days :)

Scrolls federated timeline for a minute.
Finds fat-shaming "joke".

I'm tired of smart-ass people in meatspace, I don't have to take it with them here as well.

Shooo! :trash:

Correr en Galicia 👟 @CorrerEnGalicia

Una vez finalizado el Circuito 2017-18 y a la espera de poder sacar las clasificaciones actuales, el equipo de Correr en Galicia ya está trabajando en la siguiente temporada, que vendrá cargada de novedades. ¿Quieres conocerlas?

A swallow got inside today. It took us a long time to get it outside safe and sound but we did it!

Thanks for the advice, internet! I wouldn't know what to do without you. Phew! :blobblush:

P.S.: the towel and box trick totally work fine if you're careful and patient!

I'm on 1% battery for a long time here, now. Not even a new phone. Whoa! What is going on? :O

Tusky, is that you? 🤔 Less resource hungry, maybe?

Hey, Fediverse! :blobsathy:

Can you please give a warm welcome to @gpike who's someone cool I know from birdsite? ;)

Also, they have a nice webcomic, at:


So this is what my first time really engaging with meta was like! Show More

Hi! I don't think I can say I'm new here anymore. Not after today's boosts.

Anyway, my regular "boostcast" will resume shortly. Posts were not affected by discourse, only replies.

This lasted for about 2 hours, maybe less. I'm tired.

Hashtags for life!

Paulo Trindade @jpaulostrindade
Paulo Trindade @jpaulostrindade

Elementary Os Juno Beta 1.

Amazing work from @danrabbit and @cassidyjames

clini @day6

bom que aqui dá pra falar das minhas fanfics tranquila sem me preocupar

clini @day6

eu tenho raiva da maioria dos meus colegas de sala

fernandoc @fernandoc

Já não é a primeira vez que partilho aqui matéria deste blogue, mas da última vez que aqui vim, em pesquisa, verifiquei a ausência de tais partilhas, como se o não tivesse feito. Portanto, existe alguma manipulação impedindo que se passe a informação, para que as pessoas possam chegar à verdade!..

Endless @MoreEndless

I will be taking a break from mastodon and social media.

See you in +/- one month, fellow toot people

Endless @MoreEndless

This French "New Wave" are really really doing it right.

FishBach - Un autre que moi

FishBach en live dans Le Grand Journal avec Un autre que moi