Jeff @Jeff_rayneres

Westworld nunca decepciona.

* ofc, nothing is really free, I had to fill up a client's file first... Show More

In other news, I got a "free"* massage the other day (and damn, was I needing it) and found out the person relaxing my back is also a fan of BTS and k-dramas!

I ended up giving her my collection title, so she'd have a nice selection of cool stuff I recommend to watch.

That was cool. A serendipity thing, too, because I didn't book it with her originally.

Sad, one of my fav Netflix shows got pulled from Portugal. Show More

WTF? Why all of the sudden "Men on a mission" got pulled out from Netflix PT?

I was watching! It made me laugh out loud all the time! :gonk:

Jeff @Jeff_rayneres

Quando minha vida está calma sinto falta dos tumultos, aí vem um furacão e sinto falta da calmaria. Essa treta é uma eterna falta.

carol @kccsexual

oi @, vamos flertar ds brincadeirinha

sem nada sério

mas assim, se quiser eu quero rs

carol @kccsexual

deus tá vendo vocês me seguindo e não falando comigo

carol @kccsexual

nem tô entrando aqui direito, sua culpa estudos

carol @kccsexual

bom dia bom dia

@minego I just reminded myself of something...

I LOVE seagulls! In fact, I have two series of photos to prove it!

Here when people see them they tend to run away. I just curse myself for not having my camera on-hand already! xD

Cats still rule, tho!

ᵐᵃʳᶤⁿᵃ @sprxngtae

o mundo está encima de uma tartaruga e essa tartaruga está encima de outra tartaruga, e assim vai porque é tudo tartarugas até lá embaixo

Endless @MoreEndless

Poor people: Its happening. Work is making me forget my domestic duties. The house is in complete disarray. I hate my life.

Rich people: Work helps me forget my problems. Glad I have an army of servants to take care of my home. Life is good.

ᵐᵃʳᶤⁿᵃ @sprxngtae

vamo Samsung eu não paguei quase um rim nesse celular pra vc não me dar atualização

ᵐᵃʳᶤⁿᵃ @sprxngtae

meu Android ainda não atualizou

fernandoc @fernandoc
fernandoc @fernandoc
Multiple Sclerosis, Fatigue & Pride - Show More

Today's Anti Transphobia & Homophobia / Pride parade here in my town.

I even went to a special extra physio session, so I could manage the parade.

Thing with MS is it's fucking unpredictable and hot weather doesn't help.

So, that ended with me being frustrated because after getting out of home, getting physio done and back, taking a bath and dyin my hair purple again I found myself just so exhausted I couldn't even put my bra on.


Endless @MoreEndless

Yes, in the end we will find reality. But first we will pay for Netflix :bloblul:

Endless @MoreEndless

Do you noticed that most of the time the results for a regular non-tech search on google or ddg points us to a movie, tv series or a videogame? :thounking:

It's like automated and sanctioned avoidance of the reality. It's a brave new world indeed XD

Endless @MoreEndless
Hugo Gameiro @hugo

Good day! Managed to clean my inbox and pending to-do's. Tomorrow is tax filling day and will finally start to working on migrating shared hosting databases to a new bare metal server 😅