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Dejo pregunta al aire, ¿si no quiero usar el traductor de google para que no sepa que estoy leyendo, que herramientas o técnicas hay (incluso sin internet)?

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Mamá no tengo pero si tengo... ( )


...luego existo.

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@fat0troll умеет. Я так понял в статье описаны функциональные аналоги Service type NodePort и Ingres.

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Janusz z brzuchem w koszulce "$$$ jestem gruby bo mnie stać" is peak capitalism

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♲ Political censorship & anti-Palestinian attacks on freedom of expression in Germany force resignation of Berlin Jewish Museum Director, for sharing a letter by 240 Jewish & Israeli scholars saying boycotts are a legitimate tool of resistance.

More info:…

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@Grilvhor In Australia*

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Si el porno enseña a violar ¿las violaciones cometidas antes del porno tenían un carácter innato, inevitable, y no fueron aprendidas? Cuidado con los argumentos de mierda que manejáis algunos porque son un arma de doble fuego para vuestro estúpido relato sobre las violaciones.

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:: China :: Hongkong: Regierung legt Auslieferungsgesetz auf Eis

Umstrittenes Auslieferungsgesetz offenbar vorerst gestoppt. Unterdessen gehen die Proteste gegen das Gesetzesvorhaben weiter. Man werde so lange protestieren, bis die Regierung ihre Pläne für das Auslieferungsgesetz endgültig aufgegeben habe, heißt es von Seiten der Organisatoren.

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🎧 Be Forest - Your Specters.

There is too much summer sun for my withered heart.

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@kaniini in what way? It sounds terrifying

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The truth about Chernobyl? "I saw it with my own eyes…"

Scientists showed us pine saplings grown from seeds from the nearby “red forest” where the trees glowed after absorbing radiation and had to be dug up and buried.

The saplings were all bizarre mutations, some with needles growing backwards. There was no sign of wildlife, not even birds.

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Life should be touched, not strangled. You've got to relax, let it happen at times, and at others move forward with it. ~ Ray Bradbury

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by the way if you think Michabo is a cool fediverse client, feel free to support it's development with your $$$. your support helps to ensure that development continues in an impartial manner.

hell, i'll even make a bitcoin wallet if someone wants to send me bitcoins
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The “platform responsibility” discussion focuses a lot on block lists. How about do-not-block lists for important (and vulnerable) sites or organizations? Here’s a rare example.