Now running 5.14.13.

Carol Chen @cybette

2022 will be online

Kinda expected, but was still hoping that would be hybrid. Nonetheless thanks to @fosdem organizers for making the difficult decision, and looking forward to the online event!

WyliecoyoteUK @wyliecoyoteuk
WyliecoyoteUK @wyliecoyoteuk

What a load of idiots are running this country.

Carol Chen @cybette

Ah I did get some new items recently:

1. - running well connecting 20+ devices around our apartment that I almost forgot about them.

2. USB-C hub. I have another one from their fabric series, both work great with my ThinkPads.

Do the following count? 😝

3. shipped to my friend who is now enjoying it in Singapore.

4. which I tried out briefly, now planning to send it to my dad.

Torbay UK @TorbayUK
WyliecoyoteUK @wyliecoyoteuk

I suppose the Pandemic is to blame, but lots of tech hardware seems to be out of stock almost everywhere, or selling almost double the RRP.

WyliecoyoteUK @wyliecoyoteuk

The week has started to look up.
The sun is back after 3 days of rain, wind and almost total darkness, I got a ÂŖ70 Amazon gift voucher for signing with Vodafone for Fibre BB (I was a bit sceptical as I signed up in August).
And after a day's fruitless searching for a scanner under ÂŖ200, I found a second hand Epson v39 for ÂŖ40, marked as "used-acceptable" It arrived today and it is brand new in a sealed box!
Apparently ex-MOD.

Duurt ook altijd vrij lang voordat het wÊl weer werkt

Hoi word er al gekeken naar de, ik denk, GPS ontvangst van de nieuwe Vix incheck paaltjes? Het is knap lastig als je op Utrecht CS niet kan inchecken door "positie onbekend" maar NOG vervelender is niet kunnen uitchecken.

Obdormio @obdormio

I feel in my bones that today ought to be Friday, and I cannot rightly see why it isn't.

Neil Darlow @neildarlow

I find it amusing that the data presented in GNOME Weather, for my small English town, is supplied by the Norwegian Meterological Institute. It's pretty accurate too. 🙂ī¸

WyliecoyoteUK @wyliecoyoteuk

Normal service has been resumed.😀

dick_turpin @dick_turpin

Yealink basically told me to Fook Off! "We do not support people outside of distribution."

I'm only looking for some advice on what will work with the MVC840, you ignorant fucktards. "I'll take my sales enquiry elsewhere, then shall I?" 😡

Doei pasjes! Eindelijk, makkelijk online betalen bij Amerikaanse webshops!