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Debian is very good indeed, plasma 5 and Gnome 3 are very good too, I can't really choice one of them.

Drinking an Everzwijn Tripel by -

Bassi @peeb

Early to bed for a leisurely leaf through No Logo by Naomi Klein, which I haven’t picked up in years

penguin42 @penguin42

Pwrite(2) has an interesting (manpage documented) bug; it ignores the offset if the file was opened O_APPEND. I won't get that bit of debug time back.

Dai @Dai

Electoral Commission reviewing Brexit Party funding

Dai @Dai

Venezuela to ditch Visa & Mastercard by early 2020 – reports

Dai @Dai

CrossTalk: Bolton War Machine

Curiousiguana @Curiousiguana

Any schools know of fun typing courses that use UK spellings not color, favorite etc?

Fundamental wheelie bin design flaw: the bin should open on the same size as the handles. Otherwise, when I park it against a wall, I have to choose between ease of opening and ease of retrieval

I find I'm revisiting the "says" vs "said" debate. What can I say? I like "says"

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Dai @Dai

Craig Murray on torture: "The UK has become a rogue state"

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dick_turpin @dick_turpin

So long Nikki Lauder.

If you believe in that sort of thing lets hope him and James Hunt are tearing round the heavens once again.

Oh, and while RUSH is a fairly decent film some of it is utter cobblers. He and James were actually good friends and even shared a house at one point.

dick_turpin @dick_turpin

Watched S08E06 last night. Talking about it afterwards and the wife kept saying: "We'll I'm glad Salsa is queen. I like that Salsa." My daughter explained that her name is Sansa not Salsa. I just stood up and started dancing to ♫ ♪ "Everybody Salsa" ♬ ♩

Alex @stsquad

I was helping one of my kids with their 1960's timeline for homework. We tried to avoid the cliches and were looking for something for 1970 when I remembered - "start of unix time" ;-)

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