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US ‘secretly charged’ Assange, prosecutor accidentally reveals – WikiLeaks

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US-funded NGO that sank $4.1mn into Nicaragua protests says it's 'misleading' to report about it

Comment: Honest Gov it was Russia the hypocrisy of America is astounding.

My#overwatch team has a web site and a wiki.

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FYI, saying ‘men aren’t women’ now qualifies as ‘hateful conduct’ on Twitter

Comment: Ordinary speech being classed as hate speech because someone may get offended is getting ridiculous. I'm offended because I can no longer express my opinion, just in case someone gets offended.

You can offend some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can't offend all of the people all of the time.

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Free speech for CNN, but not for Assange: The media’s double standard

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From @KJLambcartoons : From Private Eye ⁦@PrivateEyeNews⁩ - my own personal favourite Brexit cartoon I have done! Original available at

Across the West powerful firms are becoming even more powerful
That could undermine public faith in capitalism

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Hmm? That should have been "whom" oh well.

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I think it’s my personal responsibility to keep skeevy traffic accident cold callers on the line as long as possible. Turns out “yes I lost a leg below the knee” is too much too soon.

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WyliecoyoteUK @wyliecoyoteuk

Why Felicity Kendal?

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Dear Felicity Kendal
I have eaten both of these at lunchtime and I feel a bit icky now. 🤮

to a is all about , but I am an uneasy rider | Life and style | The Guardian

It’s never too late to learn!

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Tom @MunkyBone Yeah, this is one of my cats.

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Leaves have not even fully fallen off the trees at work and we get hit with a good amount of snow.

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You know, I have no shame in admitting I take great pleasure in being proved right especially when someone lets something slip from their own smug gob!

What do mastodon instances admins do when they have no experience with Ruby and Rails and Postgres and your update failes?