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WX at 2030: Temp: 1.4 C Wind Chill: 1.4 C Hum: 87% Baro: 1025.0 mb Rising slowly Wind: 0.0 km/h N/Gust: 0.0 km/h Rainfall Today: 0.0 mm (Last 24Hrs: 0.0 mm) Forecast: Settled fine

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face mask time!

Derek M. @doolbneerg

I love my old computer and my CRT monitor. But why would anyone make a USB-C Hub with a VGA port?
If I have USB-C, I expect a better monitor than VGA. Don't waste money on that port.

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Me after see q***k t*****p on my home feed

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My mother thanks you. My father thanks you. My sister thanks you. And I thank you. - Yankee Doodle Dandy

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I have a straightdar, which I use to identify straights.

mars ☑️ @neji

im a champion!

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)(3y guy5 w)(at5 up?? 👀 @mandarinportal
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mars neji out here actually tagging nsfw . what a champion

So kh3 got leaked super early, if anyone retweets kh3 spoilers I'm blocking you--

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School by Nirvana


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just spent like half the day doing housework so as far as I'm concerned the real superhero is me

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be gay and follow me

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Mounting a lighted sign on 6th Avenue to display my growing sleep debt.

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i want klonoa in smash -.-

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going for a ride