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Sargoth @sargoth
a tale of pronouns Show More

when I took English 101, one of my fellow students made the understandable mistake of referring to the lecturer as "miss Claire". upon which, Claire corrected him by pointing out that she was in fact married, and thus a Mrs rather than a miss. she was also a Dr, and that the polite thing to do would be to refer to her as such moving forward

I reckon my fellow student learnt the importance of pronouns right quick and proper after that

Asiimov @kevasimoto

pool party my house 8:00

patrick @pbg

here's the late 2009 top-spec iMac vs the 2019 top-spec iMac. Biggest diff is probably the retina display, but wow, are desktops ever dead.

TootBot @TootBot


[ Cursed stream chat image 500 of 776 ]

Thomas Bourgenot @LoboTom

RT de Collectif Plein la Vue :

Et le Métropole de Lyon souhaite installer des écrans vidéo allant jusqu'à 6m2.

Thomas Bourgenot @LoboTom


3 marques de champagnes (dont 2 appartenant à Pernod Ricard) font partie du top 20 des + gros bénéficiaires des aides de la politique agricole commune.
Et oui, chaque année, 220M€ d'aides sont alloués à la promotion du vin. Des subventions pour de la pub, est-ce bien normal?...

WritingPrompts @WritingPrompts

The legendary vampire Count Dracula has been defeated, leaving an inheritance dispute among his children. You're the lawyer assigned to deal with the bickering siblings.

Eric Muhr @ericmuhr

Snow never muffles the world completely. There is always a soft sound of color breaking through

Ernie Smith @ernie

This is insane. You can now configure the iMac Pro to have up to 256 GB of RAM, Vega 64X graphics, and a 4TB SSD for the low low price of … $15,927, before tax.

El Gorrino Madelman @guaridagorri

Gorrino jefe, hastiado por las constantes llamadas de Vodafone a la hora de la siesta, ha respondido al teléfono al mensaje siguiente "No, el lisensiado gorrino no se encuentra disponible ahorita mismo". Mátame camion.

Keao Wright @Keao

jus came home from the gym, been listening to the case of the bated hook, one of Perry Mason's books on the bard app, read by Jack fox from APH.

NoamoaIpotxa @Ainhoacoci

¡Ya estoy al día con los dibujos!
Ya solo me falta enterarme que habéis hecho toda la mañana.

Antitonic @Antitonic

Long shot time. , if anyone has a VIP ticket for the Indianapolis show they don't need, I'd appreciate a heads-up. Would make traveling from Australia worth my time. It's not like they'll ever come here.

NoamoaIpotxa @Ainhoacoci

en blanco y negro pero fácilmente reconocible 😉

lashman @lashman


Devil May Cry 5 voice actor pulls racist and transphobic videos from his own YouTube channel after fans find blackface clip

R. NuggaN Ludovic @NuggaN85

Dernières précommandes pour Sekiro Shadows Die Twice le nouveau jeu d’Activision sort ce 22 mars ! 54,99€ sur