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hermlon @hermlon

Of course the login data can't be avoided easily (but with a class instead of a personal account) and I don't want to talk awesome new concepts bad (without it even having started) but in the wrong hands this could really evolve to something annoying.

jobs are for the robots


Bianca Kastl @bkastl

*klopft auf ein Mikro* Im MumpitzPodcast haben wir sehr ausführlich über Trans sein gesprochen. Wer mehr über verschiedenste Themen wissen will: hört rein unter

Tiens je ne connaissais pas cette map de .

Motor Sprite @nfagerlund
Morgan Mii 🏋️ @morganmii

J'éteins le téléphone pour aujourd'hui, bonne nuit les mastodons.

hermlon @hermlon

He checks out his homework really late,why do you only log in every third day,You are a good student,help the others and answer their questions in the forum,try to get the best "answer helpful" score!He spends 70% of his (free)time at Math quizzes,he's chosen for the competition!

josef @jk

im upgrading a lot of packages at once on an arch-based distro. pray for me

Diego Fajardo ✅ @dboyfajardo

easily the dumbest website

Morgan Mii 🏋️ @morganmii

Finalement je m'arrêterai en plein milieu de l'épisode, il dure 1h30 le dernier, bien trop long pour ce soir 😅

infinite love @trwnh

i hate how archaic windows is in its decisions... struggling to delete a file named "con.gdoc" because con and nul are reserved names and ugh. i wish i never had to use windows again

Ernie Smith @ernie

Never pivot. If you're on a good course, stay there, but maybe learn new tricks on the way.

bad mentality

I've been feeling like the universe is structured to manufacture me and subsequently to make me into the mathematical definition of "worst possible dipshit", and then to make me give up utterly, to serve as some sort of poignant resimulant metaphor. But I refuse to give up unless certain specific situations occur. And such situations haven't happened yet. So I'm going to keep working on things, to prove to the universe, and to myself, that I'm not the absolute definition of dipshit.

Jacob Bierley @MrViperfang

I'm convinced that broccoli is something that shouldn't be eaten steamed. Something about it makes me want to gag when I eat it.

I think Talking Simulator is one of my favorite shows on LoadingReadyRun's Twitch channel. Alex and Cam's analytical examination of video games is really engaging, and it opens me up to games I wouldn't otherwise have experienced.

Their play-through of SOMA was really interesting, and knowing there's a "non-lethal monster" mode now has made me more inclined to buy it myself when I have some money to spare.

Bipolar Bear @semenizer

@synaesthetica you play PUBG? I got like 200hrs in and my motherboard decided to die. Getting one this week

TootBot @TootBot