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i cut off my beard and felt weird about it but i guess it looks ok

eevee @eievui

y do i hesitate to say n*gga as a black woman but my white friends say it without remorse :/ lol

Pyotr Zaitsev @belcebu
Hespera Smith @HesperaSmith

Any recommendations for streaming software that actually works?

Skull Walker by Y. Nakajima

bax3l33t @bax3l33t
和田咚 @tommycs127

港珠澳 is falling down
Falling down, falling down
港珠澳 is falling down
My Xi leader

Eugenio @Gargron

I feel a bit sad now 'cause I saw there are still some Mastodon servers with versions below 2.0 out there. I don't know how to help them...

currently imagining an alternate reality where Tupac lived, but became a Clinton surrogate and started a political action committee called 2PAC.

eladyland @eladyland

Planned to finally watch Game of Thrones once the weather got cooler and so here we are. Making my way through Season 1. Feels like a slow start so far, but they're clearly building up to some major events. Am I right in thinking it eventually picks up? Definitely going to stick with it. Some of my favorite shows didn't really kick into high gear until later and there's got to be a reason GoT is so mega-popular.

I feel like the tagline for Daredevil season 3 should just be "Matt, you idiot."

Zeke Weeks @zeke

The permission isn't granular at all, there's just this one huge "Web & App Tracking" monolith and it is clear the whole business is motivated to persuade users to give that permission.

Count Drakerbleck @Drake_Silvos

I'm intrigued by this game that features a sleigh led by magic goats.

藍鳳凰 @bluephoenix

To be fair, that would be your face too if the cat started speaking English.

Pyotr Zaitsev @belcebu

CEH v9 - Certificado de pirata ético versión 9 completo:!tdAEiAxD!IFGjf4mzzZ

melt @melt

i love this image because damocles is like whoa wait hold up who put this fuckin sword here jesus christ nobody move

lashman @lashman

RT Explosive Device Found Near George Soros’s Home in Westchester County

Gecko64 @gecko64

Hi there !