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espero que todos sejam bons. Kokkoku é único que já está em andamento dessa listinha. Mas vou esperar concluir para ver.

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☆ Animes que estou ansiosa para ver ☆

- Attack on Titan 3rd Season
- Hoozuki No Reitetsu 2 Part II
- Tomie OVA 1 e 2
- Babylon
- Double Decker! Doug & Kirill
- Psycho-Pass SS case 1. Tsumi to Bachi
- Kokkoku
- Servamp Movie: Alice in the Garden
- Bungou Stray Dogs: Dead Apple

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The pharmaceutical 'industry' needs dismantling full stop.

The Sick Paying for the Healthy: How Insurance Companies Drive Up Drug Prices | Alternet

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Political from Twitter, but well said...

Tweet from Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski), at Mar 18, 1:47 PM
If Robert Mueller says there is no obstruction or collusion against Trump, I will believe and respect it...

But Trump continuously saying he did not collude while firing everyone involved in the case against him makes me believe more and more he colluded and obstructed.

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NHS finds time for Prevent and hassling people for ID but take up to 2 hours to pick up a kid from a cycling accident in freezing street :-o

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*is thrilled to bits*

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tenho vontade de assistir gintama, mas a quantidade de eps e temporadas é assustadora

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Watching nature documentaries with cockatoos is good

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Courtney needs to parent her big ass toddler. That lil gremlin is wild as hell and she just lets him do whatever all willynilly.

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I'm honestly still not sure exactly how to play this game but the frog looks serious about this...

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The title of this video isn't entirely accurate- Bowie's actual last performance was three songs in 2006, with Alicia Keys. But this was his final performance of his best song, and I've been listening to it over and over the last couple days because it's so haunting:

I don't blame Martin Freeman for being tired of "Sherlock"

دنیا پر از بی انصافی ه‌‌‌.... مثلاً همین فردا ساعت هفت و چهل و پنج دقیقه و بیست و هشت ثانیه عصر، تو کنارم نیستی.

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alguns animes que vi, eu nunca terei coragem de assistir novamente. aqueles ecchis, harem, romance do passado.
mas confesso, fico com curiosidade para ver e giffar alguns bishonens. não vale a pena mas quem sabe um dia.

I've got a new Let's Play. A somewhat philosophical look at @silverspookgames's Neofeud: