Alexis @LexYeen

is this thing on again

tiff @bep

hey losers

The Boy™ @snakepiss

you need at least one place where all you do is relax


Petit à petit le chat commence à intégrer le concept de "Tu n'as le droit de rester dans la maison la nuit que si tu ne fais pas chier". 👍

Jonathan King @JonathanKing

Not only did Alex Raymond have the audacity to do this in a newspaper strip ... he did for six days in a row!

mauve @mauve

こんばんはーマストドン / good evening mastodon

circe @mychemicalromance

gn y'all it's been real

🐔R↻nflaix @Ronflaix

nsdsdjkff IT'S BACK

mangala @mooncalf

She insists on getting the lawn mowed regularly to give the illusion of someone being at home while she's away, and she's asked us to deposit her cheques to the lawn-mowing guys once she's gone. We're gonna do it, but there has to be a better way omg.

Strangejamie @Strangejamie

Good Morning ... It may be Monday... We may want more weekend... But we're still here and the world is still turning... So... y'know... That's cool!

Go forth and make fantastic art!

Emmanuel Createur @BoudoirShibari
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The Boy™ @snakepiss

I know how hard it is to keep from sharing twitter content here but we have to be aware that many of us are trying to remove ourselves from a place of constant conflict

sudo whoami @SuperLeo

I wonder if we get a report from Sysadmin telling us what the outage was about

TootBot @TootBot


EU-Agenturen: Frankfurt und Bonn kämpfen um Brexit-Beute

Space Quest Historian @SpaceQuestHistorian

Pink Panther is a bit unsure about these headphones. But that's because he's only used them with Bluetooth, the dumb fuck.