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A Dude and his missus

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Zapatos de quien la puta madre

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End its reign of terror. Too many lives have been lost. Please, for all that's good in the world, Hammer Time must not continue!

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in better news i want to write a sidekicks came first batman au. but me & planning things out... it's quiet

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I bought a thing but I didn’t like the thing so I made my own thing but didn’t like it either but I tweaked the thing so I kinda like it more now

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Ich habe einen Brief bekommen, der raschelt, wenn man ihn umdreht.

Von meiner Bank.

I've made a huge mistake

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No anda cloud. Tomu no apareció

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De quien hablan ahora?

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Transformed! is a fun, lighthearted queer comic about a FtM transgender magical boy!

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"Patricia Anne Stratigeas is a Canadian professional wrestler, former fitness model, fitness master, actress, television personality, and best known for her time in WWE under ring name Trish Stratus."

I can't be bothered to read the rest of the article, but, um. What's a "fitness master"?

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رژ بیست چهارساعته زدم و تمام کسانی که بیدار نمیشدن، چهارچشی نشستن ببینن که آیا چنین چیزی ممکنه؟
اینجور از خود گذشته‌ام.

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Seim Magui

Logging off everything for tonight to rest. Tomorrow I will work on my book rewrite and pencil more on commissions. Take care everyone and btw I am looking for info from folks who've used ace dating services. Are they any good?

Gnight everyone! *hug*

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вот бы еще раз испытать адреналин страха как 3 года назад🇷🇺

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Going to be trying harder to promote my comic so uh, sorry if that gets obnoxious I guess!

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X-PLUS 2018年5月發售: [RIC-TOY限定] 大怪獸 series Chameleking 16,200Yen連稅

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The crown versión Mastodon

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well duo it's been a slice but uh