No Sleep 'Til Bedtime @theoutrider reminder of this pretty excellent piece on the Street Fighter live-action movie that ends on a legitimately lovely note


!listening to ( & ) - No More Kings #1975 ...well, it was one way to tell that story...


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Majority is not Enough: Bitcoin Mining is Vulnerable (PDF)

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Ο φύλακας στη σίκαλη, λογικά

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Grey or gray?

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Проверка кросс-постинга из твиттера в

Looks like that weird "shine" stuff Dutch Brothers was selling is now at Loowit Brewing in Vancouver WA

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Τα άπαντα του Χάκκα, πρώτο στη λίστα

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oh the app entirely makes API calls through butlerd... weird :3

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Cartoon stars & a sense of precognition are

Not the first things id think of writing if someone asked me to describe a migraine

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seven trapped toms

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Jacobin Magazine Feed @jacobinfeed
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The Berlin neighbourhood fighting off the Google giant! Kreuzberg’s crusade.

Kick Google out of the Neighbourhood coz Google is a bad neighbor!