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Tereza De Quinta, multidisciplinary artist from Brazil

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One thousand toman less protect me from buying a pocket Winston cigarettes :)

Rolo C VARGAS @rolocvargas

Australian Rock Lily, 1933 by Australian artist and printmaker Margaret Preston

Farah @Y3WTREE

“We know that Nestlé’s departure will not end water takings in Canada, and our work continues to oppose any commodification of water for profit, whether by a multi-national corporation or a Canadian-owned one.”

Rolo C VARGAS @rolocvargas

Aïda Muluneh, Ethiopian photographer and contemporary artist based in Addis Ababa

Pomax @TheRealPomax

Phase 2 of "put everything in the kitchen on wheels" complete. Phase 3 will be "moving everything around because I now can", so should be a fun tomorrow.

Rolo C VARGAS @rolocvargas

Australian photographer Narelle Autio, Untitled,1999 – 2000, from The Seventh Wave series

Rolo C VARGAS @rolocvargas

Scotland based painter Joan Eardley, Sea & Sky, 1961

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I wonder if they will bring up that making everyone riff a movie on like a Zoom call totally felt like that one host segment where Mike and the bots pretend they can't connect to Doctor F

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'There is an institutional and public culture that breeds, protects and even celebrates this kind of violence. At the heart of that culture is our proclivity to embrace mob justice in situations where we feel it's 'deserved'"

Rolo C VARGAS @rolocvargas

Elin Thomas, UK textile artist who uses embroidery and crochet to create unique work resembling petri dishes and bacteria spores

Du coup, il faut parler du gouvernement Macron II ou III ?

Rolo C VARGAS @rolocvargas

Dorothea Lange, Girl with an umbrella, Louisiana, 1937

猫夭夭 @maoyaoyao

Schuyler Defeated唱段里展现了Burr的投机与不忠诚,而紧接着的Cabinet Battle # 2 里的Jefferson对自己的立场和原则十分坚持。这里就已经预示了后面选总统时Hamilton的倾向了。

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Rolo C VARGAS @rolocvargas

Austrian artist Janine Heschl creates 'textile wildlife art,' using machine embroidery to focus on endangered animals and wildlife protection

Rolo C VARGAS @rolocvargas

Dancers, 2017-2018 by contemporary UK artist Anne Rothenstein

Capucha Informativa @Capucha_informa

AHORA │ Lo Hermida resiste, Manifestantes se enfrentan a la represión de los .