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Objects in mirror are more valid than they appear.

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Jiko @Jiko

Trying to decide which fights are worth fighting for and which are just me being ornery is hard.

Do I tell people to stop throwing their salt at the person that beat them and try to get better so they win next time (condescending) or do I tell the person winning to switch because they’re making people have less fun (favouritism).

Is it worse to not defend anybody or get involved at all? Let the few complain and let it out so they feel better because they lost to “bullshit”?

This gets tiring

sherbet_marcuse @sherbet_marcuse

How's it going today, folks? Y'all bussing some universal serials? Sticking some memories? Flashing some drives?

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I didn't expect to love Race the Sun as much as I do, but I really love it. I keep coming back to it, just for a run or two. It's strangely relaxing, despite it's exhilarating speed.

Anatoly Shashkin💾 @dosnostalgic

A demo that runs on a caller id screen of an old Russian telephone? Why not!

Bible Black Belt @Estrusflask

Oh, I also finished the Daughters of Artemis questline, but I refused to kill Daphnae. It was really sad, and the Daughters of Artemis will remain my enemies. But I didn't want to kill her, not like this.

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Way to repeat a song, weird band I can't spell, you go with your bad self.

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Tổng hợp bí kíp và kinh nghiệm chơi game bầu cua đổi thưởng
Những lần đặt cược, các bạn cần chú ý để mình không bị thua tiền. Cổng Sunwin có đặt link tải cho mọi người ở bên dưới

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Every few weeks i get convinced that the entire fediverse was simply jumanjied into existence by a single poster and I try to figure out who it was.

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Pensions and healthcare are going to eat our local budgets for breakfast.

Sarah Aigei @shietka

INVERSUS Deluxe is an inventive take on the twin-stick shooter. It features grid-based combat where you and your opponent play in each other's negative space. Shoot to change the battlefield.

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Why did 2 random "popular" accounts clearly using follow bots instantly like this??

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Question: What do you consider your greatest role?
Answer: I think you know. It changed television, the first female captain. 🖖🏻♥️🚀

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Tried to facetime and Kumo but as soon as Kumo heard Humble's voice from the iPad he ran to the front window cuz he thought Humble was coming home 😭😭😭