monitor the behaviors of the police, build networks of cop-watchers

make government representatives afraid again

lala @tenthstar

I tried a kinder egg today and it taste like a duvalín with a truffle inside :o

im so weirded out cause the last two years, NO ONE was on campus once break started. but this year theres like, ALL the office staff, the counselor/psychologist, the TOSAs... like..... WHY. LEAVE I WANNA BE ALONE AND NOT WEAR A BRA TO WORK THIS IS BULLSHIT

Becky @becklespinax

Every so often a phenomenon occurs in the house, and no one can rest until it is sated.

It's called The Mania.

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Derek Godin @derek_g

And now off to face the elements

Derek Godin @derek_g
Food, prog

Just made myself a cheesesteak sandwich while listening to Rush's Moving Pictures, which is an experience I highly recommend (you can swap in your meal and progressive rock album of choice here).

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Authority: A person who can tell you more than you really care to know.

Buri hurried to the side and looked back. A sinuous shadow crept over Winter's neck and ear as Paws approached.
"Go away."

Bonber Rash @bonber

Rescapp: el asistente de rescate de Rescatux se independiza

kenji @kitbash

*rubs lamp genie appears*

me: omg, ok um, i want a bed made out of pancakes

*falls asleep for 12 hours*

g: you have 2 more wishes left..

me: why did you wake me? please leave now

TsubasaHaneawa52 @TsubasaHaneawa52

Maston looks like an amazing site

Pen Merch @idesofmerch

I'd even argue that FFV is largely about Lenna, IX is mostly about Garnet, X is about Yuna, and XII is about Ashe. Though to be fair, Lenna, Garnet, Yuna and Ashe are not particularly interesting compared to other members of the cast.

HBMD#903 - from a writing collection of single panel cartoon gags I have not drawn yet.

as told by ginger @gingerroot

i can't wait to get my bf's old bass guitar and have something more constructive and creative to do during the day

jmz🦀(CARCIFIED) @paralithode

Over 300 kids are still displaced, & often left without some of their family after the disastrous fire.

if you have a little extra spare over the holidays, please donate to this effort to give children who've been through so much over the past 6 months a little extra lightness & joy over the christmas season. :>
(also heck yeah satan # of donors)

Andrew Taylor @andrewt

Yeah, I don't like phoning people either.