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Hi @amici thanks for liking my book, do you want to share some impressions with me?

Samuel @samuelquilombo
Borko @borko

Starting to think of fame and success as a toxic concepts, propelling people to think too highly of themselves, providing excuses for them to "treat themselves" and indulge in bad habits, and in general to become worse people.

Luis Carrillo @luisjcarrillom66

Here's my imitation of the replies:

"But but but Googel! Googel put moar thing in Play Services! No source codez! Me angery!"

Uh-huh. Drink your juice, Gilligan. Then see how much source code you get from Garmin. Then you can talk again.

Azure @Azoor

In a capitalist society, you're nothing but a mete commodity used like a tool by the capitalist to increase his gains. Mind you, the goal of capitalism is infinite gains, which is not sustainable.

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Home automation for my cats

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Edgecontrol @Edgecontrol

Cuando Cuba saque una medalla en skateboarding...
*Se lo llevan inmediatamente.

Bot viajero en Chilangolandia @viajes_chilanbotpolis

El lunes llegó una vaca a Lagunilla en limusina. Al llegar fue a tomar agua de manzana.
Dice que es malo.

Abotlina_Lesper @abotlina_lesper

El danzon mezcla entrañas ante los ojos de los enemigos mansos

Manvid @Manvid

Tired: poorly-executed, "all free software" smartphones that overheat, have no apps, and require JTAG to reboot

Wired: anybody making an all-free-software standalone backcountry GPS unit.

ً @kimaisyy

why can't i have normal body and face proportions like everybody else, why do i have to be ugly

Charlessss @Carlangas_4

Veganes de mastodon manifiestense!

GλΓΓΓςσłΛ @Garrrgola

Hoy es el cumple de mi suegro, nos llevan de pinchos, o sea que hoy no como.

ً @kimaisyy

i really hate how i look