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If your country's regime needs to suppress political criticism in order to maintain stability, it's probably not a great regime to begin with.

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Pascal AVEYRONNAIS @ada14PM47 Quand on entend dire le 25 avril 2019 "vouloir reculer l'age de la tant qu'on n'a pas résolu le des seniors ce serait être hypocrite". Cette a été dealée entre et ce mafieux en demandant à de le sponsoriser parait il à hauteur de 10 millions pour faciliter son élection et en contrepartie il s'engageait à cette casse de nos pour inciter les français à la @lilas

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Et moi qui me demandait encore pourquoi je n'ai pas de bidet portatif...

El Estado frente a la anarquía. José Luis Gutierrez Molina. Libre te quiero 27/01/20

Why is it every song I THOUGHT was by Nirvana was by a different band? o_o

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Attempting to figure out if this is going to be a good replacement for tumblr.. a good cross between humor, art, nsfw, and just cool things.

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chilling with my furry wife.

Es un trozo de pan y fuerza descomunal, como no quererte Madre.

I was going to post parody lyrics of "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" using "trash fire" instead of "vampire" then I realized it works really well with the original lyrics AND "trash fire" so there was nothing else I needed to change and now I'm here, mulling over this discovery.

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i must implore the reader's patience: rational evidentiary rebuttal is more painstaking and takes longer than the slap-dash smaear that knows no limit to falsity

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the disfunctional cyber-encounter between an independent work of posting scholarship of large intellectual claims and subtooting subjects of impressive depths of ignorance and utter lack of posting ethics was orchestrated for cacophony by chance. i am grateful to eugen of mastodon dot com for the hospitality that offers the occasion to reflect upon this gargantuan mismatch

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Anyone who knows how to report spam using e-mail client?

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Me sigo perdiendo en mastodon

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Sad bitch hours got me again

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I see your minesweeper, but how about minesweeper for your terminal? Link to code in the comments.