Sterling Archer 🍸 @sterling_archer

A courtroom artist was arrested today for an unknown reason... details are sketchy.

Max Krieger 🐘 @MaxKriegerVG

Is it just me, or has activity here been kinda... way way down? :(

sten0 ✅ @sten0_SE

Google sees 70% of offline credit transactions but "data is anonymous", small cameras that fit inside a screw top, and corporate surveillance through cameras hidden in cubicle fabric.

Lorna @Lornarghh

Somehow Richard managed to convince me to go cycling with him. I only did 6 miles but it was more than enough to work up a sweat.

C O S M O 🚀 @DiegoElCosmonauta

No entro a IG desde el domingo huyendo de los spoilers del finale de Flash. Fue ayer.
Hoy lloro con Barry.


ME: I need some paperclips to attach my passport photos to this form

ME: yea but only a couple tho

ME: better safe than sorry I'll take the whole box

*smash cut to the box breaking and thousands of paperclips filling my bag*

anya lucyna @gothwife

INTO THE TRASH THEY GO. Goodbye birthday pancakes 😑

reznjk @reznjk

mantecola suena a culo con manteca.

anya lucyna @gothwife

I made my fiance pancakes for his 25th birthday and he didn't even finish them smh

Pablo @Pabloal

Me ofrecieron un cargo publico y no se si manchar mi intachable carrera de 12 años en el sector privado a cambio de ir a comer bizcochitos y putear a ATE, la parte de putear a ATE me seduce

sten0 ✅ @sten0_SE

"The Tories reportedly plan to force tech giants to remove encryption after the Manchester attack"

Yes, let's make everything insecure. Let's also use telnet, IE8, WinXP, and old java/flash for everything.

And get working on a draft for some legislation too!

💩 🔥

C O S M O 🚀 @DiegoElCosmonauta

Correr o bicicleta, no me pidan más. No puedo volver al fútbol porque cagón

labelngongo @labelngongo

Suis-je satisfait du départ de la vie politique de Marion Maréchal Le Pen? BOF! Rien à F... A profité des sous du contribuable étant élue.

Tazonium @Tazonium
reznjk @reznjk

tiene un tema llamado blem, pa pulir lo piso

reznjk @reznjk

soy el gordo metalero de la oficina y nadie sabe que estoy meta drake para ver porque mierda a todos les gusta

Holly @fireh9lly
doctor who, aesthetics

the classic show is usually pretty ghastly, but Season 18 has a certain Vibe to it that even the modern show lacks. it's very pinkish and there's a certain quality to the light, and the props are all very geometric, and the Doctor's red outfit is so cool against them... i would love to make a music video that looks like Season 18 someday

IreneTT @IrenepolTT

politica ni ahi, me vine de TW porque es todo politica, tiene la solucion a todo pero en lugar de hacer algo concreto lo tuitean. anda boludo!!!!

Ella @latentexistence

There's people watching the Overwatch anniversary livestream who think the animated shorts are new. How did they miss them all on Youtube? Clearly Blizzard need to publicise them a little better.