MarcusP @MarcusP

So, what iOS clients are people using on here now?

minimalist_technician @minimalist_technician


garfield @garfiald

If portishead was a juice I would not drink it, but instead inject it straight into my balls

La Cassandra @cassandracomplex

I just bought a Coffee on Ko-fi! ❤️ via

Luciérnaga @XanaAsturiana

Hace unos años salí con mis 3 compañeras de piso de fiesta. Vivíamos en Salou e íbamos a coger el bus en Pachito para ir a Pachá.
El bus era pequeño y éramos muchos esperándolo. Logramos entrar por los pelos y gracias al ingenio de la chica francesa con la que vivía.
Una vez allí, nos encontramos con unos compañeros de trabajo de una de mis compis. Dos hermanos gemelos y un amigo de ellos.

CCWS @ccws

People want to have money so for

ɑ @cliffordspacie

ainda tem gente que entra aq mds

Final Space S01E01

Nora @Noralope

Pienso en como es posible estar tan deprimido y con tantas ganas de vivir a la vez, que hasta mi depresión es bipolar

secret spineberg @spineberg

mastodon culture is faving a toot and then faving it again after the typo's fixed

EXADREWS @alixnovosi

didn't expect to open this week's jojo on "wow Bucciarati's stand is horrifying" but here we are.

Noir @Napalm_Lagoon

Yo no sé, hace una hora que he vuelto y no me estoy enterando de nada.

capefeather @capefeather

I just love how the life cycle of a masto meme is, like, 1-2 hours

ɑ @cliffordspacie

im back bitches

garfield @garfiald

*the national voice* get over here i wanna
Kiss your skinny dick

Alex Cline @alexcline100

Hey how to
memes for business

Bible Black Belt @Estrusflask

Apparently they're just guys walking around with knives who only exist for me to pickpocket their knives?
I was wondering how the game expected me to replenish them since there's no looting or moving corpses.

plsburydoughboy @plsburydoughboy

Joe Jackson (the white musician) was balding, ugly as sin, can't sing for shit, and even campaigned against smoking bans so I don't even think he's a good person

But all of this is to say his turn from lounge singer to new wave hitmaker defies all logic. I suppose he was just good enough at the music itself

The Frankenstein creature was a big ol' cinnamon roll and must be protected at all costs :blobcat:

pangolin @Theejdavidson

I wish more rappers would rap about things that truly matter in life, like data analytics and sacred geometry