(In the dream I had hopped out of my old minivan in the driveway of my old house in Wichita and there was a crew doing something with giant HVAC stuff on the roof of my neighbor's house and, in the process, running a scaffolding over to mine. I asked the nearest crew guy for their proof of insurance, he got the crew chief who said I didn't need it, I said then they needed to get off my roof and got the aforementioned response.)

We have great salespersons in our country. You name it, they'll sell it.
Only if they sold products instead of assets. 😅

Nils @PraetorCreech

Angekommen. Und nur mit 437 "Ich will nach Hause" des Kindes. Super Quote.

猫夭夭 @maoyaoyao


Fox77 @Fox77

Mumbai feels like hell with humidity.

birdtown comics @thebirdtownexperience

The 🐧 Penguin

awkward oblong
flightless bird
snowbound bumbler
arctic nerd

waddles slowly
on the ice
huddles close
friends are nice

keeping warm
is the goal
when your home
is the North Pole

DiffuseurQuantique @DiffuseurQuantique

À tous les opposants à la macronie, faisons la grève de la consommation en n'achetant que le nécessaire et rien tous les week-ends pour faire pression pour vue qu'un impact économique peut mettre l'Euro en danger.

Zéphyrin 🍉 @Zestryon

Vers un référendum sur une possible réforme de la constitution chilienne

Subir Sinha @subirwa

The world knows about this, as it is often used to justify human rights abuses in Kashmir. What it does not know is that the 'terrorist' narrative hides the untold story of the atrocities on Kashmiri muslims by Indian forces.
Growing up in Delhi in early 90s, we had many Kashmiri hindu school friends (mostly hostlers) whose families had been systematically destroyed and displaced. What is remarkable abou…

Port de Québec : le nouveau terminal de conteneurs « sera vert »

Le projet de terminal de conteneurs Laurentia, qui doit voir le jour à Beauport, fera du port de Québec l’une des infrastructures portuaires les plus vertes au pays, selon l’ingénieur responsable du projet.

been cleaning my old flat for four hours and ive reached the point of exhaustion where ive started practising a mister rogers impression

Sufi @sufi

The one who taught you even a single word is your teacher”.

Hazrat Ali

Ordered a bunch of books 😄 now I've to read them :pensive_party_blob: :psyduck:

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@faidit @jeanneavelo

Option 2 par la route au nord.

Pas trop de trafic hors des heures d'embauche et de débauche.

Aucun aménagement

Pas trop de difficulté dans Gidy

GreatGameIndia @GreatGameIndia

problem started right after controversial backed law was implemented. Before this the problem was limited to vehicular & industrial pollution & there were no reports of entire metropolitan area being enveloped by smoke

Protestation (Français) @protestation

La Bible et Trump triomphent en Bolivie par René Merle

En ce moment sur "Radio Londres 2.0" :

Interview de gilets jaunes lors de la manifestation du samedi 6 avril

Pramanshunion @pramanshunion

I have no idea of how the world works—figuratively of course. And now after quiting social networks here I am on another one again. A man must like cats, or else they are a dog.