Franziskus bei den Mapuche: Besuch zu kompliziertem Zeitpunkt

Florencio @Florencio

Otra cosa, todos sabemos que la mayonesa es amarilla, y por qué la Hellmans es blanca???? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Jason Copeland @furiouscabbage

Under the advice of @jpegan I've started NieR Automata and boy howdy does it get weird quick. Loving the game so far. :D👌

Florencio @Florencio

No le den Oreo a los pibes que es puro químico esa galletita

Josh Millard @joshmillard

Every once in a while I'll get off Discord but not actually remember to disconnect and I wonder how often my friends pop on to be like "hey you playing some plunkbat or, uh--" just to be greeted by me absent-mindedly singing to myself from five feet away

"hey Josh you looking for a game of--"

Florencio @Florencio


Florencio @Florencio

Los paranoia

WritingPrompts @WritingPrompts

You didn't actually want to make a bomb. You weren't planning a terrorist attack. You're just an aspiring author, doing your due diligence for your novel. The problem is, they don't believe you.

کالیوه @kalive

خدایا لاغر می‌کنی یا لاغرت کنم؟🔪

Ace @nursemchurt

Ohhh boy a pipe burst outside...

Eugen @Gargron

Did anyone make an elephant friend skin for vrchat?

Florencio @Florencio

El que se va sin que lo echen....

CC @CuteCephalopod

Welp, looks like my struggle on Mastodon will be the same as on the birdsite: constantly second-guessing whether or not I should post the weird/gross/depressing things in my brain

Monsieur Glen @glencorbett

A pastor with frosted tips?

They're literally called "the cool church"?

I'm only NOW learning about this?

JayVii @JayVii_de

Just visited an interest presentation by @geirkairam about in
Keen on learning more about it and also check out @freifunktrier when I get home

Florencio @Florencio


copygirl @copygirl

Update: I made it work, but then it broke again. I have no idea why. Starting from scratch.


Going to make some goddamned pies tonight.

Base layer: Peanut fudge
Middle layer: Pecan caramel
Top layer: Ganache

Going to prove to everyone that I can make pies that are actually good, after the last round of pies, which were a disaster due to trying to use a horrible vegan custard recipe

Yossarian Ⓐ+☭=♥ @yossirving

Firefox Nightly keeps crashing on Mastodon 😑. The problem is completely on Firefox's side. Oddly enough, it only is crashing on social media sites for me.

hellojed @hellojed

Phil Spencer's gifts