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@korruptor yes, lots of spelling mistakes in there - I'm on my phone and phones hate me. :)

Motor Sprite @nfagerlund

I added a feedback post asking them to consider adding JSON-feed, we'll see if anyone's listening. (What probably happened was they modernized something on the backend and would have had to re-implement RSS from scratch, and no one ever wants to touch XML.)

TvesAlDia @TvesAlDia

Al cubrir la boca y la nariz durante la tos o el estornudo se evita la propagación de gérmenes y virus. 🤧

Sven Hell @svenishell

Hier ist auch der Andreas Edwin "neue soziale Heimatpartei" "HDJ" mit drauf.

Andy White @Fivesprites

With everything having such a negative impact on everything these days I've found my music choices moving in odd directions.

Recently I'm embracing more Parov Stelar for whatever reason. Voodoo Sonic Trilogy (pt 3) is cracking stuff!

Best part of it is that wife and kids are enjoying it and get up a piss around dancing - great fun.

Would actually love to head @korruptor mix it up a bit too ;-)

china @China1

A mi me apena que faso se la haya mandado porque me caia bien

Pedro Fernandes @DJPRMF

Em 1994...

Motor Sprite @nfagerlund

Craigslist removed RSS support, and I am BEREFT. 😭

Reina del Mundo @Magdanesha

La debe haber quedado

Reina del Mundo @Magdanesha

No se supo mas nada del viejo Peter?

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Albert Berg @Alberg

KFC is selling fried chicken scented fire logs. Did I somehow miss the news that was the new Colonel?


"Si emprendemos la retirada por esa montaña, pereceremos todos miserablemente. Si damos aquí una batalla, moriremos tal vez, pero con gloria."

I got distracted working on art and watching an art stream so I haven't eaten lunch yet. Gonna go eat food now then get back to work.

china @China1

No me acuerdo el arroba

RT 1936fcco: Да ты какой-то тупицкий! - кричал пьяный депутат сидя за столиком
книга "Слуга народа: реальная жизнь" том 2, стр 305

china @China1

Es una mendocina creo. Doctora

Reina del Mundo @Magdanesha

esa no era paula o paola?

Reina del Mundo @Magdanesha

ni idea

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