Madarikatu Ipotx Alua @Ainhoacoci

¡Ya estoy al día con los dibujos!
Ya solo me falta enterarme que habéis hecho toda la mañana.

Antitonic @Antitonic

Long shot time. , if anyone has a VIP ticket for the Indianapolis show they don't need, I'd appreciate a heads-up. Would make traveling from Australia worth my time. It's not like they'll ever come here.

Madarikatu Ipotx Alua @Ainhoacoci

en blanco y negro pero fácilmente reconocible 😉

lashman @lashman


Devil May Cry 5 voice actor pulls racist and transphobic videos from his own YouTube channel after fans find blackface clip

R. NuggaN Ludovic @NuggaN85

Dernières précommandes pour Sekiro Shadows Die Twice le nouveau jeu d’Activision sort ce 22 mars ! 54,99€ sur

Fun Person @SpunkyAlpaca

I’m out of both hot sauce and BBQ sauce. This is truly a tragedy.

Ace Attorney Bot @aceattorneybot

He said the badge got a tan as well, while he was in Hawaii on business.

Alexander Schmidt @Bloggerschmidt

Embark - Framework for serverless Decentralized Applications using , IPFS and other platforms

Fun Person @SpunkyAlpaca

You ever have a friend tell you they don’t wear deodorant and you think 💭 well if they do it and smell fine I should try it.


TransIP @transip Goedemiddag, vervelend om te vernemen dat je niet in je account kunt. Mijn collega's helpen je graag verder. Zou je ons hierover een bericht kunnen sturen naar Alvast bedankt. - Ella

patrick @pbg

man, the imac is real expensive for a computer that hasn't changed much in 10 years

Madarikatu Ipotx Alua @Ainhoacoci

A ver si me pongo al día.

connor @turochamp

side note why the FUCK does the almost naked animals duck have nipples

Mike Haynes @mikehaynes

How are we doing today, Masto?

is existence just... a deep feeling of unbelonging and anxiety and undesire to continue? is that just what being alive is like?

mikelalasmuto @mikelalasmuto

Día del Padre

sakrum @sakrum

this sunset matcha from david's tea is.... bleh. don't like it

the reason i am so active and constantly doing things when i’m not injured is because it quiets the unease and fear and depression

connor @turochamp

seeing not feathered velociraptors gives me the same feeling i get when i remember the show almost naked animals