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📢 Pour sauver le service public decidons sur place!!! Le 22 mai toutes et touts a Baiona!!!

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Schau dir ": Launch-Event & Unsere Lieblings-Features (Deutsch) | SwagTab" auf YouTube an ...

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feel free to rotate me as necessary

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Maybe the answer is this: some moral theories seem good but are intuitively bad when applied to specific cases, after which we reject them. But the right moral theory would go against our initial intuition and actually change our view on the morality of the case, because we have found a deeper, more fundamental intuition.

Is the goal of a definition of the morally good perhaps to detach our intuitions from space and time (=culture, personal emotion) and make us see the Good as it is in itself?

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Big Rigs: Over The Road Battle Royale

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i've started abusing "canonical" to mean "actually happened IRL" and it's the funniest i've ever been

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also it should be compulsory viewing for all british school kids

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Experimenting with (upper half) and (lower half) and writing - Code is also on

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victoria & abdul was the best film of last year, cmv

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Hi Pythonistas. So is in Japan 🇯🇵 looking for some or . If you happen to know someone over there, would you mind dropping her a line? cc Many thanks : )

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@ticketfreitest test u1

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Current in , : 31ºC, partly cloudy.

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ok im out @LlamaInaTux

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New platform, who dis?

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Public notice: the dance-off in the park between myself and Archie the cook has been postponed because Katherine, the girl we were fighting over, has been kidnapped by an ostrich