Alexis @LexYeen
really weird thirst, self-realization

like... That is a level of modularity I would love to have for myself, but I'd really not want to have to give up my individuality to have it, y'know?

TapiOh @TapiOh
DBFZ Characters

Props to DBFZ, I'm glad a video game finally gets that Chiaotzu is cute and important.

Dragon Ball has some really adorable characters, more of them should be in these games! Where are my cute DB reps at? Where's Pilaf's gang, young Chichi, kid Goku, etc?

Alexis @LexYeen
really weird thirst, self-realization

I'm starting to think the Borg Queen's appearance in Star Trek: First Contact may have had more of an influence on my sexual desires than I originally thought.

Greg Slepak 🐢 @taoeffect

But during all of this, one wonders where are the lawyers?

Even perhaps, where are the guillotines?

Atomic Dog

I am prepared to believe some corners of Twitter don't organically encounter dril tweets, but I can't imagine what they're like

🇫🇷 JP ✅ @Jp91310

Auto-toots with Pi looking North.

I have so much work to do. Instead, I'm watching...

jiuliyullu @jiuliyullu

今天还没给喜欢的画手写文,不能颓在床上(ง ˙o˙)ว

Greg Slepak 🐢 @taoeffect

I guess this is as good of a time as any to bring up

revenant @revenant

tired: Unregistered Hypercam 2


Ernie Smith @ernie

When your microphone is broken, it’s always good to point out you have access to someone else’s megaphone

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BCT @bctnry

disclaimer: i know there's lambda in c#&java but the teachers never mentioned it.

بِ تَم @behshad9

جوابشو میدم :>

بِ تَم @behshad9

نمیگم دلم براش تنگ نشده و خب یجاهایی نبودش احساس میشه ولی پشمام ریخت ازینکه بلخره غرورشو شکست

BCT @bctnry

learning about factory pattern right now.
currently it's like "well we have no anonymous function/anonymous class in c# so we chose an awkward way"

بِ تَم @behshad9

یار سابقم پی ام داده دلم ‌برات ‌تنگ‌شده :|

بِ تَم @behshad9

همین که بیدار شدم گوشی‌رو برداشتم نوتیفارو چک کردم پشمام ریخت