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La ligua belga de los derechos del hombre, pide que se libere a todo los presos que puedan serlo. Recordar que Bélgica, es un estado policial, tolerancia cero de drogas gracias al independentismo fascista N-VA del norte.

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"И за это вы мне покажите козу"??
А княzZ то из твиттерян

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Vou copiar o tweet do Filipe Figueiredo, do Xadrez Verbal aqui:

Aproveitando a data do 31 de Março e a , deixo três vídeos para vocês

1, foi golpe:

2, foi ditadura:

3, não foi boa pra economia:

É isso, divulguem e lavem as mãos

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カードゲームの言い訳をダラダラダラダラと情けないクズやな( ´,_ゝ`)プッ

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The 19 in covid-19 is how many pounds I'm gaining.

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Quarentena, dia 15:
Trainspotting - Choose Life (feat. Senhora do Áudio do Whatsapp Que Está Ficando Doida)

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March 2020 will probably be remembered by the COVID-19 pandemic. I won’t talk about this event but instead share about the positive side of self isolation, some unrelated good news that I received and offer some thought provoking literature.

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Semi joias Atacado - Comprar semi joias para revender é na loja virtual Mabelle Folheados!

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Project spotlight: formvuelar
Vue form components with server side validation in mind

Available at:


Via GitCom you can support open source and get rewards in return or monetize your open source project

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Construyendo puentes 🌉 al futuro.
Hay Alternativa.

Alternativa Republicana @alternativarepublicana

Es el momento de SER VALIENTE
Porque en Alternativa Republicana hacemos las cosas de otra manera. Porque es un proyecto transversal e integrador. Porque la III la traeremos entre todas y todos.

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For India’s Laborers, Coronavirus Lockdown Is an Order to Starve

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Bom dia pessoas. E que seja um bom dia de verdade.

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Hm, the latest version of redis-server available on Ubuntu 16.04 is 3, while one of the recent Sidekiq updates raises the requirement to 4... Not ideal 😬

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En España ya se sabia del desde Enero 2.020,aqui las pruebas,¿Que tiene que decir @PSOE @PODEMOS @CiudadanosCs @populares @vox_es @prcantabria @eajpnv @CasaReal @jusapol @policia @guardiacivil ?

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RCT is completely abandoned? Don't know how it has been doing the PC version.

As for Ubisoft, still unknown their official status (remember, this is from my spreadsheet, can't say anything that isn't official) so yeah, we will see in the future.

It's very interesting 👀❤️👀

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