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On average my smartphone have a life span of about 5 years before the hardware (i.e. the part I can't fix on my own) starts to break down (usually slightly overheating over long term causes issues with circuit boards).
As a millenial, I used to have a brick of a phone that I'm pretty sure still works.

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Matérialisme et empiriocriticisme (Lénine - 1908)


Panic attack...😰

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i haven't watched a single episode of spongebob

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CBP: Border agents assaulted by migrants

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And colorless-themes has been merged to Melpa \o/

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Is there such a thing as a "kite marshall" - an officer who watches people fly kites to make sure they don't do any dangerous or illegal kite tricks - or was that something from my weird fever dream last night

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why the feck is fuse mounting a new internal drive read-only, and where do I change this easily

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Dear men, unless you are cosplaying Mad Men or delivering a massive cash payment, do not carry a briefcase, ever. Briefcases are for the 1950s. Carry a backpack, and/or learn how to use technology from this millennium. You look ridiculous as a 21st-century man carrying a fossil.

بجون بهشاد هیچ دسته ای در کار نیست ، ما فقط طرف حقو میگیریم بیشتر مواقع جبهمون یکی میشه به این خاطره

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Egon Spengler + Lucy (Peanuts)
Jerry Horne + Magica De Spell

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La souveraine jeta un regard noir à sa guerrière.

"Ces agissements sont prohibés ! Cessez, ou nous devrons sévir !
- Majesté, cela m'est impossible.
- Je vous l'ordonne !
- C'est le seul de vos ordres auquel je ne peux obéir.
- Vous serez bannie !
- Et j'en souffrirais terriblement.
- Alors obéissez !
- Je ne le peux."

La reine se mit à pleurer.

"Luerne, je vous en supplie... Je ne veux pas vous perdre.
- Moi non plus, Majesté. Mais je ne peux cesser de vous aimer."

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why cant I, @limeguy

why cant I, hold all these vegetable flannels?

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