قلبم... تا همین چند وقت پیش...

【アーカイヴズ投稿】 新宿の地下にある名店、カレーハウス11イマサ

"Aching glimpses always in hiding
I'm begging, begging you for hope"

Draconian - No Lonelier Star

Dylan Byrne (@_@) @djbyrne5121

I'm back here. I'll try to use this as my main social network. Previously, it was Google+, but its too buggy now

mahdi68 @mahdi68

شانسی این سایتو پیدا کردم . در واقع داشتم یه مطلب علمی سرچ میکردم سر از اینجا در اوردم

/usr/local/share @usr_local_share

And the power went out again. :-(

more low spec online board games with actual personality when

typo: 1.3m not 13m

+آقا راضی هستی؟
- نه خیلی. میشه بمیرم؟

I left my headphones at home and now I feel like I brought a knife to a gunfight. I have to actually listen to the fuckshit of other people.

mahdi68 @mahdi68

این سایت فیلتر هست ؟ یا برای ایرانه ؟

کیمــ @Itskim

کل اون یک درصد عم تو ایرانن؛ فقد همشون شکست عشقی خوردن و خار مارو ب نکاح در اوردن.

🇫🇷 JP ✅ @Jp91310

Auto-toots with Pi looking North.

mahdi68 @mahdi68

برای بنده تازه وارد چی دارین

"Somehow cast around this nebula
Unwilling to enter my birth"

seismic jagger ✨ @even_more_damned_muteKi

Can't believe the FF12 remake is on PS4 but not on Steam. Haven't the good FF ports to PC been selling well? Plus, it's FF12! JOBS!

"How dare you not to see?
My tears are gifts to you"

100% Orange Juice with gf is always a blast

especially when you have someone rolling literally 4 movement dice at a time with high enough numbers to reach end of board and reroll again. and again. and again.

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