okay so can anyone explain why "sociopath" is popular among youtubers now

like literally i'm watching sims videos and they're _saying_ this is popular now

Maverynthia🌱 @maverynthia

I'm hungry so stream will be delayed byyy.. let's say hour and a half?

SelfsameSynonym @SelfsameSynonym
I regret nothing Show More

O’Brien: “What would happen if Frankie didn’t give Zeemo his cut?”
Vic: “(chuckles) Frankie wouldn’t be that foolish”
Bashir: “Miles, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
O’Brien: “I think so Julian, but isn’t a cucumber that small called a gherkin?”

They Sim @theysim

LB: Putting religion all over your (completely not related to religion in any way) software product makes me think prayers might be needed to ensure it works properly? 🤔

bah, you can't stream psnow games on tiwtch :/

SelfsameSynonym @SelfsameSynonym
TNG “Tin Man” Show More

Troi needs to fuck off with warning Picard that some guy used to be a psychiatric patient.

It’s also weird that telepaths don’t ever seem to consider it invasive to announce to the room what someone else is thinking.

Laurelai Bailey @Laurelai

Ive just been emotionally and mentally exhausted lately. But if you want to help a trans woman survive you can. I could really use the help.

Or you know, if you want to fund an aspiring super villain.

Laurelai Bailey @Laurelai

If only i had a phased plasma rifle

okay now I'm running Oblivion on PSNow lol


tell my cat she's a douche and she stops licking herself to look at me like she's tommy lee jones

lol i cant use the touchpad in Until Dawn cause i'm on a ps3 controller >.>

the last of us is sad :(

Starting up The Last of Us, seems p cool :o

Maverynthia🌱 @maverynthia

Shit I lost one of my Ray Gigant Videos to Twitch's auto delete :< so there's a missing space on my YT Channel

omg I even have access to games I lost when they were stolen from me, right on PSNow x_x this is gonna be hard to say no to after my trial is over

until dawn!!

Holy shit I can try out The Last of Us? omg

I'm thinking about this PSNow subscription

On one hand, 20 bucks a month is a lot for me to swing right now

On the otherhand, it's access to basically a PS4 digitally that I can't buy on my own, and every game released for it ... for 20 dollars a month

Might stream this later and let people hear my poopy voice while I cleanse the streets

I don't think I can keep this PSNow thing after the trial but I'm able to play Bloodborne for the rest of the week and so far the game is awesome as heck