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I just shared the +Arianna Neila+ Household on Gallery!

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lol of course that’d be the case

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Remember, you're you

Until tomorrow

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🌀 Tropical Cyclone Riley [13TSI, 11S, 94S, 12U] has been named here is the forecast track guidence from the US Navy's Joint Typhoon Warning Center and Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Both have it becoming a Category 3 Severe Tropical Cyclone ATCS (Australian Tropical Cyclone Scale) which is equivelent to Typhoon/Hurricane on the SSHWS (Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale) [Category 1-2]

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Not to be rude, but I gotta say: Comparing Google and Mozilla to the Republicans and Democrats is one of the most politically illiterate takes I have ever seen.

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Manager: “Hey what’s this thing for?”
Me: “[looks it up] it’s for X”
Manager: “Ok, thank you”

1 hour later:

Manager: “It sounds like that thing was for X. Can you update documents to show that?”


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I've been cleaning for the past day and a half. Started off by cleaning the kitchen sink and oven. I moved on to the bathroom and cleaned the mirror, sink and tub. Half of my hangers came, so clothes mountain is conquered, and I did so much organizing in my office that the recycling bin for the house is half full, I know where all my art supplies are, I've filed all my papers and consolidated my correspondence, postcards and stickers!

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Ultramarine is probably one of the few colours that can be described as blue that I like.

I usually dislike blue, and find blue to be painful and offensive to my eyes.

Ultramarine natural pigments are usually derived from Lapis Lazuli or other sources of the Lazulite mineral.

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Why don’t we have translucent data crystals yet?

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Being in your 30s is weird because people in their early 20s will treat you like you're a decrepit elder and people in their 50s will treat you like a child

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You wanna see how ridiculous time is:

20 years ago I was 14, and 20 years from now I'll be 54

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Remember that pizza is also a pie

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Anocracies are more vunerable to coup d'état than democracies or autocracies, this is because in a democracy power is spread to thin for anyone within the state aparatus (or even in the case of anarchism a system as democratic as you can get there is no state apparatus to turn against a state) for any group to gaint too much traction, while in autocratic regimes opposing factions are usually supressed thus preventing an opposing faction getting traction.

Anocracies also sometimes termed hybrid regimes don't really fall neatly in either democracy or autocracy and exist somewhere between, power in an anocracy tends to be concentrated like in autocracies but they are more oligarchic in nature with several rulling factions therefore it is more likely to have infighting leading to regime changes.

Most "modern democracies" probably fall on the more democratic end of anocracy, whereas former soviet states are around midway to the more autocratic side. There are few governments today which can be consider pure autocracies as many do have several factions in the rulling class, even the DPRK which I'd probably classify as a type of Pseudo-absolute monarchy.

Women can never be strong, they will always be infantilized. Being called cute, people petting them on the heads like dogs. No matter how hard or ferocious they fight, they will be rendered "cute". It's gross. Women are allowed to be strong.

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need more fast juice

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the language taxonomy of english is:
Indo-european → Germanic → West Germanic → Ingvaeonic → Anglo-Frisian → Anglic/English

(Anglic includes Modern English dialects, as well as Scotts which is different from Scotish English, as Scotts came from middle English while Scotish Standard is modern English but with small influence by Scotts)

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Dimetrodon is not a freaking dinosaur, firstly it is a Synapsid not a Sauropsid thus it is a Proto-mammal (aka stem-mammal, or mammal-like reptile), it existed before the first dinosaurs evolved which were archosaurs a major clade of Sauropsida.

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Apparently SWTOR is hurting for development cash, so here's some advice to the studio: Ditch the subscription model and stop begging people to spend money by constantly reminding them that they're at a disadvantage