¿Uds lavan sus calzones a mano o los meten en el lavarrropas? #MastodonVidaCotidiana

Guy Montag

Qué es peinarse

so i got my main computer online finally, after living here for almost two months. about to apt-get dist-upgrade, wish me luck.


Est-ce qu'il y aurait quelqu'un parmi vous qui comprendrait le chinois et qui pourrait me dire de quoi ça parle ? :x

Merci d'avance ! (boosts s'il vous plaît <3)

Ubuntu: #Ubuntu Server, Desktop and Icons/Themes #canonical #gnu #linux

Vint Cerf has apparently seen my work

DSS 36 receiving data from MMS 3 at 2.5Mb/s.

DSS 36 carrier lock on MMS 3
Frequency: 2.2819GHz
Signal strength: -108dBm

depression, suicide

The more I think about it, the more I find that not my suicidal thoughts are pathetic but the wish to continue this life.

If I were immortal I'd be an even bigger procrastinator. #Showerthoughts

also stydia completely ruined lydia's development which makes me sad cause she's still overrated but lydia was a cute character and i liked her but lydia after s3 would //never// go after a guy one of her girl friends likes or dated like bye!! and suddenly she went from learning to be badass in s5 (thanks to parrish might i add.....) to being nearly useless in s6a

Tired: deadnaming
Wired: undeadnaming

Rise from your graves, my queers!!

Srsly tho can we replace "coming out of the closet" with "rising from the grave"?

I rose from the grave in 2011

:musical_note: #nowplaying #np #tootlabradio :musical_note:

Incognito - "Put A Little Lovin' In Your Heart"

:notes: :notes:

@BryanLunduke have you heard of Blockstack?


Les dije que hoy les traigo paz, no?

Guy Montag

Subir fotos de mi gato nuevo es bebotear?

A diagonal-ish swipe to scroll a feed often gives me both a scroll and a feed change.