We just got a message on our Ko-Fi that says "Ever since I started using your ISP the dolphins who used to bully me have all disappeared. Thanks!"

We are delighted to hear that! Thank you for using Suricrasia Online {^wvw^}

it deeply saddens me that there are people who were this revolting, and that there are STILL people who believe this shit out there, right now, all around us.

I think I've read enough wikipedia articles on stupid barbaric bullshit for the night 😷 🤒 i'm going to bed now

Putain… Ça va être un massacre !

Si les dev ne mettent pas leurs extensions à jour, je ne donne pas cher de Firefox ! 😢

still this is great inspiration for my Big Bad

*vomits and then dry heaves at the ideas of fascist antimodernism*

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Things masto needs. A search function. I say that as a complete tech ignoramus having no clue of the implications for things like server load that would create. The best thing about twitter is its search functionality. But then birdsite is also overridden with pretty terrible interpersonal politics and nazis. So. On balance I can live without the gotcha culture that search functionality brings.

Le MEN qui te file des liens vers des "banques de ressources" qui

1. appartiennent à un éditeur
2. qui te demande de te loguer, sur une page en http !

OH ! Ça va pas non ?

Plus de 50.000 vinyles numérisés et disponibles gratuitement en ligne !

De quoi passer un été zen :-) Merci aux collectionneurs et aux techos du site pour cette nouvelle prouesse technique !


I'm realizing that I'm slowly accidentally re-creating WWII in my setting, with two large superpowers ideologically opposed to each other (the capitalist, representative-republican Grand Ostaran Republic and the communist, highly democratic Kalvos Union) forced to work together to defeat a rising threat of facism (Hadraxian Empire)

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"I am profoundly convinced that every nationalism offers humanity only the greatest unhappiness... It is true that the nationalism of oppressed peoples – as a natural self-defensive reaction – is much more excusable than the nationalism of peoples who oppress; but, if the nationalism of the strong is ignoble, the nationalism of the weak is imprudent; both give birth to and support each other..."

- L. L. Zamenhof, upon being asked to join an organization of Jewish esperantists.

Wise imho

nationalism is so weird

Distasteful & lewd joke about fascists

Reading up on Italian Fascism and I'm probably a terrible person for laughing at the sentence "327,000 out of total population of 1.3 million Slovenes being subjected to forced Italianization." but all i can think of is the concept of forced italianization as a porn subgenre