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Hot water goes into the jug (bottom), ground coffee goes into the funnel (top). Place the whole contraption onto a heat source. When the water begins to boil the hot gases expand, pushing the water up into the funnel, mixing with the coffee. Remove from the heat, the gases cool, creating a vacuum which sucks the coffee back down.

However, the coffee has to pass a glass filter which prevents the larger coffee grinds from passing. The result is perfectly filtered coffee.

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Vacuum brewers are great for making coffee. All parts of the vacuum brewer that comes into contact with the coffee are made from heatproof glass. No metal, wood, plastic, cloth or paper touches the coffee.


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alguem sabe um app bom pra editar as fotos q n precise pagar os efeitos?
tem uns do picsart mt bonitos mas tem.q pagar

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Husk hva sittende regjering og Senterpartiet gjorde mot alle kvinner ved neste valg.


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So, how do you draw a transparent circle with a gradient border with CSS?

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If I need to make more than one mug of coffee, I'll use one of my vacuum brewers.

I have three sizes of Cona brand vacuum brewers, the one pictured is "Junior", which is the smallest, a standard and a large.

i've never played pokemon, nor i've ever liked it. that's it. crucify me already.

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huh wut? for a second the site said v.2.9.0 but after a reload it reverted to 2.8.4 😮

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fume maconha e se hidrate

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mas to com preguiça no momento e estudando p prova

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ta um nojo

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eu tenho q limpar a casa

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All the effort up until now has been to produce this liquid gold. It sure was good. 😃

This was my mug of coffee that I had with breakfast.

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ok eu esqueci de colocar o resto das coisas puts

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arrumei tudo aaa que emoção

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federated vrchat

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What's the bare minimum I can get away with for RAM and disk space for Android development? Wondering if my ancient Dell battle tank will be sufficient.