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"Het grensoverschrijdend gedrag van (ex)collega's binnen en buiten de faculteit waar ik werkte heeft alle positive zin die ik ooit had voor een wetenschappelijke carrière weggenomen."

DCVerso @Dcverso1

O diretor Bilall Fallah está aberto a fazer outro filme no universo DC.

"Ainda somos fãs do universo DC"

Vera Wilde @vera_wilde

If anyone else is curious about why that might be, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine ServiceDesk can be reached at +44 (0)20 7927 2186. The reference is 2105-0247.

You've heard of ? Well, how about ?

Vera Wilde @vera_wilde

So I asked the first author, Anna Last (anna dot last at lshtm dot ac dot uk) for the IRB protocol. Twice. No response. Then I asked the institution. Many times.

They're still not disclosing the documents as required by law.

Vera Wilde @vera_wilde

Last spring, I came across a study in my normal PubMed rabbit holing that seemed to get data from West Africans with endemic ocular chlamydia, which can cause blindness among other problems, without saying how it helped them.

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@bookstodon ive heard of man in the high castle and years of rice and salt but not much else

🚨 Disney confirma que Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania é do gênero 'Aventura e Sci-Fi'.

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Top artistas:
Beast in Black, Jorge Espinoza Y Su Violin, Culture Club

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Dark Connection, Lo Mejor Del Violin, Vol. 6, Colour By Numbers

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Karma Chameleon, One Night In Tokyo, Entre Dos Tierras

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Hey i think turtledove seems like the only big alt history author out there but coming from where i am im really not familiar with anyone else

Any good alt history recommendations? Classics or modern @bookstodon

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Der 92jährige Nachbar hat uns heute früh wieder den Schnee weggeschaufelt.

Eigentlich sollte es umgekehrt sein, aber er ist immer vor uns wach.

It's Monday, the kids are finally back at school. I've done my morning chores.
Now it's time to play some video games & listen to the Greatest Generation pod & relax with a cat in my lap.

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One of the finest I ever saw on the HellSite

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A fine morning to feel gross. 😤🤮

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Spooky stories around Christmas time are a long tradition, and the new blu-ray set Ghost Stories For Christmas delivers some chills in time for the festive season.

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Neue Instanz, neues Glück.
Bin mal auf nerdculture gespannt 👍🏼

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I'm sorry if you disagree, but I need to see more , in whatever capacity they want to give her to us. I LOVE the character and is ALWAYS a win. 😍

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My moooonday feelings

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**And what we mean when we say "while banning books" is the destruction of the 1st amendment rights which is happening in schools because conservatives are banning literature that goes against their fascist ideology. Let them read.

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Is copying under threat?

Two days to go until the Vulnerable By Design Festival of Derivatives where we’ll discuss all this & more!

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