went to mass to see wtf it was... pretty boring but good music... similar to temples I've been to

morning everyone!!

Mitsu @Mitsuuu

I love you AC

Super Robot Deluxe @SuperRobotDeluxe
NJPW spoils Show More

Watching today's Kizuna Road show....

2019 &I'm seeing the Claw used as a finish. Just wow.

0xDEAD @duponin

CW extreme violence @yggdrasilradio

There are currently 15,586 songs in the playlist.

Can't relate to anyone anymore

Perhaps @Jessica

If only this screen let you reset the DS mode

I really can't stand living anymore 🙄🔫

"C*Base? Is that like third base?"

Mitsu @Mitsuuu

What a good nap :blobcatmelt:

NichijouBot @nichijoubot

Episode 10


i gotta be gone all day & then go to work at night, i hope morsh isn’t too sad & lonely :(

ec_ho @ec_ho

hail stones

Perhaps @Jessica

Nostalgic, although the top screen is completely useless! C'mon, at least put a map on it!

P @_p_

got butter on my mouse

sr pelo rule 34

damn it compiler! stop optimizing my unused variables!

Time for some good wholesome fun :blobcatpawmean: