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Nyu instance is shrodinger mastodon instance. Both dead and alive at the time. And no one know until we ask Leo

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Downside of all lo-fi hip-hop beats-boots youtube radios with cute and dedicated anime-girls studying everything there is to study is their playlists are so short, tracks repetition gets from barely noticeable to annoying within 3 days. @yggdrasilradio

Top requested artist over the last 7 days is Hayashibara Megumi, with 16 requests.

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noisy afternoon

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I have an ear infection ): I have to take antibiotics for the next 10 days lol


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ok i should really go to sleep, nini

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, that squids’ eyes are better than humans’?

that is all.
enjoy your inferiority, PUNY HUMANS

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space sqwib

[not pictured] @papush

then again quite often some of them have mistaken me as being of their kind… but i don’t wanna be obnoxious about my opinions in my bio/name/avi tho @yggdrasilradio

Today's random cover art: Imasara Aenakute / Denda Mao

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still weirds me out that anime avatars are considered by some a symbol of biggotry and just a general red flag (with a weird cross in the middle)

maybe it’s because fedi is different?

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I'm very tired from a very busy day but seeing p2p matrix making progress is pretty cool

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ok he’s cute but don’t bring this cursed english title casing to my french plz

[not pictured] @papush

Le Gangster D’origine

Mollusk @mollusk

Interview with Nim language creator Andreas Rumpf: