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Vielleicht muss ich einfach nur Entspannen um wieder ein zu schlafen.

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Der Mann fährt gleich bei -4 Grad mit Sommerreifen zur Arbeit.

Und warum? Weil ich mir fest vorgenommen hatte, meinen Mental Load zu verkleinern. Er hingegen seinen dran-denken-Stapel offenkundig nicht vergrößern will oder kann, obwohl anders ausgemacht.

Nun mach ich mir Sorgen, und das belastet mich noch mehr als an Reifenwechsel für 2 Autos zu denken. Was ich jetzt sowieso wieder übernehmen werde, weil ich die Sorgen hatte und sie nicht will.

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Animal death/illness Show More

She stopped, bent to the soft fur. She would miss this big fluffy dope snoring on the end of her bed but she had to accept the cancer was now taking over.
He had come to her as a small bundle of fluff and they had grown together. He in size and her away from her last awful relationship. He helped her heal with unfaltering adoration, she had devoted hours a day to walking, combing, playing all in themselves small acts of devotion. One last vigil.

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Doofe Uhrzeit um wach zu sein. Hätte gern noch etwas Schlaf im Körper.

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As she walked slowly home from church, ghosts lined the road, paying their respects to the woman who had served them so faithfully, carrying messages and remembrances to the living, resolving their unfinished business.
She meanwhile was busy making a shopping list in her head, she'd use up that stew today but it needed some dumplings for bulk...
She only realised that her body was still in the pew when Rufus stepped in front of her and said her name. He was in focus!

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Guten Morgen, liebe Freunde.
Ich wünsche Euch einen guten Start in die neue Woche. 🤗 ☕

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The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto
- Created  
- Solved double spend problem
- Released open source
- Mined using their own energy
- Patched software
- Anonymous decabillionaire
- Gave up control
- Donated all their coins
- Left to do other things
- Never heard from again

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Ugh - awake at 3am and why? Because I needed a wee and it was chilly so I got over excited thinking it might have snowed because apparently I am a 10 year trapped in a nearly 50 year old body!

Lydia Juerss @Lyonesseuk

The drifted through the empty room without the slightest rattle of it's chains. It's latest haunting was so effective they had fled.
With a habitual sigh he began the long task of tidying, removing bloody messages from living room walls, putting temporarily animated dolls back on shelves and unsticking the dining room set from the ceiling. All was quiet...
Too quiet. He missed the gentle sounds of the sleeping family (in the moments before he woke them shrieking of course).

Keine Ahnung, alles irgendwie nicht so geil bisher…

To Your Eternity Staffel 2 (Dub) 2/20

Der Staffelanfang ist so mega komisch… Erst tauch Tonari auf nur um direkt zu sterben (Why?). Dann dieser komische Zeitraffer… Wenigstens sehen wir Hisame nicht mehr… Dafür ein Ur Ur Enkel oder so…

Whoever designed and implemented the "potential fixes" panel in Visual Studio is a genius. A kind hearted genius who wants people to make great things with code. Probably a team of them. Thank you!

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Insomnia - Teil?

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Kann nicht schlafen.

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by @dewordle
Was für ein Kehraus! Gerade so das gerafft. 😛

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boa ich könnt mal wieder kotzen wegen . Die Installation von 22.04 ist mal wieder ne Katastophe....

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Wordle 534 3/6 🔥7


Gute Nacht ✨🌟💫