Jules @quidcumque

Spielplatz. K2 gräbt im Sand. Ein anderes Kind will sein Sandspielzeug wegnehmen, zugehörige erwachsene Person interveniert.

Person: Nimm dem Mädchen nicht die Schaufel weg, sonst muss es weinen!

Person: gib es wieder her, sonst wird das Mädchen... oder der kleine Junge traurig.

Kind gibt Sachen zurück.

Person: das ist schwierig zu sehen. Was soll ich denn sagen, Mädchen oder Junge?

Ich: sagen Sie doch einfach 'das Kind'!

Person: jetzt sagen Sie doch mal!!!

Jules @quidcumque

In everyday news, I learned about a wine shop called "vinum merum". As in, "unwatered wine".

WELL I SURE HOPE SO, wine shop!

Jules @quidcumque

Exhausting day: I've got a cold (probably what the kids had, only worse), did some work, then ran around with the kids almost the whole afternoon, because they first wanted to go to the local small deer park and then to the playground after finishing the deer-feeding.

But! I got some good news, that's something.

I think I'll call in sick tomorrow anyway. I don't really see myself teaching three classes.

TablettenTaxi Rheinhessen @ZornheimerApo

Blüten in weiß und rosa am Ortseingang von .

Jules @quidcumque

Today I'd sure like to go back to bed again...

dav:d @david

Gleich startet der Live Stream von 2045 BY DESIGN OR DISASTER. Heute mit Konstantin.

Florian @florian
Jules @quidcumque

Okay, this stuff makes me angry. All your pinkwashing to attract female students won't help if one of my best students leaves because she couldn't deal with our department anymore after coming out as a trans woman.

This is outrageous! And our department should be ashamed we let that happen to her.

Just like our schools should be ashamed for all the people who told me "engineering sounded cool, but I didn't want to deal with those guys".

We fail them. And we miss out on so much.

Jules @quidcumque

Not sure how often it needs to be said: women don't avoid engineering and science because those have a "nerdy" image! There are plenty nerdy women! Many aren't interested because these fields are full of sexist techbros.

(Tried to tell my esteemed colleagues; don't think they got it.)

(Nonbinary people? Don't think they've heard of them...)

Florian @florian

Dass Heteros heiraten entwertet einfach das Konzept der Ehe.

Jules @quidcumque

Bland as this alternate history is, bonus points to the author for letting the Nazi's enemies have a scheme involving living underground, even if it's not quite a hollow earth...

TablettenTaxi Rheinhessen @ZornheimerApo

Das ist dem Frühling auf der Spur 😃

Jules @quidcumque

Well, I guess that explains all the Germans. I do like alternate history, and there's no horrible quantum physics here, so that's a plus.

And here, at about 60%, the book finally manages to pass the Bechdel test as ex-druggie musician tells highschool sweetheart about her addiction and needs.

I'm not used to this anymore. There are no queer characters in sight. What kind of Multiverse is that, I ask?

Jules @quidcumque

First day of teaching went fine and is over already (classes for the first-years start next week). Now on my way to meet with client I did some consulting for and where one of my students works now.

I actually like a bit of technical consulting on the side: thinking through new problems is nice. I just couldn't do it as a regular job.

DanaresY @danaresy

TV-Tipp: Doku über Stanisław „Shlomo“ Szmajzner, der das Vernichtungslager Sobibór überlebte und viele Jahre später in Brasilien auf Gustav Wagner, den „Henker von Sobibór“, trifft.

Shlomo - Der Goldschmied und der Nazi


Jules @quidcumque

But I kind of love that German wikipedia categorizes it in "pseudoscience" ("Parawissenschaft") 💙

Jules @quidcumque

Looking for a stock market chart analysis graphic as a Calculus example. I mean, the stuff is mostly bonkers anyway, but why do the charts have to be so /ugly/?

Jules @quidcumque

Cargo ship name "capio" is nice: sure, you're taking in lots of stuff, little ship. Or are you a pirate, taking it by force? Who knows!

Jules @quidcumque

History lover knowing all these dates is actually... realistic for the type of person who wants to write an "unbiased" history of humankind. Such a guy certainly would think knowing stuff like that is what it takes.

Actually also realistic: the smartest person you knew in high school being a not very distinguished researcher in their mid-30's. Depressing, but how it works.

Not sure if the author intended that though 😝

Jules @quidcumque

Dramatic exit, Covenant* moles, and BOOM we are in a garden variety "what if the Axis powers won WW II" parallel universe. Which our ragtag Quantum Team (physicist protagonist, history-lovin' Navy SEAL, druggie musician, psychologist highschool sweetheart) instantly gets because they're conveniently next to a museum.

My, how this book loves infodumps over inclues.

*the Covenant are them™, those who influence history from out of the dark