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Today I bought and they are neither study nor work related! John Le Carre's The Night Manager and John Wyndham's Stowaway to Mars.

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Today I am totally least I got some time to spare to get confused :)

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You really peers say..I don't understand if that was a complement or an attempt to see themselves in me... has coloured our thoughts in an alarming way..a mutually perpetuating .

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Apparently, Martin Luther King, Jr, was a "cowboy."

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Aelian and Fire by Countermarch, for the military methods geeks

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1) A case of disseminated blastic plasmocytoid dendritic cell neoplasm
2) Diagnosis of follicular lymphoma from the peripheral blood
3) Did you ‘miss' me? A subtle case of intravascular large B‐cell lymphoma
4) Exceptional microorganisms on blood smear
5) TCR‐δ expression and γδ+ T‐cell infiltrates in primary cutaneous gamma‐delta T‐cell lymphoma and others

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Will be at today talking about apocalypse and Gender and Sexual Diversity!

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Alice Slotsky gives a bibliography on the cuneiform cookbooks in the Yale Babylonian Collection zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.c If you want to try out the recipes, check out these books!

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Hi, my name is Harm, a strange-sounding name for English-speaking people, but it will have to do. I'm a 50 y.o., upper middle class, cis/he/hetero, happily married, white father of one, doing a PhD on at Utrecht University. I'm self-employed as a private philosophical tutor (some would say 'counselor', but I don't give counsel), teacher, and writer. I'm far left politically. I sing the praises of good wine, high art, and beautiful women. I sin boldly. Nice to meet you.

Let's see.... a 4 page 2011 review of a 2007 book? Is it any wonder people just pirate the hell out of journals? No thanks, T&F "Taylor and Fuckyou"

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I like I just convinced my committee that using a certain experimental technique would be good for next experiment. Problem is, I've never used this particular technique. I feel like the dog that just caught the car it was chasing.

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Looks like it's making more sense to buy a better gpu if I want to figure out how to train morphological analysis models.

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's cloud provisioning stuff seems much more difficult to start out with than Amazon's. In addition, it is requiring me to link my account to the university's organization which isn't ideal since it says that the domain administrators have access to all the resources for all the projects I create.

I also keep hitting broken pages and the ui is wayy over the top for what I need to do (just create a vm with a gpu or tpu).

Gpu time is too expensive on aws and Google"s cloud is too clunky

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I have recently learned about Scholarly Hub, a membership-driven hub for sharing research and teaching, connecting with others, housing pre-prints, and more. Seems like something like but not for profit and that doesn't sell your data. Check it out:

Maybe kind of like a co-op for scholars?

Wanted: a visual debugger for academic texts

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Pre-K scores fall. No surprise when Florida ranks 41st in funding - Orlando Sentinel

DC Mayor Uses First Veto To Stop Chronically Absent Kids From Graduating | The Daily Caller

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A fantastic example of a massive temple Banyan in at a relatively modest-sized complex on the outskirts of a small city. Architectural concessions have been made for its spreading out. I especially love the dramatically visible aerial drop root holding up that huge limb and how those roots were tiled around.