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Have any culture ever devised a proper notation? I'm not speaking about utilizing the Latin (a-f/A-F) as the .
For instance, is there ever a which would mean "ten" in any context, just like 2 means "two", even if standing alone.

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Google's Grasshopper teaches you to code with games

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Social media — a platform for thinking aloud.

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Well it looks like I won't miss the delivery because the appointment I thought was today was actually 2 weeks ago.

OK. 😐

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Well, I got Neverwinter Online to run under Linux, so that's a win for the day.

(All it took was copying all the files from my main Windows computer into the virtual drive created by PlayOnLinux after the first 5 times it failed to install.)

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A great morning at the European Youth Parliament, talking about , and

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1. I am expecting a package before 8pm today.
2. Tracker says it's "Out for delivery."
3. I will be away for just over one hour for a previously scheduled appointment.

How likely is it that it'll show up while I'm gone?

Streaming channel idea:
thesis/article writing scholars livebroadcasting their efforts, commenting on writing obstacles and obscure sources that change hither and dither from one reading to the next

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I am an IT Support Technician at St. Johns River State College with my Master's in Instructional Design and Technology from the University of Tampa. My career goals are to become an Instructional Technologist specializing in Distance Education and Accessible Technology. You can find my portfolio at

So, we've got Arizona, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and West Virginia with teacher strikes in the US. Starting to look like a real movement pushing back against a low tax-low spend society. I'd like to see a few more join in. I'd like to see enough that you need a single serving website like I'd like to see Texas teachers go on strike, too.

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Happy 4/20 everyone!

[Image Description: police officers committing a drug bust, seen through the doorway]

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1) Dysfunction of NaV1.4, a skeletal muscle voltage-gated sodium channel, in sudden infant death syndrome: a case-control study
2) Glial fibrillary acid protein Functions and involvement in disease
3) Primary lymphomatoid granulomatosis in the central nervous system: A report of three cases

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Anyone know if there's like a torrent or something for the entire Project Gutenberg corpus?

Boosts appreciated

Holly @Holly

I'm giving a 10 minute presentation to a faculty group on how can be helpful and how I can help them find OER. Hence the uptick in talking to myself lately. I'm certain it will go fine, but I'm thinking I need to run through it again.

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Today a 4th grader asked me if I knew what GitHub is. (He spelled it to make sure I knew what he was asking.)

When I explained it enough to show that yes, I knew what it was, he asked if we were going to upload things there.

They're learning.

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I just remembered that my research unit's symposium, "Science and Skepticism: Critiquing Bad Research in an Anti-Science Era" was recorded and you can watch it! Right now!!

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Doctoral student at Carnegie Mellon studying privacy and security. Trying to get into making weird art on those topics. I eat a lot of bagels.

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Oh and Madeline Akrich. Though she was critical of it, Susan Leigh Star important here, too

But it has to be one person's invention, apparently

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Minor annoyance: no matter how much I stress that actor-network theory was developed over time by Michel Callon, John Law, Annmarie Mol, and yes Bruno Latour, students still say things like "Latour's actor-network theory." Interesting how a theory stressing complexity in the generation of knowledge gets reduced to One Man's Invention

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#62-64 are especially relevant to us white academics who want to be good allies to people of colour h/t @maloki