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@linuzifer LNP #455: Zur Diskussion "Warum unverschlüsselt": Ich gehe mal den doch sehr unwahrscheinlichen Weg: Die EU will erreichen das unsere Kommunikation endlich Vollverschlüsselt wird, um es NSA und Co. schwerer zu machen Europäische Bürger abzuhören...

Ja ich weis. Aber man wird ja noch hoffen dürfen.

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Update complete.
Khenarthis Rast now runs v4.1.0 with a character limit of 1500.

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Updating Instance Server.
If this message vanishes, the update failed and I had to restore from the latest backup (5 mins ago)

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BTW: If anyone needs IPEX1 to WiFi antenna connectors (coax), tell me :)

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Til: There are IPEX. And there is IPEX4.
They are not compartible.

IPEX4 cables rip quite easily.
You can buy IPEX quite easily. You can't buy IPEX4 that easily.

But there are adapters.

Part 2 of: "I ripped the WiFi antenna cable out of my pc by accident and need to replace it" is in the making...

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Super Artikel. Spannend zu lesen und gibt viele einblicke. Ich tatsächlich gespannt wies hier weitergeht.

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in a nutshell

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Just finished Avatar 2.
Nice movie. I am more shocked that they charged 19€.
Thats WITHOUT Popcorn and drinks.
I think I know why cinemas have less and less visitors..

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Just rewatched "Hackers". Now my eyes hurt from the constant eye-rolling. 🙄

On the other hand: Someone really thought that's the way "hackers" live their life?

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(Sadly needed) Disclaimer Show More

I am expressing my opinion here. If I write something , then because thats an IMHO - "In My (Humble) Opinion."
And my opinion bases on stuff I experience. This can be outdated. You can challenge me on my opinion. Thats called 'discussing'.

And this 'discussing' is a process which leads to one or more people in a discussion eigher get educated and change their opinions, or - mostly if it's a discussion about taste - People learn something

Some hints:
- A discussion is not about yelling insults at each other.
- Having an own opinion is not insulting.
- Not agreeing with your opinion is not insulting
- Explaining why I have a different opinion is not insulting, it's telling why I have a different opinion.

If you can't discuss, please... Don't comment on my posts.

If you pull stunts like
Answer, Insult+Instablock:
Please. Don't even bother. No one likes snowflakes.

Snowflake: Feeling unique & shiny, dissapearing at the slightest sign of heat.
No one likes em.

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@blake just for the record.

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@blake answer and instablock.
And calling me 'rude'. Sorry dude. If you can't handle people have other opinions than you, don't talk to them.
I said I do not use GOOGLE CROME. You know, the product with this name.
I never said I do not use Chromium, or more specific, a browser with the Blink engine.

I pretty much know the history of Firefox. I wrote an article about it. And I'm a bit longer around on the web than you.
So thank you for your good example of a 'snowflake' :)

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Schon interessant was für geistig verwirrte Induviduen hier herum...posten... Naja. Woanders leider auch nicht besser.

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THIS is what I am talking about when I am writing about "malicious behaviour". Instances which actively hurting and damaging the

And this is what are for: To protect the Fediverse from malicious actors. From Extremists, from Pedophiles, from Scammers.

But what are fediblocks curently used for? "Oh, that admin does not agree with my opinions: WE NEED TO BLOCK 'EM!" - So in that case: Thank you @wigglytuffitout for this excellent example how NOT to handle things. Blocking and defederating because of personal bias.

I mean, Wiggly is actively requesting to block every single user 'cause of a grudge against me. So blocking people which have absolutely nothing to do with this is fine? Really?

I think I am going to write a longer text about what "Administration and moderaton in a social network" actually means. Also about the security aspect of seperating personal and admin accounts.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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What's "Illegal"? Well. I have to stick to the local laws. And for me this means: Nazi stuff in a honoring and propagandistic way (talking about it in a "educating history" way is still legal here) This means you can cite from "Mein Kampf" if you want to explain how Hitler saw the world and why this is not fitting in a working society.
It is also against the law to disavow the holocaust.
It's also illegal to post extremist shit like "Kill others because ${REASON}. and I don't give a fuck if it's racism, religious shit or nazi shit. It is fucking illegal.
CSAM - also illegal...

Long things short, if I see an instance _actively supporting or allowing this_: Those are getting defederated.

Malicious behaviour:
There are instances dissapearing/closed. And the domains are used by others. I know of at least one case where an old domain was brought back to life and the new owner tried to harvest the access credentials. Later on this instance was used to send spam and ransomware.


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I can write whatever I want and I can block whoever I want. - BUT I also have to ace the consequences for what I am saying. And as long as I am not violating any local laws... I am fre to do what I say.

This does NOT apply if I am on my Administrative Account. If I am responsible for others, I can't use my own preferences and likings to measure. I have a different, much broader list of things I have to keep in mind. And I can't defederate an instance because I don't like the admin.

Defederation - blocking a whole instance and all its users from communicating with my instance - affects ALL users on my instance.
Some people like @heinragas said it right: "[..] I have a _duty_ to protect my users from seeing nazi shit and having transphobis abuse slinged at them [..]

But there has to be a red line. And my red line is quite simple: If it's illegal or malicious, it get's defederated. - But this has to be seen as a whole.


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Ok. So for those which follow that cute little rant about me: Here's what you should know:

Someone posted about some software which surpasses defederation/instance blocks. Some of these instance blocks are righteous, but in that rnt, Wiggly presents the absolute perfect example of what I am talking about:
People defederating and blocking whole instances because they dislike or disagree with one person.

What happend? Well. As I already posted, Someone posted about software to surpass defederation. And I said "I am not surprised, since there are a lot of Admins which defederate because they decide on personal bias.

And here is where people don't understand. There is a huge difference between an Administrative decission. And a Users decission.

On my personal account, THIS Account (which has absolutely no administrative permissions) I can block whatever I desire, since it's my personal account and I can do whatever the fuck I want.


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@magicalmilly If you thi k about following @wigglytuffitout advice, please read the full conversation. Not just the part which @wigglytuffitout ripped out of context and uses to twist my words to wiggly can create a "bad actor" to shit post about.

Highly manipulative and inflammatory.

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Lol Twitter snowflakes are the same here: reply and block in less than a second. Ok then keep you reply for yourself :P

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Happy new Year everyone.