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I'm still on my tunings bs Show More

In this week's live stream, I mentioned I could do a full-evening talk about tunings. Now I have to qualify that: historic tunings and the development from pythagorean to 12TET.

I wonder if a live stream is the right format; I might put it into a real video... I suppose some visualizations might be helpful, hence audio-only would probably not be helpful.

Or is there any other format that could work for a lot of people?

Rob van den Berg @rghvdberg

another part of the lv2 programming done

Rob van den Berg @rghvdberg

I'm doing it ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

@sjaehn will be so proud 😊

just plucky @js0000

today, hearing xmas musak in a commercial setting and the first words outta my mouth, "my god ... i'm going to shoot someone ... "
(only a metaphor)


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mixing for tablets and phones' speakers = nightmare

these speakers are so terribly distorting and cannot reproduce anything below 300 or even 400 hz it's incredible. and feels like everything above 1500Hz is amplified +6 or +9dB. dohh

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so much I could do with the rest of the afternoon: do some more paid work; clean the apartment before the dustbunnies trigger galaxy formation; work on the pieces I wrote for last week's performance and knock the code into a more robust shape; work on new pieces and explore some thrilling ideas; practice non-:sccube: music for a change, work out, cook a nice dinner...

I also have to go to the store and pick up a parcel. I'll probably turn in circles for another hour, though.

draco @draco

This week, I'm not forgetting about sharing my code from the stream!

And here is the one from the week before:

Here's the version that actually works:

(that one is based on an approach Eli Fieldsteel uses in his tutorial series, esp. Ep. 17:

Rob van den Berg @rghvdberg

Meh. I don't wanna go to work.

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I say this as much to myself as to anyone else who needs, or wants, to hear it:

We may never be perfectly healthy, or in perfect health. But it's enough that we have survived & stayed alive. We are needed. We can do, make, say, think, feel things - things that matter. We are parts of all of this, too. We are needed.

We Can Do It.


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an experiment with phasing percussion and texture. edited down by about half after recording

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13,605 days old

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i accidentally almost sang the line "dancing in the moonlight, you look so fit" as "dancing in the moonlight, you look so thicc" and now i cant listen to that song again ever

maddox jacobs @maddox

"work from home" by fifth harmony hits different now. rip

just plucky @js0000

sondheim ...


dried @dried

I wanna jam with somebody
I wanna feel that beat with somebody

draco @draco

I made a simple music video for my piece "mesopelagial":

ok, this made me smile today

(it's Simone Giertz makeing a plamp - yeah plant+lamp)

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If you like my work and have enough to share, here's your periodic reminder that you can this queer neurodivergent artist in several ways, for example on :

and on ko-fi:

I added Stripe support to my liberapay recently so you don't have to go through PayPal.

I also have some music on :bandcamp: (the project that is probably going to see more releases in the future)

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One of my most favourited and boosted toots is about accessibility on mastodon?

I'm somehow amazed.

Thank you for being compassionate, empathetic, sensible human beings, active part of society and community, in solidarity.