Tim Perry @pimterry

It's week!

A few more days of high-speed privacy fixes & email confirmations, and then this'll suddenly be enforceable, and we'll see if it really makes a difference...

I've never really used Microsoft Edge, but it's perfect for Mastodon. Edge now supports push notifications, and unlike Chrome, it uses the Windows 10 notification tray!

Nick @nick
Adrian Roselli @aardrian

“[Ambystoma maculatum] is the sole […] vertebrate playing host to a symbiotic microorganism of any kind, photosynthetic or no.”

connor @qonnyr
Android P shenanigans Show More

dang the new animations for opening and closing apps are really slick

connor @qonnyr
Android P shenanigans Show More

Also I'm kind of bummed that the Wind Down stuff they mentioned in the Google I/O keynote aren't in the beta. Was looking forward to messing around with that!

connor @qonnyr
Android P shenanigans Show More

DP2 seems surprisingly stable so far! Definitely too early to decide if it's stable enough for my daily driver, though.

It's Eric Woodward! @itsericwoodward

Belgium! Since I was feeling better today, I spent the day updating my woefully out of date website. Then, with just 1 section to go, I ran out of time. ☹️

Oh, well. Maybe tomorrow...

connor @qonnyr

Gonna try out the Android P beta on my phone. Wish me luck 😬

/r/babycowgifs is the best subreddit and no one can tell me otherwise.

JoshB @jbobet830

Anyone know when we can get the mastodon version of reddit?

Poutine with smoked meat and Swiss cheese. Was pretty amazing.

Adrian Roselli @aardrian

Quickest way to get this fixed across the industry? Make a map showing real-time location of every Senator and Congresstwit.

Tremelune @Tremelune

I'm building a CMS in React and Java with few joins and very spiky traffic. Prolly just gonna go RDB and JSONB...Preferably with managed AWS shit. But I still wonder.

Tremelune @Tremelune

Anyone still using NoSQL for large projects that doesn't regret it?

Melanie Richards @somelaniesaid

What do I have to do to be one of those people that’s surprised with an entire pile of puppies

Dmytro Gladkyi @DmytroGladkyi

It is time to delete Facebook account tomorrow.

diekus @diekus

If only every day were like this