Nick @nick
Nick @nick

🍕 Does Bezos's "two pizza rule" take into account the fact that I can eat half an 18" cheese pizza on my own? 🤔

Nexii @Nexii

Hi folks, just visiting over from the twitter sphere 👋 update

We're now running Mastodon 2.0.0rc4. Please report any bugs, because this may end up being 2.0.0! 🤞

Nick @nick

This company has received almost $2,000,000,000 for tech that is super secret, but leaks say isn't terribly impressive. I guess they must have a way of really seducing investors...

I just included the source of jquery inline in a joke project

I feel like I've committed an unforgivable webdev sin

We're working to finalize Mastodon v2.0.0, so if you have time, please join and test this commit which should fix the issue where you can't see dropdowns that stretch offscreen:

Nick @nick

The ability to self-host Mastodon instances combined with the new proliferation of city-based TLDs enables "local microblogging", eg. I wonder if it would catch on...

Nick @nick
Nick @nick

To: Samsung Mobile Electronics
From: Tinsley, Nick
Subject: Proprietary Emoji Designs
Body: plz stop

I wrote up a bit about why I'm glad Mastodon doesn't have quote-boosting:

Nick @nick

Has there been any interest in audio-only uploads to Mastodon? 🎧


Nick @nick

I'd like to use NFC payments more (specifically Samsung Pay) but so many of my transactions are either online, or at a food vendor who has their card reader on their side of the counter. Even though technologically, my phone should be able to work with their card reader, I definitely don't want to hand them my phone or reach across the counter. So... I hand them my card.

Nick @nick

I can't tell if the Russian government "convicting" them absolves Telegram from being a Russian covert surveillance op *or* the suspiciously small fine and lack of ban confirms that they're complicit with the Russian government.

This PR turned out to be harder than I thought because it turns out it's really easy to add perf overhead with Higher Order Components (in this case, a Redux component that gets updated anytime anything in the state changes). And this perf overhead wasn't just a minor thing; it was a visible lag even on a fast desktop PC. (Fixed now.)

In the future I'm trying to think of ways we can avoid these kinds of perf problems more consistently, e.g. by avoiding Redux when we know the state won't change.

Sweet, looks like my PR to add an option to reduce UI motion will make it into 2.0.0rc3!

At first I thought @bea popped up because I searched for "coffee," but now I'm pretty sure this is just a z-index bug registration policy

I'm thinking of opening up registrations to again. We're on a very fast and stable server now, and I think the risk of getting overloaded (either in terms of server performance or moderation) is low. Also the current password policy has never been the most super-duper-top-secret thing anyway. What do 🎺 .☕️ folks think?

Nick @nick

So lately xkcd has been publishing comics[1][2][3] about a fictional "Bun Alert" system that alerts nearby users to the existence of the smallest buns.

I realized a month or two ago that... this would be easy to build on Android with Firebase. So basically, if anyone's interested, who wants to start an OSS bun alert system?

(You can help out by boosting for visibility!)


I'm pretty confident Mastodon will have another April, although it's hard to say what the trigger will be. A well-timed blog post from an influential, Twitter making some ill-advised moderation decision, the release of Mastodon 2.0, who knows.

As a nerd whose main talents are in nerd stuff, I feel my job is to just help Mastodon succeed on the technical front, so that it's ready when/if a large mass of people suddenly arrive. 🙂