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I've been getting like 5-10 robocalls per day since I arrived in France. Based on this article, it seems the reason may be that my American carrier (T-Mobile) is better than my French one (Orange) at blocking spammers:

Nolan☕️ @nolan
J Davis @supergoose

My brother told me last night that he is no longer racist.

We grew up not racist, then a few years ago, he began to change. To the point where, a few months ago, he flat out said to me, "Dude, I'm so fucking racist these days. I meet a [black person], and I automatically assume they are an asshole, until they prove otherwise."

Last night he said he had gotten tired of all that hate all the time, so he made a conscious change. No more racist comments or jokes. Now, only positive prejudices!

J Davis @supergoose

I spent an hour last night discussing religion with my wife. She's a christian, and I'm an atheist. It was good to get things out in the open about our children and our expectations from each other regarding pressing religious ideas on them.

We each made the other think, which is better than one person "winning", imo. Neither of us is convinced of the other's position, of course. But, she got stumped a few times, and I realized that I am not _quite_ the parent I think I am.

Tim Perry @pimterry

Superb post from Stripe on their (very neat) incremental API versioning approach:

pstjean @pstjean

I imagine computer resources waiting on long-running processes as children kicking the back of their parent's seat and asking "are we there yet?" on a road-trip 😄 Now I'm just thinking back over all the synchronous networking code I've ever written and imagining how bored that thread is ...

J Davis @supergoose

Here at work, we just switched from Slack to MS Teams. This may be a reason to rage quit. As a coworker just said:

"Quick rule of thumb - anything you could do easily in Slack, you can't do in Teams"

Ben Seymour @bseymour

My holiday reading stash was indeed over ambitious. Understanding Comics is absolutely incredible. Revenger a bit lacklustre. Have moved on to The Long Earth, which so far is very promising.

J Davis @supergoose

Almost 20 years later, and Gorillaz still keepin' it fresh.

connor @qonnyr

Heh, looks like that ML dinosaur toot is circulating again. :P

Maxime @mlcdf

TFW you receive a pull request for the first time on one of your open source projects! 💕

Bryan @bryan

What is the benefit – in Docker – to running a container as read-only?

Presumably, if the container dies or gets restarted, it'll start fresh from the image anyway, right? What's the value of preventing writes to the root fs if those writes don't get persisted anyway?

Very good read about the recent "manifesto" that happened inside . This brief history of Women in CS has lots of good links and research pointers:

We should all strive towards a healthier and more diverse field and learn to recognize our own history.

With thanks to editors Joshua and Ali, Indexed Database API 2.0 is now a W3C Candidate Recommendation (CR):

“View source” only works if you can understand the source.
-- Scott Rosenberg,

The Hug Needer @three_ninjas

The arduino checks the soil moisture and will turn on that lamp when it gets dry.

I'm not 100% convinced it won't also burn down my house. But it seems safe!

pstjean @pstjean

Just finished implementing selection sort in x86 assembly. It really gives you a good appreciation for everything that goes on under the hood when using a higher level language. My concentration was giving out toward the end. The level of discipline required to avoid screwing up is quite high.

Time for sleep now! 🛌

Zack @zack

When was bought by a while ago, I was really excited. I hoped it meant the Pocket web app would get some improvements, maybe even becoming a . But as far as I can tell, there hasn't been any updates to it since the purchase.

It's really disappointing. It seems like such an obvious candidate for PWA features.

With thanks to editors Alex, Arron, Sangwhan, Steve, and Travis, plus everyone else who contributed, HTML5.2 is now a W3C Candidate Recommendation (CR):

connor @qonnyr

I don't know if I've said this on here, but Breath of the Wild is my favorite video game ever. It's basically a playable Miyazaki movie.