“Against Productivity – The Message – Medium”

“The Fallacies of Distributed Computing (Applied to Front-End Performance)“

“It’s time for recurring meetings to end – Signal v. Noise”

Waldenpond @Waldenpond

Good morning...

“Using the aria-current attribute – Tink”

“Literary fiction in crisis as sales drop dramatically”

Nothing about this should be surprising if you’ve been paying attention

A regular reminder that book sales in Iceland have fallen by 43% since 2010, so be careful about copying the practices of our publishing industry.

(That's unit sales. The decline is 31% in revenue, corrected for inflation.)

Abigail @slimereader

I decided to shake every tree in my wild world town
Results: over 1,000 bells, 4 bees, and 2 pieces of furniture

Oliver @oliverturner

To the people who re-read their favorite book 18 times this year: great job! We would never judge you ❤️

Oliver @oliverturner

Sometimes you need the outlined version of a stroked
Like after applying Outline Stroke w / Convert to Outlines w @sketchapp


PSA: Jólabókaflóð is literally just a name for the fact that Icelanders tend to give books as Christmas presents.

And, as it happens, Icelanders celebrate Christmas (Jól) on Christmas Eve.

The internet's ability to spin bullshit stories about this would be kind of amazing if it weren't for how incredibly dehumanizing it is to have your culture exaggerated and mythologized without context for the entertainment of foreigners.

It's really annoying.

J Davis @supergoose

Once again, my wife with the wise words:

Maybe if you need a happy story, you should make one yourself? Why wait for others to be kind to others?

J Davis @supergoose

Some dudes from our IT group picked up donuts for everyone today. While they _are_ the ones with all the goofy shit on top that no one likes, people are complaining aloud that the donut selection sucks.

I'm thinking, "Shut the fuck up! If you don't like the choice of _free_ donuts available, go buy a plain one!"

"As if a lack of due process wouldn’t first come for women, trans people, and people of color. As if due process isn’t the one thing so many men and their enablers in this society are working so hard to avoid."

Oliver @oliverturner
Oliver @oliverturner

Fascinating that Wire messenger is a fully encrypted, open source, cross-platform, European (non Silicon Valley) chat app, for free

Seems I can retire Signal now :)

Bryan Mills @zombyhero

From now on, every single internet problem I have I will blame on Arjit Pai.

Oliver @oliverturner

web friends… am I missing the point about JavaScript's Map()?
I expect myMap.delete(key) to return a new instance of Map populated with the appropriate members of myMap… but it returns a boolean...
WHY??? 😭