Going after the last Colossus in Shadow of the Colossus. What have we wrought?

Lea @leadore

Looks like we're done with them until Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. Tomorrow night will merely be hail. 🙄

Les Orchard @lmorchard

Just finished bingeing FX's Pose on Netflix and I gotta say that was a pretty dang wholesome show

Chris Bourgeoisie @xurizaemon

has sent a notification to my Android phone; I predict a week of internet rage.

Lea @leadore

Stupid tornadoes!
🌪️ :blobpeek:

Looks like I'm in the clear at least for now. One went about 10 miles to the northwest of us.
A couple of cells have been dropping them up and down for almost 3 hours, over a lot of miles and one is still producing them.
Haven't heard any damage reports yet, other than one house in a rural area.

Vanitas @Vanitas
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Remember when South Park mocked literally anyone different than them, and then claimed they were smarter than everyone else?
Or how about when they mocked safe spaces when their show literally is on?
Or when they claimed global warming made up so much, they claimed it was like a "man-bear-pig" monster?
Because I sure as shit do.

I love it when boomers say things like “millennials are killing x industry” but like, I thought that was ‘free market’ capitalism they love so much? Which is it?

Andy Broomfield @andybroomfield
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As its been a big conversation, here are the details about the WTO Elections

I use :debian: btw

I'm not the Alastair Campbell who did a BBC program about depression, you're looking for
(sounds like a good documentary, but I'm getting mis-directed DMs)

Thomas Steiner @tomayac


If contributing to frameworks, tools, and open source sounds interesting, is hiring! The team works on a combo of APIs frameworks need and direct PRs to tools like . Send your resume/questions to

Thomas Steiner @tomayac


WebRender (our brand new GPU-based page rendering architecture written from the ground up in makes its stable debut in 67—available today! 🚀

And that's just one of the myriad of features and improvements check this blog post for more:

Thomas Steiner @tomayac


WebGL Fluid Simulation

This is so cool. Even works on mobile devices.

Adrian Roselli @aardrian

Podcast exploring accessibility of Drupal & WordPress — Gutenberg is a topic:
With &

Should I go with KDE, which I do enjoy, or GNOME 3? I don't like XFCE.

Firefox 67 is out now and includes "improved page load & startup performance, idle tab suspension when memory is running low, cryptomining & fingerprinting blocking, better keyboard accessibility"...

Thomas Steiner @tomayac

A year into contributing back lessons learned from AMP to the whole web: great summary post by, looking forward to the next part. ⤵️

Thomas Steiner @tomayac


I wrote a post diving into all the things my team, the Chrome team, and the wider web community have done to bring lessons learned from to web standards. There is a lot of stuff, so this is part 1 with more coming over the next days!

Part of the reason why I like running Debian is because it upsets alt-reich/anti-sjws.