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This is partly why I don't use password manager extensions. The only extension I have installed is uBlock Origin, and I'm trying to lessen my dependency on that by using a Pi-Hole.

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In terms of performance, extensions can be awful. They're basically allowed to inject whatever they want into whatever page they want. I once profiled a site that took 2x longer to load when using a popular password manager extension (meaning seconds of extra page load!).

As a browser vendor, if a customer complains about performance, your first question is "what extensions do you have installed?" Often, uninstalling extensions fixes the perf problem.

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First off, it's understandable why Chrome would want to clamp down on the capabilities of browser extensions. Extensions are a huge source of security, privacy, and performance problems. It's way easier to sneak malware into the Chrome Web Store than into the Chromium codebase. And even if an extension vendor is ethical today, they may sell their extension to someone unethical tomorrow.

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"WebExtensions v3 considered harmful" by Daniel Glazman

This is a good overview of Web Extensions from an extension vendor perspective, but I want to offer the perspective of a browser vendor. (thread)

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“★ Pentagram’s ‘Range of Possibilities’ for Slack”

“I’d look around the room for hidden cameras, presuming that I was being pranked. If I weren’t being pranked, I’d be furious” - Gruber

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Algorithms cannot be racist:
They can only be anti-white-nationalist:
Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claims that algorithms, which are driven by math, are racist

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Welp. I just pushed this the end-of-life site live to Test Pilot production. (Does that make it undead?)

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@Alonealastalovedalongthe Yep. I have gone almost entirely . I’m pretty sure YouTube is the only thing I still begrudgingly use and admittedly enjoy.

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Very excited about this Intent to Ship 🚢: IntersectionObserver V2, here’s the Explainer


Blink: Intent to Ship: IntersectionObserver V2

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Don’t trust Daily Mail website, Microsoft browser warns users

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A thing you can learn at today: is ok on accessibility, but is better.

You can (should) contribute!

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Zahnarzt Rechnung kam

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The Great Shutdown begins October 2019

The only way I can understand Google’s overarching messaging strategy is that it is done out of spite for humanity and our need to communicate.

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I still run into forms of water I have never seen before like these weird ice drops. Water is pretty cool.

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Liz Cambage if the Dallas Wings wants a trade.

The Sparks just hired the coach who she returned to the WNBA to play for (as an assistant).

Her current team (Dallas Wings) has the Sparks' old coach.

She's friends with Candace Parker and the Sparks need a true center.

But a trade for Cambage could require trading someone good, perhaps someone with ties to Texas (Ogwumike, Sims). 😬

If they have to give up anyone, I am hoping it's Lavender and Vadeeva.


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"A brief history of wi-fi privacy vulnerabilities" by Robert Heaton

Interesting to see all these vulnerabilities catalogued in one place, as well as which ones are being phased out.

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I have hijacked a hidden corner in the office as my new working spot.