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Registon Square, Samarkand. Uzbekistan.

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My contribution to (NOT!): It's much more fun to through -dark cities and find produced, enduring Christmas gifts made by small-scale, often craftspeople. Here are my tips for / :

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It's likely that today's in will be cycling in the rain, but get your raincovers and join us a little before 6:30 pm in front of the .
As usual there will be a break at the monument around 8pm, to welcome latecomers.

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My last visit to on the river route was during the summer, but since I got recent updates I'll repost the 's :

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Willkommen bei Mastodon @wuerfelreisen 🙂 Eine kleine Vorstellung mit dem tag "introduction" hilft beim gefunden werden, muss man aber nicht machen. 😁

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Please welcome with me in the : The Man in @seatsixtyone and his invaluable information on ! Good to have you here!

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Vous êtes historienne de l'art, d'après votre présentation.
Est-ce que vous vous intéressez à l'enseignement de l'histoire de l'art aux jeunes enfants ?

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One of my favourite was located in / . Unfortunately it's gone, and I haven't found a replacement yet *). Nevertheless has new entries, among others a gorgeous and a flagship store for the (or reduced) househould.

*) Let me know if you know about one.

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is a perfect destination for a climate-friendly trip by or . You have a beautiful room in a luxurious run in accordance w/ the principles - and then the great disappointment: it has a view on the hotel's parking lot packed with obese cars. So where to stay in 's birthplace? has updates.

Ein Bericht und Interview über Mastodon und seinen Erfinder:

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During I realised I need a 2nd account for all the stuff I care about apart from food, , and : So here comes @trish for the part of me.

The account will continue with , , notes on and , in short: with the .

I'll unfollow some of you from this account and move you over to @trish, to keep things tidier.

Gestern waren wir in um den zu laufen. Der Pfad beginnt mit einem 29 m hohen Aussichtsturm. Von dort aus geht man über lange Brücken zu den Plattformen. Der komplette Pfad ist in ca 20 m Höhe und für Rollstuhlfahrer geeignet. Man taucht ein in den Blätterwald und wundert sich, dass die Bäume noch viel viel höher sind.

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It's today! 🚴

In / we meet up in front of the opera house a little before 6:30 pm or for the 2nd part at the monument around 8 pm.

Looking forward to a nice and warm on our . @mastobikes_de

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Finally I finished my travelwriting on this summer's :
It's based on my posts here, but more elaborate, with links and all: notes on the , the people we met, the accommodation, the food. Enjoy!

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My report on the conference for magazine has been published (in German):

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With its excellent field kitchen did not drive me out in search of palatable food, and with its tightly packed, super interesting program there was no time left for anything outside the conference. But here are at least some updates to the to :

Heute haben wir uns entschlossen zum in zu fahren. Wir genossen das herrliche Wetter und pausierten im Bootshaus.
Das war eine gute Entscheidung, den in ist und dort war es sehr voll.

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Perhaps the last for this year with more than 25°C in -- and some of the city's parlours are already closed. So here's an updated list:

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Meeting a fellow from the old days at : Cornelius Schumacher is going to talk about learnings for the KDE project by implementing the requirements of the environmental label in their in 5 minutes in room