Tessa Racht ꙮ @nergdron

I'm sad we don't have custom emojis yet on witches town. seeing so many :clearemojirefs: and feeling left out.

Tessa Racht ꙮ @nergdron

finally picked up rocksmith, been meaning to since I got this new guitar, since there's nothing like gamification to make me practice.

and it worked! my fingers hurt and I need a break! 😉 🎸

cute snug bug @ashkitten

what if i used the hash of my legal name instead

Kara Dreamer ⚧ @kara_dreamer
cute snug bug @ashkitten

bepis jort emojo graglmell

Kaylin Evergreen @KaylinEvergreen

my girlfriend has beautiful rail lines and station design

👻 Dan @dconley

I mean it’s got the awesome witches.town purple color scheme so yeah I think this is the way to go

👻 Dan @dconley

Amaroq isn’t available for the iPad? Are any of the alternatives any good?

I saw a good case being made to just use Masto webapps, and since I’d probably disable notifications here anyway that’s probably what I'll do...

My OpenTTD server is back up

clovery @clovery

...i may be guilty of naming half of the pokemon on my team after my girlfriend lol. i named my roselia 'rose' which is so uncreative but i just..! its rose! i love her.

ok google

liffy 💜 @lifning

the best item in Paper Mario 2 tbh witches.town/media/6G1_dGUdiPD

🌸mallaidh🌸 @mallaidh

i feel like my government & civics class should've mentioned gerrymandering at some point along the way


"He held his arm too stiffly, and so was thrown back repeatedly, until at last I seized his forearm and snapped it back against itself. His training suffered while the arm healed, of course, but I felt this was a lesson he must learn early, and well."
- Spartan Kel, "Honing the Ki"

"He held his arm too stiffly... "


Kaylin Evergreen @KaylinEvergreen

Mint tea <3

cute snug bug @ashkitten

I always thought it was more like three eyes in a stack but ok

Twitch la nuit c'est un autre monde witches.town/media/CDSiYjXN5ST