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Well IDK how I just pulled that off:

Made a space plane in KSP. Didn't quite make orbit (pilot error?). Neglected thermal systems, so on reentry I lost a few nose cones & the main port aileron.

Once down to about 20km, when aerodynamics were kicking into high gear, got into a bad spiral.

Eventually I got the dang thing UNDER CONTROL. And was able to just barely pull off a water landing with no loss of Kerbal life!

(The space plane was pretty much toast, though.)

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Genre l’autre là (moi) va mieux la veille de quoi…

{.a’luluen} /ɛllwən/ @lanodan_wtch

Je vais mieux, enfin je me sens plus en mode urrggh quoi mais je sens que c’est pas encore vraiment partit.

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Point positif du jour - 19/11/2017

J'ai pu discuter un peu en vocal avec un ami aujourd'hui. Cela faisait longtemps. On a même planifié une date pour une gamejam !

Tu as un à partager ?

{.a’luluen} /ɛllwən/ @lanodan_wtch

GNU Natalie Nguyen

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memebender 🕯 @amsomniac

Sometimes the only way forward is through.

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selfie, nearly lewd

We are the 20th of November.


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ʸᵉᵃʰ ᵘʰ ᶜᵃⁿ ᴵ ᵍᵉᵗ ᵘʰʰʰ


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Social anxiety

Ugh I have a friend who’s reaching out to vent abou a guy she’s seeing and I have no idea what to say, and I hate that, and I want to be supportive but she all, but also she knows I’m against the guy, and she also knows shes too good for him, but I hate being that person, specially since I know nothing of dating, and she says the sex is good but I also don’t get how that’s enough, I just want people to not talk about that stuff but also I want to know what’s going on w m friend 😞


keep me updated on any @mizui news

Im going to try sleeping now

(Pokémon usul)

J'avais oublié à quel point il était Extra lui...

ugh, good enough for now. eventually i'll commission something cute instead of this abstract thing from a buggy program i wrote.

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you dont need wings to fly if you go fast enough

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Death has visited two of those who we once thought would be our life partners.

The first was devastating, the second left us feeling like a pariah to those still alive.

Those moments when we realised that something was so very wrong, as our heart missed a beat and the blood froze in our veins, stay lucidly clear and painful, even after 30 years.

It is those moments that are their memorials, forever bookmarked, to return unbidden and once again be elided as the tears flow down our cheeks and the memories of their love and joy cascade back.

Sophie McLeish @sophieactual

Death has sat down beside us to relate its stories of pain and ephemerality too many times.

So often, we've stared into the pools of its eyes then turned back from the brink.

So often that by sheer probabilty we may make a mistake and not be able, at that moment, to undo what we've started.

That we'll become for others, another bookmark in the lake of hormones that relentlessly drive our emotions which we foolishly believe we can swim in with impunity, mistaking its ocassionally calm surface for the raging whirpool that it really is.


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What is the right emoji to mean >.>