unless this problem is solved, even if we tear down the current hegemony this generation's robbers and trespassers will be next generation's cops and landlords

i actually sincerely for a second there misremembered the name of a star trek series as "deep six nine"

parsing "world is a fuck" like "world is ablaze"

GEAR @gearwashere

Very glad to have Mastodon right now to avoid everything else

naman @naman

i see radtown still hasn't removed kam

reminded of what deuterostomes are

that "when two people kiss they form a long tube from butthole to butthole" joke takes on a whole new significance

snouting blocks dot online for reasons

how do you keep your ideal, no-prisons, no-cops society from being colonized by those who are more willing to engage in and tolerate the consequences of relying on violence and injustice?

thomas more had some ideas in utopia but that grossly understates the tech and infrastructure that would need to be relied on now

iks @iks

i think it's less that these are unprecedented times, and more that we are very bad at remembering precedents.

dlek @dlek

Why doesn't English have a word for being cynically unsurprised yet still shocked to the core?

"I am completely crustified that the so-called leader of the free world has threatened martial law to suppress protests in his own country."

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dlek @dlek

I've been staying off Masto for two months, partially because I know I'll be tempted to make unhelpful comments about how America is dumpster fire. Now that's become pretty much literal.

I hope people stay safe, but at this stage I don't know if anybody in America is safe.

I hope America rediscovers its founding principles, because right now it's sliding faster and faster towards suppression of the press, and authoritarianism, and I'm pretty sure it's doing so against the will of the people.

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every time i see that desmond tutu quote i feel like someone's really hamfistedly trying to manipulate me into acting against my own interest and better judgment

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Cloudflare, current events Show More

The answer: yes, they did.

Bálint 🎭 @szbalint
Cloudflare, current events Show More

So how’s Cloudflare doing these days? Did they post a cutesy “we stand with black people” yet while still providing nazis with a shield to hide behind?

Bálint 🎭 @szbalint
Police unions in the US Show More

Deeply ironic that one of the few examples of effective unions in the US is for jackbooted thugs.

Instead of learning from it that unions are a powerful tool to protect your interests (and would be nice to have them for normal people), I think this will further increase anti-union sentiment in the US.

The US does need laws though that ban police unions from having any say in disciplinary matters, restricting them to wage and working condition negotiations only.

the new axis of evil: 🇨🇳 🇸🇦 🇺🇸