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Okay, @szbalint, you're right: "Elfstedentocht" is very, very, very good.

I love Public Service Broadcasting so much.

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moar like infosuck amirite

a free ok banana @carcinopithecus

nearly typoed "ordinary mail" as "ordinary marill"

that'd be one heck of a way to send legal documents though

F0h @0xf0

Who knows, perhaps somebody in the Silicon Valley is starting to wake up?

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'Luckily, this did not translate to aggression. But if I’m honest, I could see the 2016 version of me being in the Saturday rally, hurling insults at pro-democracy Hong Kongers over a loudspeaker. Like these students, I was the victim of an educational system and society where the No. 1 criterion to be a good student, a good citizen, is to love the country without question. Student handbook rule No. 1: be loyal to the party. Rule No. 10: do not litter.'

a free ok banana @carcinopithecus

'All that helps explain why pro-The main Chinese students group at the university published a statement calling the posters an “insult to China.” It said the group “resolutely defends the motherland’s unity … resolutely opposes any act that attempts to split China.” Such language comes straight out of the Chinese government propaganda lexicon. To these students, their earlier teachings remain the only way they can argue or even think about politically contentious issues.'

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Part of me knows that I am too tired to be much in the way of good company this evening.

The rest of me doesn't care. I need social time with non-coworkers, frell it all.

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Where the "beep" is Perl?

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Making Robotech jokes while listening to one of the theme songs from Gundam Wing would have been very on-brand for Younger!Me.

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Overheard at an Imperial etiquette class: "Use the fork, Luce."

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Ah, sales lizard email missive first thing in the morning. "It's good to e-meet you." I mean, it might be but since you haven't, how would you know, pal?

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[PORTUGUESE] Motivacional Diário. Bom dia!

Pela Valorização da Vida, Prevenindo e Combatendo a Depressão: Ouça Em Poucos Minutos, A Leitura De Hoje: AOS ROMANOS 7. Se Gostar do que Ouvir, Clique Lá No Youtube em “GOSTEI”:
Para Conhecer Mais Sobre As Questões Da Vida, Conheça o Curso Online RECONEXÕES CONSIGO MESMO. Havendo Interesse, Contacte-me!

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This café is playing the Sims soundtrack and it works weirdly well for fediverse.space development

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Have been awake off and on since 2:30am, when I turned wrong in my sleep and kicked off intense neck pain.

Gonna be a fun day, aw yeah.

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hexbit @hexbit

Hey fedi, does someone have advice on how to learn to use docker? A blog, book or something along those lines to recommend? I am looking for a good starting point and intro to containerization.

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Why, ConnectWise, WHY did you add a new User Class requirement to permit access to the "Send To > Location" menu option in the client software? And why was that requirement the enabling of the Ticket: Update option? That makes no sense. Rearranging agents between Locations has ABSOLUTELY ZERO to do with ticketing, updating or otherwise.

I absolutely love working with some parts of Automate-formerly-LabTech, but others just lead me to making head-shaped dents in my wall.

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I challenge


Bálint 🎭 @szbalint

Stop talking and SHIP.


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Ha. Made a joke about playing some Caravan Palace and my random playlist coughed up a Caravan Palace track a few minutes later.

Musical serendipity is some of my favorite kind of serendipity.