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Have some morning tiddy ❤

Hamsters in Space I mean!

hält sicher mehr als das ab... -.-

CuteCritters @CuteCritters@birb.site
important things @important_things@botsin.space

"We Will Rock You" by Queen feat. Microsoft Songsmith

washington navel oranges, painted by ellen isham schutt, 1912

I have to make some art before tomorrow night otherwise they won’t let me into the party 😥

Hi I'm sick

waiting a few hours to order some Chip Shop Breakfast

Enjoyed speaking in Norway earlier. They laughed at the right places, and it was good to see the folks from @rpworldwide@twitter.com there as well.

The word of the hour is: Elevatory

Update: it booted on the third attempt. Not very reassuring, but it's kinda working!

alaska is da hair z0ne

sext: you look for patterns while i loudly start counting my fetal kicks

Public service announcement:

The plural of emoji is emoji.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

"despite all my rage, i'm just a gay baby, in a cage" - simpleflips, 2018

good afternoon. iam sick

Birdsite has definitely fallen into the same category for me as Facebook did years ago. I go there to catch up on messages and occasionally to scroll for a while, then I stop and do something else.

Since deleting social media off my phone, I go regularly several days without remembering to check.

I guess that's pretty neat.