holy shit someone on reddit hooked up an alarm clock to give them electric shocks reddit.com/r/techsupportmacgyv

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Everything is going well. everyone has expressed support. I am a jumble of positive energy

Imagine a world of conscious, artificial beings made to enjoy cleaning bathrooms, picking up litter, or other unpleasant tasks.

Sitting. Slouching against the wall.

Because humans are just too clean. There's a little mess now and then, but nothing you can really get your heart and soul into. No filth to declare war on and annihilate.

(Perhaps humans used to be dirtier but seeing critters scurrying in to pick up anything they drop made them feel self-conscious about littering.)

Obviously, the only solution will be to create a subspecies of automata that enjoy littering in perverse, wild, and exuberantly creative ways.


@kelsey this wasn’t funny i’m looking at coats online even though it’s a million degrees outside

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And I came out to the rest of my team shortly before the end of day

Part of working on a project is knowing when to push and when to let the thing simmer. Worldbuilding doesn't happen overnight.

i wanna buy a parka and wear it at the park so i can be parka girl in the park

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I think the only funny thing to ever happen on south park was when robert smith turned into mothra, that’s it

I'm especially glad to be able to share this film with a wider audience because of attempts to ban it in the past.

The film is surrealistic and deep and Larissa Sansour, the Palestinian artist who made this with partner Soren Lind, keeps her politics personal and heartbreakingly human throughout.

behold: the @nuttgodd special

Gotta Go Fast Ethernet

I realized I needed to start reading Jane Austen's Persuasion for a November book club while I'm in the middle of reading Cixin Liu's The Three-Body Problem and my dreams have gotten REAL weird from juggling them both

i feel like a side of beef

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Sleep tight my loves.
Please take care of each other.

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She see money all around me, I look like I'm the man

Chimpanzees setting an example for humanity. Or not. I'm undecided anymore.