Near the other period 5 island north of the 1/3 bulb (further out in the filaments), all the period 17 embedded Julia sets have 17p5/18p5 Misiurewicz points...

Me tooting: Love coffee dude/. So good lol.

oh hey

google opened up the .dev tld

my real name is Ankronikka Tunnari

15 minutes until #RaganChat. Join us!

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this post is true whatever else in the universe happens

Und war auch wieder ein sehr sehr süßer und schöner Film :) Kann ich absolut empfehlen, wie auch alle anderen Teile.

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this post may be wrong

doctorow @doctorow@mamot.fr

“SEE WHAT MOVIES ARE MADE OF.” - ad for the Universal Studios tour, 1984. advertisingpics.tumblr.com/pos

güf trüp

i love only knowing ppls masto handles like telling my gfs about my day is like "yeah i talked to my ole buddy TOILET"

Powered up my 3DS and found my old copy of Link Between Worlds. My most recent save is one piece of heart away from a completionist win on hard mode. And I can't. find. it.

far be it from me to be a rôle model for organization tips (ahem), but I'm enjoying this "Final Version" mini-system at the moment: archive.constantcontact.com/fs

Lazy morning until fun times for my lovers birthday. Go spoil @mollylanepdx@twitter.com

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"doth mine ears hearest thou talking shit?" - urianger after i dunk his stupid ass

"Autogynophilia" is junk science. It's just garbage thrown in our way by gatekeepers.

i got the original sims when i was 8 and for a very long time i thought they were speaking french and it must be a french game

I asked a friend to tell me to do the dishes, and after they did I finally managed to get the dishes done.
Brains are weird.

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"Adapting to user preferences" by Michael Scharnagl justmarkup.com/log/2019/02/ada

This is a good overview, although I think the advice to disable all animations on prefers-reduced-motion is a bit overkill. Fade animations (i.e. opacity) are fine.