aaaa people need to stop backing out of the static!! i wanna raid!!!

@jalcine (just hit you with a "hand on the phone without knowing it while reading your posts" post, mb)

if yougen follows me im posting 100% more ass pics

important things @important_things@botsin.space

hoisting via internet service convenience

okay so my goal for this night + morning (gonna hack for a bit and maybe stream it) is going to be this:

* clean up the default koype theme with some "sane" fonts
* clean up the use of colors
* begin working on themes.koype.net
* work on a theme clone specifically around my identity and sync it to my main site
* import all of my old posts to my site, add redirects and make it the actual jacky.wtf

I'd need it to support custom pages but I can hack around that using nginx rewrites for now

inspired by @mcknze

some of my favorite movies in no particular order

Ghostbusters 2 (1989)
Spiderman 2 (2004)
The Flintstones (1994)
Life Aquatic (2004)
Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home (1986)

I'm doing science 😊

I feel like they both really represent Mastodon well πŸ˜›

It's late, I woke up, and now I need to get to bed again.
Listening to the Ned Flanders inspired dark metal band Okilly Dokilly and the song "White Wine Spritzer". I think that summarizes the mental state right now


can I just be a cat, sleep 15 hours a day and just cuddle and play in my spare time

I feel it is a missed opportunity that Roger Moore did not write a book entitled "Or Less"

If you say "toot" three times backwards in the bathroom mirror, @Gargron will appear πŸ™€

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i should have said pun-adjacent in this CW

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can i feel yr oats

ValerieπŸ”₯ @viciousviscosity@cybre.space

Dynatron - Stars of the Night
#fediplay #nowplaying #CyberPunk

tfw don't even have time to watch the latest episode of canceldon because internet connection is too slow

64 bytes from balancer.fediverse.services ( icmp_seq=30461 ttl=52 time=1453 ms

Werner herzog in a star war. What a world

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I'm so tired of people talkin the talk about creating community while they're on instances that don't give a shit about anyone that isn't like them.
But they don't notice, or care. Because they're like them.

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guide to a 5 min photoshop smooth face w/o faceapp: (1) quick mask + airbrush to highlight skin for smoothing, feather as needed, isolate masked area to own layer (2) blur till reasonably smooth (3) apply plastic wrap filter for glistening sheen (4) lighten sheen layer with levels. example attached: 5 minute smooth kissinger

If you say "toot" three times backwards in the bathroom mirror, @garfiald will appear πŸ™€