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BOOSTIN' makes me feel goo-oo-oood 🎵

Kevin Marks @KevinMarks

My wife's phone is in a reboot loop, so I get to go to the shop and complain about an 18 month old phone.

ℤ𝔸𝕂 @zakkain

good morning iv been playing SOPHIE “It’s OK to Cry” on repeat for the last 2 days how y’all doin :blobpeek:

ℤ𝔸𝕂 @zakkain

good morning lovelies, please hydrate and eat something with protein before having yourself a good-ass monday :blobcoffee: 💖

map @map

I lived! I'm now either a cyborg, or I had the worst piercing ever. Either way I can not feel half of my face at the moment, which is a good thing.

Pros/Cons of being on one of the larger nodes like (mastadon.social) vs a smaller niche node (xoxo.zone)?

I'm guessing that most will end up on the largest nodes (with decent policies), and eventually being on those nodes will simplify adding friends?

map @map
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1 more hour. The fear is getting pretty bad right about now.

arael @arael

oops, I actually identify with Plastic in Mirror's Edge Catalyst

@fedibash ls /*bin /usr/*bin

@fedibash primes 1 10 | tail -1

Lucy Bellwood @lubellwoo

EVEN MORE zoo sketches. God, do I ever love birds.

Fell asleep on the couch before 10, decided to just get up and go to bed. I am an adult.

Derek Powazek @fraying

Summertime Sunday hammock nap with Maple. instagram.com/p/BmrWs-5FDU9/

🕸 Kanane 🕸 @spideyj

I have spent most of the day thinking of these water world people as super wrinkled like my cat

🕸 Kanane 🕸 @spideyj

To the person who suggested that water world people wouldn't prune at @nkjemisin@twitter.com 's world building panel today - actually I think they might be permanently wrinkled, because it helps with gripping things in the water

Dean Putney @dean

@dean This is my brother. He doesn’t bite me.

Dean Putney @dean

This afternoon I was used as an example for two little boys about why you shouldn’t bite your brother.

Liz Denys @liz
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@mattdv needed to get a new suit, so I went with earlier. I'm secretly rather jealous and again badly want to get a bright blue tux... but worried it's impractical and that it'll stop fitting me too quickly to justify the cost.

Dean Putney @dean

I just came across this phrase and I’m not sure I really understand it en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teachi Does my grandmother know how to suck eggs already? For what purpose would one suck an egg?

Fellow cyclists approaching the big 4-0: do injuries become as permanent as I fear they do, or is there still hope for knitted bones, tendons, and muscles getting you through future rides, races, and tours? (Asking for a friend, who is obviously actually me.)