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Here's a good paper from the Journal of Economic Theory from 1992, with a price of $3 down in the corner of the first page ($5.50 in present dollars): bc.edu/content/dam/files/schoo

Or, download a PDF copy from Elsevier for $35.95: sciencedirect.com/science/arti

Drew Schuster @nuncamind

Canโ€™t wait for this horrible cold to be over so I can go back to just having to deal with my chronic illness

DeadAChek is ! It's not her first playthrough, but a continuation of the run she started yesterday. Come on by if you like chill, wholesome vibes twitch.tv/deadachek

* lap

How did I miss that lol

How can you not love a cat who wants to sit in your (under the blankets please!) first thing in the morning

He's made me late to work so many times ๐Ÿ˜‚

Elly Blue @ellyblue

We just made these enamel pronoun pins with contrasting colors/shapes and I'm basically gonna wear mine everywhere. (My fave thing about them is that the He/Him one is hot pink.) microcosmpublishing.com/search

Brian Enigma @BrianEnigma

BLOG: Locky: The Laser-Cut Tile Construction Set

I finally figured out why forgets my auth when I connect to VPN: my hostname changes, and the default behavior creates hostname-specific pidfiles.

Adding a `--host` arg fixed me up real good.


Good morning, Fedi. Hope you are fulfilled and loved this day.

ST training live at twitch.tv/hagure

i couldn't stand it
couldn't take another minute
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I hope Joker is broken. I hope Joker is BROKEN broken. I hope every top 8 is filled with Joker so you Persona lovers know what it feels like to have your favorite character HATED by everyone.

I ain't doin it though.


If I do this, ngl it'd be cool to see CvS2 at NCR as well.

100 people in, and at least 85 of y'all would enter.

I'm gonna need more consolesโ€ฆ
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If I run &/or side tournaments at @NorcalRegionals, would you enter?

(Please only answer if youโ€™re planning to go to ).

This poll will probably be the deciding factor soโ€ฆRT & Spread the word!

Finished up the @norcalcrabattle@twitter.com final promo run, including 10+ facebook groups, , 5 discords & even 3 SRK threads (lol).

And if you haven't already, put in that promo code to contribute for free! (100% TO THE PLAYERS!)

Link: matcherino.com/tournaments/131

(Please let's not discuss the BlizzCon t-shirt and the plush murloc)

What's weird is that the old pic looks like I'm wearing a costume to me, like how did I have that much hair

Phildini @ Home @phildini

"I am a child. What's your excuse?"

Friendly reminder to everyone who said โ€œyea bruh your setup lagsโ€.
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Did some tests on the gaems m155 monitor. Comes to 12.4 ms. Under 1f lag. Wow! @KaneBlueriverCL @GrahamWolfe1

Honestly, I'm glad Addison immediately went to McSteamy